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19 January 2017

Proposal for the appointment of a director and designation of positions for EINA's Board of Trustees

The nomination of the dean of the Autonomous University of Barcelona Anna Pujadas as a new director of EINA, University Centre of Art and Design in Barcelona, was agreed unanimously in the last meeting of EINA's Board of Trustees on January 17th 2017.

The Board of Trustees composed of Josep Bagà, Núria Bretos, Jordi Colomer, Mario Eskenazi, Jordi Fulla, Anton Granero, Josep Lluscà, Josep M. Milà, Alicia Núñez, Pere Riera i Enric Steegmann, agreed unanimously, in that same meeting, to name Enric Steegmann as president, Josep M, Milà as vicepresident and Núria Bretos as secretary.

18 January 2017

1st-Year Students Visit Fransesc Artigau's Studio

First year students of the Basic Drawing course, taught by Mar Saiz and within the Degree in Design visited Francesc Artigau's (artist and former professor at EINA) studio where they could make their drawings.

16 January 2017

"Coffee with..." Marcel Juan

  • Monday 30th of January
  • 3pm
  • EINA

The 30th of January there will be a Coffee with Marcel Juan, former student of the Graduate in Design and former teacher of EINA's Master in Graphic Design. The chat will discuss how to Make a living as a designer without designing.

Marcel Juan is a director and a photographer. He studied graphic design at EINA but his interest in photography made him change his professional activity, focusing more on this area. He works as a freelancer after working at Porcuatro studio for 10 years,. His images are related to his early graphic influences and are marked by a particular sense of time frame, aesthetics and light. He highlights his passion for poetry, surrealism, humor and everything related to the human being. He has directed commercials, videoclips, fashion films, mini TV series and short films.

Coffee with... is a chat session within EINA's Master in Graphic Design, in which, from different professionals' insight, different topics related to graphic design are discussed. These sessions are held once a month, of 1 hour of duration. Open to the public.

"Man on wire", by Marcel Juan
© Marcel Juan
13 January 2017

Exhibition and tribute to Francesc Todó

On Wednesday 18th of January, there will be a tribute to Francesc Todó a paintor strongly bonded to EINA. The event is organised by Fundació Vila Casas where Alexi Mitrani, professor at EINA and art critic, will take part.

The day after the tribute, January 19th, the exhibition ["Una música de cambra" by Francesc Todó (1922-2016)] (http://www.fundaciovilacasas.com/ca/exposicio/una-musica-de-cambra).

12 January 2017

Audio from the talk"Canvi de Tòner", featuring Carlos Bermúdez and Guillem Casasús

The audio from the talk [Canvi de Tòner] is already available at (http://blog.eina.cat/ca/xerrada-canvi-de-toner-a-carrec-de-carlos-bermudez-i-guillem-casasus/583ea81f5972fea81bc4b601, featuring Carlos Bermúdez i Guillem Casasús. It was held the last 15th of December as part of the Course in Graphic Arts.

You can download her presentation.

21 December 2016

20 December 2016

"Web Sites and Mobile Applications: An approximation from the point of view of the user’s experience" by Rubén Alcaraz

The presentation of the number 61 of the Item Magazine took place the last 15th of December, at “Sala de la Caritat (Biblioteca de Catalunya). The presentation covers services and mobile technologies. The title of the exhibition is Web Sites and Mobile Applications: An approximation from the point of view of the user’s experience, held by Rubén Alcaraz, manager of Arxiu EINA.

The event featured the dialogue *Pensar en mòbil”, in which Internet and radio journalist and host at Catalunya Ràdio’s show “Popap” Mariola Dinarès, and Joan Ramon Mallart, director of IMB mobile Business in Spain and professor of the e-Commerce and Mobile Business in the ESADE’s Executive Master’s in Digital Business, discussed about trends and the development of mobile services, accessibility, and the improvement of the user experience in this area.

