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13 February 2017

Coffee with... Carles Murillo

On February 20 we'll have a Coffee with Carles Murillo, a former student of EINA, while talking about Veritats i varietés, the role of the designer beyond the standard definition or immediate graphic design, such as the designer-editor, designer-animator, designer-illustrator, etc.

Carles Murillo is a graphic designer, art director and illustrator specialised in the independent cultural sector who lives and works in Barcelona. He has been the project manager and chief designer at Bisdixit Barcelona headquarters for 13 years, where he was awarded several times in the Laus Awards, Daniel Gil awards (Visual), the Art Directors Club of New York, the Tokyo Type Director's Club and ADCE.

Among other things, he is a professor at IDEP, co-creator of the artzine Papermind, father of the illustrated satirical newspaper Pescao Fresco and associate editor, art director and graphic designer of the Colombian magazine Yucca. He likes ideas, intelligent solutions, the work culture, the desktop publishing, marginal things, paper, and doing things with absolute passion and dedication, but he does not like,among others, the star system, or the mainstream, class differences, politicians, or the "official versions".

Coffee with... is a chat session within EINA's Master in Graphic Design, in which, from different professionals' insight, different topics related to graphic design are discussed. These sessions are held once a month, of 1 hour of duration. Open to the public.

Coffee with... Carles Murillo - EINA