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5 December 2016

Exhibition “The revolution will not be illustrated”

-Opening and round table Thursday 22nd of December

The exhibition is a joint effort made directly on the wall for students participating in the course of Illustration Techniques of 4th year in the Degree in Design, given by Enric Font. Individual proposals have been developed from the ideas of Revolution + Transformation + Utopia, which have been unified and modified to hang them on the wall collectively.

The process, from the initial sketch to the final image, was a of transformation and technical work to be able to hang on the wall ideas that are born on the table, on paper. The result is large scale images that surround the viewer and place them in a place where any image becomes possible.

Participants: Aida Aram, Laura Armengol, Núria Badia, Oriol Cabarrocas, Paula Canut, Paula Cardona, Clara Casanovas, Andrea Cea, Laia Closas, Berta Comellas, Java Cooper, Isabel Dameto, Javier Fernández, Dani Ferré, Carlota Gallart, Xavi Goñi, Marc Guibernau, Juanma Lopez-Barajas, Regina Loppacher, Diego Lorente, Robert Peirot, Belén Peró, Andrea Plaza, Lia Pradas, Àngels Rambla, Júlia Riera, Adrià Soldado, Miquel Vila, Rahka Walter, Sara Zamora.

The opening will have a round table "Wall painters: from the studio to the streets". New spaces for illustrators and visual artists in the walls of public spaces.:

With the collaboration of Barna Art and Sumarroca