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24 May 2017

23 May 2017

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22 May 2017

19 May 2017

"The relationship between academic and professional skills in the profile of a graphic designer" Lluc Massaguer's article in the Graphic Journal (UAB)

The Revista Grafica has published the article "The relationship between academic and professional skills in the profile of a graphic designer" by Lluc Massaguer coordinator and teacher of the Master in Graphic Design.

The article points out the key aspects of his doctoral thesis, a case study at EINA Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art de Barcelona. It is formalized in the construction of a diagnostic system that identifies the level of adjustment between the skills taught in the university and the professional skills required in the professional field of graphic design. It is aimed to become a tool to help meet the demands of the professional sector as well as to update the skills in the Degree of Design.

18 May 2017

"Walking on the board", Project of Physics Applied to Design

Students from the first year of the Degree in Design, within the framework of the subject in Physics applied to design, taught by Raúl Oliva, carried out a project, that as every year, concludes with its presentation on the Open Day. This year, the project addressed the construction of several overhang structures of big proportions. The structures were made to support the weight of some of its designers from the furthest end point.

Without counterbalances or welded union systems, in addition to other formal and spacial constraints in the supporting area. The winner of the contest would be the structure which lasted longer suspended in the air, while keeping its mechanical provisions.

17 May 2017

"TriPlay" project, finalist at Premis Habitàcola

TryPlay project, carried out by students of the Degree in Design, Irene Morillas, Maria Terrisse, and An Yi, and tutored by Miquel Espinet, was finalist at Premis Habitàcola 2017.

Premis Habitàcola, by ArquinFAD, were created in 1987, in order to promote the reflection about the new theoretical within the field of design and architecture, as well as discuss, along with the schools, about solutions and innovative points of view related concerning different topics of social interest, proposed in each meeting.

The topic chosen for these awards has always addressed relevant aspects for society as well as unsolved current issues. This edition presents a new reflection - which is too often ignored - about the role of design in schoolyards, which is simultaneously a space to play and learn, but also a space of freedom in which children establish social relationships in which conflicts such as the lack of gender equity arise.

TriPlay is an innovative proposal to change the structure of today's schoolyards. It is made up of modules that can be easily moved and assembled by students. New ludic and pedagogical platforms can be created by putting the modules together. Thus, we can save schoolyards' problems by using simple pieces. The strength of this proposal resides in its versatility, because it can be set in any type of schoolyard.

16 May 2017

EINA's Participation at the Barcelona Design Week

EINA will participate in the Barcelona Design Week, which will be open during the month of juny. We will organise the following activities:

Symposium Southern Perspectives On Transition Design

  • 08/06/17 and 09/06/17
  • The symposium aims to be a forum for debate for progress in defining, knowledge, research and practice of Design for the Transition from the contribution of local contexts in southern Europe and Latin speeches.

Conference Design & Research for Health

  • 09/06/17
  • Participation of Oriol Ventura, professor and coordinator of the Master in Design and Product Editing of EINA.
  • Research in design. From the model to the design project. Present in "From Greenland to Cottage" at Espai Famílies. It addresses a design project that comes from two research projects in the health field. The first aims to redefine and create a workplace model in which attendance is not needed, and the second one to generate and collect data from a participative process, addressed to decision taking and the implementation of a design project. Espai Famílies is a leading concept, developed within the Department of Planning and Patient Experience at Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona
  • Disseny Hub Barcelona

EINA's Former students at Talent Show

  • 06/14/17
  • The 1st Talent Show will invite students to participate in the presentation of recent graduates of all design schools in Barcelona, ​​including former students from EINA. This event is aimed at professionals and companies eager to discover new talent. New ideas and innovative projects that stand out for their contribution in the transformation of society will be presented.
  • Barcelona Design Hub
Barcelona Design Week 2017
Barcelona Design Week
15 May 2017

"Like a Woman. Designed Femininity" at EINA Espai Barra de Ferro

  • Open debate Wednesday 24 May, at17h
  • Opening Wednesday 24 May, at19h
  • *Exhibition From 24 to 26 May
  • EINA Espai Barra de Ferro
  • Open from Monday to Saturday, from 16h to 20h

The exhibition "Like a Woman. Designed Femininity" will be opened from May 24 to 26. It is carried out by Aina Facchi, Marta Pardina, Ona Orozco, Teresa Roig, Berta Rovira, Anna Urretavizcaya, and Laia Xixons, students of the Degree in Design at EINA.

Why has women's design work been less acknowledged throughout history? What impact does design have in the perception of femininity? Is design a "feminised" profession?

From these concerns comes the will of creating a meeting point, and an open debate on women and design. The goal is to share experiences and perspectives, and address questions without answers and answers without questions.

"Like a Woman. Designed Femininity" at EINA Espai Barra de Ferro
12 May 2017

Roundtable "Criticism: reading and writing," within MURAD

On April 26, within the Critical Workshop module taught by Àlex Mitrani and Joan Minguet, from the Master in Research in Art and Design (MURAD) was held the roundtable criticism: reading and writing, carried out by Philipp Engel and David Armengol.

Philipp Engel (Barcelona, ​​1970). He worked for 10 years in the music industry, before starting his career in cultural journalism, specialising in film and literature. Since 2001 he has been working as a writer at Fotogrames magazine, but has also worked with various media such as missing magazine Go Mag, La Guía del Ocio, Que Leer, and Playground, among others.

