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26 June 2017

Identity Elements Design Projects at Entrepreneur of the Year Contest

During the second semester, the students of the subject Design of Identity Elements, of the second year of the Degree in Design, taught by Enric Garrido, have participated in the Entrepreneur of The Year Contest, in collaboration with the company Game Solution Asia.

The aim of the contest was to develop an etrepreneurial concept through a game for mobile phones. Groups of 6 people were created, and everyone played a different role within the team. Every team created a game through multiple narrative and visual strategies, generating alternative results.

This project has had the collaboration of other subjects, such as Design Project Management, taught by Dolors Soriano, and Audio Visual Resources for the Design, with Claudio Molina.

23 June 2017

Interview with Lara Costafreda, former student of Illustration

Experimenta magazine interviewed Lara Costafreda, former student of the Postgraduate in Creative Illustration and Visual Communication Techiques.

"We are used to seeing and illustrating images, thus the way of getting to the public is different because we associate the world of drawing with our childhood. That's why it has a romantic backdrop. It impresses, surprises, and generates doubt and curiosity about how it's all done. Consequentially, the public likes it, and the mark is placed differently because it si something different.

Read the whole interview

*Hermès*, Lara Costafreda, 2017
© Experimenta
22 June 2017

Presentation EINA 50 Years

On June 21st was held the presentation ceremony of EINA 50 yEARS at Sala Mirador of the CCCB, where students, former students, professors, former professors, and professionals linked to the foundation of different generations. They reunited in order to start the commemorative events for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the EINA foundation.

22 June 2017

Student Project Awarded at Cradle to Cradle Product Design Challenge

The project MyEcoWall, by Ferran Gesa and Caterina Bianna, former students of the third and fourth year of the Degree in Design, have been awarded the Best Student Project, and the Best use of Aluminium award of the Fifth Cradle to Cradle Product Design Challenge.

"Today’s workspaces need to be safe and versatile, creating a comfortable atmosphere for employees and allowing the redefinition and adaptation of workspace settings as companies evolve. However, companies often generate a lot of waste through changes to layout, work routines, and furniture as surplus items often end up going to landfill. Student designers Caterina Vianna and Ferran Gesa Zaragoza sought to create a solution with MyEcoWall, using component materials (Ecovative’s MycoFoam & MycoBoard, wool and cork) that are biodegradable yet durable, enabling companies the flexibility to adapt retool, relocate, grow or reduce size. MyEcoWall can be purchased or leased, and each piece of the product is replaceable, eliminating the concept of waste and increasing recyclability: the parts made with aluminum can be remanufactured or recycled, and the parts made from biological materials are reusable as compost, thus returning them to the soil as a nutrient."

MyEcoWall, by Ferran Gesa and Caterina Vianna
21 June 2017

Final Project of the Animation Workshop of the Postgraduate in Creative Illustration

Students of the Postgraduate in Creative Illustration and Visual Communication Techniques have created, a videoclip as a final project of the subject. The video was directed by David Cid, in collaboration with Tremendu.

© Núria Bofarull + Josefina Alvarez
20 June 2017

"AMEN" a photographic project by Néstor Rives has been selected for Pa-ta-ta, International Photography Festival

The photographic project "AMEN" by Néstor Rives, former student of the Degree in Design and the Postgraduate in Photography and Editorial Design, has been selected for Pa-ta-ta International Photography Festival of Granada in the area "Project your Demo" and "Desktop views"

"In the polished and apparently unbreakable surface, alongside the plastics’ modest beauty of the abiding flowers, we discover a crack, a sudden and revealing space whereby the light comes in. Nothing is simply what it seems.

‘AMEN’ configures the incessant and repeated image’s step into another reality, an orison to life from who doesn’t expect anything anymore, knowing in advance that this is the last hand and that it is time to walk towards the place he has always had reserved, the thought of an inevitable end.

In aeternum, amen."