Ruben’s article is framed in the context of the study plan taught in the course of Applications and Mobile Devices in the Master’s degree in Management in Digital Content at Universitat de Barcelona and Universitat Pompeu Fabra

19 December 2016

Exhibition “From the cutter to networks. Jordi Català: visual communication, strategies, and infographics”

-Exhibition From 13/12/16 to 24/02/17

Jordi Català, presents the exhibition “From the cutter to networks. Jordi Català: visual communication, strategies, and infographics.” The exhibition will be open until the 24th of February at UAB. It is a journey through the importance of graphics for displaying information, from the beginning in the 90s to these days. You can visit the infographic samples exposed.

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5 December 2016

Exhibition “The revolution will not be illustrated”

-Opening and round table Thursday 22nd of December

  • 6:00 PM -Exhibition 22/12/16 - 13/01/17
    The room will be closed for holidays, from the 24th of December to the 8th of January, both days included.

The exhibition is a joint effort made directly on the wall for students participating in the course of Illustration Techniques of 4th year in the Degree in Design, given by Enric Font. Individual proposals have been developed from the ideas of Revolution + Transformation + Utopia, which have been unified and modified to hang them on the wall collectively.

The process, from the initial sketch to the final image, was a of transformation and technical work to be able to hang on the wall ideas that are born on the table, on paper. The result is large scale images that surround the viewer and place them in a place where any image becomes possible.

Participants: Aida Aram, Laura Armengol, Núria Badia, Oriol Cabarrocas, Paula Canut, Paula Cardona, Clara Casanovas, Andrea Cea, Laia Closas, Berta Comellas, Java Cooper, Isabel Dameto, Javier Fernández, Dani Ferré, Carlota Gallart, Xavi Goñi, Marc Guibernau, Juanma Lopez-Barajas, Regina Loppacher, Diego Lorente, Robert Peirot, Belén Peró, Andrea Plaza, Lia Pradas, Àngels Rambla, Júlia Riera, Adrià Soldado, Miquel Vila, Rahka Walter, Sara Zamora.

The opening will have a round table "Wall painters: from the studio to the streets". New spaces for illustrators and visual artists in the walls of public spaces.:

  • 18.00h - Presentation of Wallspot and question time
  • 18.30h - Presentation of 12 + 1 and question time
  • 18.50h - Round Table
  • 20.00h - Opening

With the collaboration of Barna Art and Sumarroca

1 December 2016

Talk "Changing Toner", by Guillem Casasús and Carlos Bermúdez

  • Thursday, 15 December
  • 15h
  • Conference Hall EINA
  • Open to the public

The next 15th of December, as part of the third-year course of the Degree in Design Graphic Arts given by Anna Majó and Lluc Massaguer, Guillem Casasús and Carlos Bermúdez will organise the talk "Changing Toner. Technology changes the way people live. Graphic arts do not escape this constant change either", where they will talk about their own projects in which the graphic production part adds value to its concept and execution.

Carlos Bermúdez works at Mucho since 2010, while he manages, the project We Die For Beauty with Mau Morgó. Guillem Casasús has worked at Mucho and Clasebcn, among others, and currently works as an art director at SCPF.

Both studied Graphic Design at EINA and combine their studies with other projects as freelancers.

29 November 2016

Atlas, with Pablo Martin and Rafa Roses, Graffica Award 2016

Atlas design studio based in Palma de Mallorca, has been awarded the award Graffica 2016 for being reference in the field of design.

Atlas was created in 2013 by Astrid Stavro and Pablo Martín, a former student and professor of EINA Master in Advanced Typography. He has currenly teamed up with Rafa Roses, also a former student of EINA.

28 November 2016

Participation in "Design Education for Innovation and sustainability" Disseny per viure 1st Session

Tània Costa and Adrià Garcia Mateu, Professor of the Degree in Design MURAD and former student of EINA respectively, both members of the research group "Design Processes. Advanced Practices in Art and Design" by EINA, took part in the talk [Design Education for Innovation and sustainability] (http://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/museudeldisseny/es/educacion-del-diseno-para-la-innovacion-y-la-sostenibilidad), within the Disseny per viure 1st Session. Urban sustainability, which was held at the Design Museum of Barcelona the 25th of November.