David Armengol (Barcelona, ​​1974) is an independent curator. He combines his job with other parallel activities such as cultural management and teaching. He is especially interested in the social status of the artist and the functionality and/or dysfunction of art, his projects address sensitive issues, in contact with other areas of study such as anthropology, psychology, literature and music. In recent years, he has worked on proposals arising from a performative reading of the landscape and other projects based on the connections between visual art and sound. He has exhibited in contemporary art spaces as CaixaForum Barcelona (2008), Matadero Madrid (2010), the Joan Miró Foundation in Barcelona (2012-2013) and Fabra i Coats, Center of Contemporary Art (2014), ​​EAC Contemporary Art Centre of Montevideo, Uruguay (2015), Bòlit Contemporary Art Centre of Girona (2016) and Tabacalera Madrid (2016). He is currently a member of the curatorial team of BCN_Producció.

11 May 2017

Prototypes ideation Workshops to observe the world, by Will Pearson

In early April, Will Pearson, director of technology at Ravensbourne gave, within the research program of the group Design Processes of EINA, several sessions focused on investigating how we see the world.

The workshop sought to fix attention on the elements of inspiration for developing a series of devices built with very simple elements, like new prototypes to observe the world. The results of the workshops will be analysed and applied by Pearson in the process that he is carrying out to design an open-source application to support creative designers in their daily work as digital design companion.

10 May 2017

Illustration Students at Gutter Fest #5

On May 19 and 20, the fifth edition of the Gutter Fest, Fira d'Autoedició i de Microedició, will be held at Nau Bostik in Barcelona.

Gutter Fest is an independent project that holds a meeting network between authors and editors. This year, we will have the participation of Karoline Buer (within La Modesta) and María Medem, two students of the Postgraduate in Creative Illustration and Communication Techniques.

Gutter fest #5 Barcelona
9 May 2017

EINA's participation in the exhibition "The Factory alive!"

During the months of May and June, several students of 3rd and 4th year of the Degree in Design will collaborate with Professor Enric Mas in The Factory alive! a relational art project, also designed by professor Artur Muñoz and art critic, curator and former professor Albert Mercadé, inserted in the program of the exhibition "Andy Warhol's Music" within the framework of the Loop Video art Festival in Barcelona in the semi-abandoned factory Can Trinxet in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat.

The students who will participate are: Aida Aram, Oriol Cabarrocas, Queralt Guinart, Gerard Sierra, Albert Villegas, Daniel Guix, and Javier Fernández, and former students Esther Aguilà and Berta Fontboté.

In order to operate Can Trinxet, Artur Mercadé and Albert Muñoz installed a rehearsal room a serigraphy workshop and a studio in the exhibition hall. They have invited Los ganglios, Laura Llaneli, Esther Aguilà, Berta Fontboté, EINA, and Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art EASD Serra i Abella, among others, to use these areas to generate new content.

EINA's students assemble and use the serigraphy workshop to develop a graphic work in collaboration with a cinema project expanded between Los ganglios and Laura Llaneli, which will be released on June 9th. Berta Fontboté, a former student of EINA, is preparing a postal art project with people suffering from multiple sclerosis. Esther Aguilà, also a former student of EINA, made serigraphy workshops with alcoholics. They are both linked to the Department of Health in l'Hospitalet and can be seen on 18 June.

You can check the whole program of activities.

"The Factory alive!" Exhibition, Barcelona
8 May 2017

Presentation of the restored version of "Primera Muerte"

On Thursday May 11 there will be a presentation, along with a documentary, of the new restored version of First Death (1969), considered the first video-art piece in Spain, conducted by Jordi Galí, Silvia Gubern, Antoni Llena, and Àngel Jové, artists strongly associated to EINA. The presentation, which will take place at COAC will have a round table Àlex Mitrani, professor in de Degree in Design and the Master of Research in Art and Design (MURAD).

After the screenings, there will be an open discussion to ask questions on this key work that Alexandre Cirici called "el grup del Maduixer", which was not probably an artistic group but an intense and revolutionary moment.

Frame of "Primera Muerte" by "el grup del Maduixer"
4 May 2017

Talk "Pure Human: Designing the future of bodily materials" a càrrec de Tina Gorjnac"

On May 17th there will be a talk with Slovenian designer Tina Gorjanc, in which she will talk about her project Pure Human, at EINA Espai Barra de Ferro (Barcelona).

The event is part of the seminar on innovation in industrial design DEMO+ by ADI-FAD, within the study plan of the Master in Research in Art and Design (MURAD), at EINA - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

Tina Gorjanc has studied design at Central Saint Martins and develops bio-design and fashion projects. Her projects question the lack of legal resources for the protection of citizen's biological data as well as suggesting the future influence of bio-technology in the commodity products and its commercialisation.

Tina Gorjnac
3 May 2017

CALL FOR PAPERS Symposium Southern Perspectives on Transition Design

The symposium Southern Perspectives on Transition Design aims to be a forum to advance the definition, knowledge, research and practice of the Transition Design with the contribution southern European and Latin perspective among others.


  • Southern perspectives on Transition Design
  • New lifestyles for transition
  • Design, art and (or) contemporary thought in (for) transition
  • Transition Projects presentation


  • Oral communications, free format, 10 to 15 minutes talk, in Catalan, Spanish or English
  • Posters, free format


  • All abstracts, papers and posters accepted will be published in the symposium proceedings in the web Design Processes Research Group. Innovative Practices in Art & Design, EINA-UAB
  • Selected abstracts to be developed after symposium as articles will be published in the Journal of Design Processes (JDP), from the Design Processes Research Group, EINA-UAB, volume 2, monograph about the Symposium and Transition Design topics

More Information:

Symposium Southern Perspectives on Transition Design