"AMEN", by Néstor Rives
19 June 2017

Seminar “Characterful Animation” by Caramel Studio

  • 20th June, 17h
  • EINA

On the 20th of June, there will be a seminar "Characterful Animation". The topic discussed will be the creation and animation of characters, by Caramel studio, within the framework of the subject of Digital Creation Workshop, taught by Claudio Molina, in the Postgraduate in Creative Illustration and Visual Communication Techniques.

16 June 2017

Article by Jordi Català "Ready for the Graphic Revolution"

Capçalera, magazine of the Col·legi de Periodistes de Catalunya, has published the article "Ready for the Graphic Revolution" by Jordi Català, professor in the subject Computer Graphics, of the fourth year of the Degree in Design.

"Computer graphics has been grounded in editorial work, but it is ready to be expanded beyond the journalistic scope"

16 June 2017

Antonio Mateo, ADCV 2017 award, to the best regular publication

The project "Ferida", publication about "pilota valenciana", and designed by Antonio Mateo, former student of the Master in Graphic Design, has been awarded with the prize to the best regular publication at ADCV 2017 Awards, organised by the Asociación de Diseñadores de la Comunitat Valenciana.

15 June 2017

Winning Projects at Glassberries Design Awards

The product design projects created by students of the subject Packaging and Labelling, of the Degree in Design, given by Jon Marín, have been awarded at Glassberries Design Awards. The awards were held in Berlin on June 10, and 11.

Kevin Blanch and Adrià Soldado's projects won Golden Glassberry, Núria Jané Barllarín and Paula Terra Bosch's proposals won the Silver Glassberry, and the project by Valentina Bertoni and Giulia Di Benedetto won the special mention by the designer Karim Rashid.

Glassberries Blanch and Soldado EINA
"This new jar design of Heinz allows people to transform it into an oil dispenser giving it a second life using a specialized KIT designed to ­t in. It also modi­es the original shape of the jar by stylizing it according to its new function. You can buy the KIT separately and add it to the jar once it is ­nished."

Kevin Blanch and Adrià Soldado

Glassberries Terra and Jané EINA "The primary use of the jar is containing wheal. This type of food is usually sold unpacked, which is why we are designing a jar with large dimensions, but also because it has an easy conservation. The glass jar has a wood stopper, which increases the value of the product.

The secondary use of the jar consists on being used as a cooking complement, by including four different accessories that give it different uses: strainer, grater, squeezer and dispenser. The jar also includes a gauge and its surface is recovered by blackboard paint so the user can indicate on it what the content is, when it was cooked or any other note".

Paula Terra Bosch and Núria Jané Ballarín

Glassberries Bertoni and DiBenedetto EINA
"The Pebble is a small jar designed to add value to the table. The first use we offer is for honey with a plastic cap, easy to use, and a sleeve label with the name of the brand. For the second use we offer a simple and functional kit with three cork caps, three labels and a spoon. Its content may be sugar as other spices. The shape of the jar allows the lid to be located above as below it. In turn they can be stacked. The essence of the jar is based on its shape since it allows the user to choose where to place the lid and which content to punt inside."

Valentina Bertoni and Giulia Di Benedetto

15 June 2017

Dani Rubio awarded at The Creative Awards

Dani Rubio, EINA former student, has been awarded in the category of Graphic Design Torres 25, at The Creative Awards. This awards recognise the talent, excellence, innovation skills, and the trajectory of the constituents of the platform. Innovation, originality, creative methods, and the transforming capacity of the projects developed in the last year prevail.

Mario Eskenazi, former professor and EINA Foundation board member, said:

"Their conceptual solutions are impeccable. Nothing is free, every piece developed has a reason. And each one responds to a unique problem with "ad hoc" solutions. No concession to frivolity. Formal solutions are excellent. He gives form and content indissolubility . They are current jobs without falling into trendy tricks. They Impress your versatility. The functionality is implicit in all his works. They all look very structured. They obviously respond to very well-defined schemes, which give flexibility to different solutions. I would like to highlight the freshness of its solutions, something little seen in the field of design today. This, for me, is a great contribution. To achieve innovative solutions in the conceptual, with a precise formal solution, and that don't seem like they have been designed. His works reflect naturalness, as if they could not be done otherwise. The great variety of fields in which it moves (identity, signage, exhibitions, editorial) impresses. They look more like the work of a large studio than a young designer. Without a doubt it is the most complete work, and in my opinion, it deserves the prize ".