Apart from Tania Costa and Adrià Garcia Mateu, Luciana Leveratto, from IED, Barcelona School of Design, and Raquel Pelta, University of Barcelona, ​​all members of the Group Degree in Design for Social Innovation Sustainability also took part.

"This initiative comes from the approach to design as a tool for transformation and the need to promote among future designers the design for social innovation and sustainability. • This is a collective group of design teachers and researchers who belong to various educational institutions. In in June 2016, in Barcelona, they presented some of their projects in the Barcelona Design Week and now they want to present their lines of work, philosophy and goals for the next year as well as invite other teachers and schools to join the initiative."

25 November 2016

Experiment “The drawing eye”

Last 10th of November, EINA teachers and students participated in the experiment “The drawing eye” in the process “Eye movement in reading”, where the participants got involved through exercises in the visual processing of an image drawn using “Eye tracking”.

The activity was managed by Claudio Molina, teacher in the Degree in Design and the Postgraduate course in Creative Illustration and Visual Communication, which frames his doctoral thesis in the area of drawing and writing by studying gestuality and stroke. The thesis was led by the researchers Dr. Fernando Vilariño anad Dr. Dimosthenis Karatzas from UAB’s Computered Vision Centre (CVC). It involved the participation of Belén Peró, student of the last year of the Degree in Design, Marta del Viejo and Camila Reveco Sepúlveda, students of the Master’s in Research in Art and Design (MURAD) and Ariadna Fábregas, professor of Projects, Models and Prototypes in the Degree of Design.

24 November 2016

First Symposium on Design for Transition

The First Symposium on Design for Transition will be held at EINA the next 26th and 27th of April 2017. The deadline for receipt of abstracts has already begun, and will be open until the 15th of January.

The design for the transition is an emerging practice in the field of design that works for the creation of alternative lifestyles beneficial to the economy, society and the planet. For this purpose, the design for transition has the distinction of being developed at the system level; design of public policies and/or relationships between organizations.

The key issues related to vision, change models, new ways of designing and positioning and mindset of designers for the transition will be developed in the symposium for two days. The conference will be organised around panel discussions and communications with participants and will include the participation of national and international experts.

The program will be available shortly on EINA’s Research Group in Process Design Web, organiser of this symposium.

Key Dates:

  • 01/15/2017: Deadline for reception of abstracts
  • 02/15/2017: Notification of acceptance. Start date for the reception of submissions
  • 26 and 04/27/2017: Symposium
  • 05/15/2017: Last day for the reception of submissions
Design for Interactions - School of Design, Carnegie Mellon University, 2014
23 November 2016

Àlex Mitrani I Enric Mas’ participation in the “Esculpint l’escultor” Congress

The last 10 and 11 November the Congress “Escolpint l’escultor”, organized by GRACMON was held at the Faculty of History of the University of Barcelona, where Enric Mas participated, speaking of "Desigual critical fortune of post-war Mallorcan sculptors: the 50s and 60s ". Alex Mitrani also presented , "Tragic Humanism: Existentialist expressionism in post-war sculpting, between classicism and abstraction."

The congress “ESCULPINT L’ESCULPTOR” addresses the processes through which the sculptor has professionally evolved, from the beginning to the end of his career. He also discusses the processes by which both the sculptor and his works have achieved a greater or lesser recognition, both among his contemporaries and in posterity. These assessments can present interesting contrasts; both in its geographical and chronological dimension as, even in the same time and place. The event also addresses the assessment of the resources used to acquire prestige, while giving special emphasis on the trips made, the facts that motivated and their consequences, as well as their international projects that arise in the transfer and hybridization processes. Finally, the congress is interested in the work of those sculptors who in his maturity suffered exile and in the processes of art in the service of the state. The congress focuses its attention on understanding the mechanisms through which the figure of the sculptor and his reputation are built, and on the development of their career, giving priority to the study of the architects of Catalan origin, and confining itself to the nineteenth and twentieth century."