Dani Rubio Arauna
14 June 2017

Yorokobu's Cover by Albert Coy

Albert Coy, former student of the Degree in Design and member of EINA Alumni is the author of the cover number 85 of the magazine Yorokobu, which was the most voted on the social networks.

Yorokobu post

14 June 2017

Public presentations of the Final Degree projects - June 2017

On the 19th and 20th of June people will be able to attend the public presentations of Interior Design, Industrial Design, Visual Culture and Culture of Design degree projects.

Monday 19th June

Culture of Design

Tribunal Lluís Nacenta, Dolors Soriano, Enric Mas

  • Francesc Muntada - Rostre i identitat
  • Ivan Martínez Forcadell - Branding de artista. Solo show de Ivan Forcadell

Visual Creation

Tribunal Artur Muñoz, Enric Font, Enric Mas

  • Paula Cardona - La il·lustració com a professió avui. Consells i experiències per a crèixer professionalment
  • Marcel Amills - Todos los sábados de Agosto
  • Diego Lorente - Buscando una fórmula mágica

Graphic Design

Tribunal Andreu Balius, Carlos Bermúdez, Pilar Gorriz/Laia Clos

  • Guillem Miñón - Plei
  • Judith Moya - Voltata
  • Hel·lena Prat - La Mostra, disseny de la gràfica d'un esdeveniment gastronòmic
  • Maria Viladomiu - Ruta de les fonts
  • Carlota Pi - Aprova
  • Sara García - Insitu

Tuesday 20th June

Product Design

Tribunal Oriol Ventura, Octavi Rofes, Javier Nieto

  • Patricia Le Hech Diez - IOM, Reflection ritual
  • Lena Macau Sanz - Investigació i creació d'un mètode per la organització dels equips de treball i formalització d'aquest en el disseny d'una aplicació per al sector de la vela transoceànica
  • Roger Siñol Herranz - Trackids
  • Adrian Soldado Cid - B board, una nueva manera de desplazarte
  • Kevin Blanch España - RIGAN: Customizable golf clubs

Interior Design

Tribunal Anna Bach, Albert Crispi, Sílvia Santaeugènia

  • Clara Casanovas - Semblants de família
  • Águeda Pasqual - Glamping Pineta
  • Sara Cerezuela - Tres Fases de una Vivienda
12 June 2017

EINA at Sònar: Diffractive Interfaces

  • Wednesday, June 14, from 10am to 19pm - MarketLab (P4 Level 2 - Level 3)
  • Thursday, June 15 from 10am to 20pm - MarketLab (P4 Level 2 - Level 3)

Diffractive Interfaces is a platform dedicated to the research of models and the generation of prototypes for the transformation of interfaces of contemporary technolgoy, created in the EINA Master in Research in Art and Design and the Master Interface Cultures (Kunstuniversität Linz).

The 14th and the 15th of June, within the framework of Sònar, Diffractive Interfaces will present the developing models and prototypes: Physical NETbots, Towards Non-linguistic Writing for Music: A performative Approach, composition software based on frequency, and Survival Artists and bio-sonification.

sonar edition 1
12 June 2017

Participation of Javier Nieto at Innovation And Product Development Management Conference

Between the 11th and the 13th of June Javier Nieto, professor of the Degree in Design and the Master in Design and Product Edition will participate in the 24th Innovation And Product Development Management Conference, at Reykjavik, Iceland.

It is a congress of professionals, academics, and international experts in the area of innovation and product development that pools the last tendencies of the sector on pen innovation, creativity in NPD, o innovation by design, among others. The participation of Javier Nieto addresses how the development of a product or an innovative service influences the interaction with potential users and the rest of the stakeholders that participate in the value chain of each product or service.

© Javier Nieto