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16 June 2017

Article by Jordi Català "Ready for the Graphic Revolution"

Capçalera, magazine of the Col·legi de Periodistes de Catalunya, has published the article "Ready for the Graphic Revolution" by Jordi Català, professor in the subject Computer Graphics, of the fourth year of the Degree in Design.

"Computer graphics has been grounded in editorial work, but it is ready to be expanded beyond the journalistic scope"

12 June 2017

EINA at Sònar: Diffractive Interfaces

  • Wednesday, June 14, from 10am to 19pm - MarketLab (P4 Level 2 - Level 3)
  • Thursday, June 15 from 10am to 20pm - MarketLab (P4 Level 2 - Level 3)

Diffractive Interfaces is a platform dedicated to the research of models and the generation of prototypes for the transformation of interfaces of contemporary technolgoy, created in the EINA Master in Research in Art and Design and the Master Interface Cultures (Kunstuniversität Linz).

The 14th and the 15th of June, within the framework of Sònar, Diffractive Interfaces will present the developing models and prototypes: Physical NETbots, Towards Non-linguistic Writing for Music: A performative Approach, composition software based on frequency, and Survival Artists and bio-sonification.

sonar edition 1
12 June 2017

Participation of Javier Nieto at Innovation And Product Development Management Conference

Between the 11th and the 13th of June Javier Nieto, professor of the Degree in Design and the Master in Design and Product Edition will participate in the 24th Innovation And Product Development Management Conference, at Reykjavik, Iceland.

It is a congress of professionals, academics, and international experts in the area of innovation and product development that pools the last tendencies of the sector on pen innovation, creativity in NPD, o innovation by design, among others. The participation of Javier Nieto addresses how the development of a product or an innovative service influences the interaction with potential users and the rest of the stakeholders that participate in the value chain of each product or service.

© Javier Nieto
8 June 2017

Questioning Aesthetic Symposium

The 8th edition of the Questioning Aesthetic Symposium will be held in Barcelona. It gathers artists, philosophers, critics, and other professionals of the area of art with the aim of discussing transdisciplinary issues of the strictest actuality where aesthetics play an important role.

Transdisciplinary Aesthetic Foundation organises, along with EINA, this event, sponsored with the Fundation Banc de Sabadell, and the american foundation.

This edition addresses Artistic Research, which has many contemporary artistic practices, such as the generation of contents.

The first 20th and 22nd are amied at comparing the approach of the guests in several round tables. On the 22nd there will be a sectorial table, dedicated to specific issues present in our country, with the presentation of CAiRE.


Questioning Aesthetic Symposium Barcelona
2 June 2017

6 local actors will participate in the morning session of the Southern Perspectives symposium on Transition Design (Friday 9th of June). The actors will bring different outlooks on the shared transition from different sectors:

  • Francesc Casadella, Som Energia, Green Energy cooperative
  • Roger Baig, Efrain Foglia, Guifi.net, common telecommunication networks
  • Helena Trias, Sostre Cívic, Housing cooperative for the transfer of use
  • Ramón Parramon, Idensity, art in transition
  • Lluís Casado, Reforma Horària, civic initiative for time change

After the presentations there will be an open debate with the 6 participants + the symposium attendants + the professors from the Carnegie Mellon University: erry Irwin, Gideon Kossoff, and Cameron Tonkinwise. All of them are researchers working on the Design for Transition.

The symposium is free and the registration is formalised by confirming attendance at: tcosta@eina.cat

Symposium Southern Perspectives On Transition Design - EINA
31 May 2017

Symposium Southern Perspectives On Transition Design

June 8th and 9th 2017

Transition Design is an emerging field of practice, study and research promoting an active role of design in the transition to more sustainable futures. Considering the complexity of challenges such as climate change, bio-diversity loss, depletion of non-renewable resources, rising inequality or migration crisis, it proposes to integrate different branches of knowledge together along with design’s culture in our response to them. It’s activity is centered in domains such as the relationship between stakeholders and transitions at a systematic level that are always assesed against the context and quality of everyday lifestyles.

The symposium Southern Perspectives on Transition Design aims to be a forum to advance the definition, knowledge, research and practice of the Transition Design with the contribution southern European and Latin perspective among others.

More information


Thursday June, 8

Conference by Terry Irwin, director of the Design Carnegie Mellon University of Philadelphia, USA, on the Design for Transition. Interventions by Gideon Kossoff, researcher in Transition Design at CMU, and Cameron Tonkinhwise, director of PhD studies at CMU and professor at University of Technology of Sidney.

Friday 9, June, from 9.30h to 6.00h PM


Morning Session:

Local agents from different origins (design, housing cooperatives, art, sociology, citizens’ movements, philosophy) present experiences related to design for transition, in order to generate a collective debate, with the participation of Terry Irwin, Gideon Kossoff and Cameron Tonkinhwise.
Hosted by: Adrià Garcia i Mateu

Evening Session:

Itinerary A
Workshop with local stakeholders to take the praxis of the design for transition to the aspects learnt in the morning session.

Itinerary B
Academic sessions with communication presentations and posters related to the fields:

  • Southern perspectives on Transition Design
  • New lifestyles for transition
  • Design, art and / or contemporary thought in transition / for the transition.
    Led by: researchers from EINA’s Research Group, Design Processes.

The deadline to submit the abstracts on the platform is May 25th.
A collection of articles and posters will be published in the next issue of EINA's GdR Design Processes.

Tània Costa, Adrià Garcia i Mateu


Symposium Southern Perspectives On Transition Design
25 May 2017

Audios from seminars and workshops "Practices and Territories of Actual Design II"

The audios from the seminars and workshops "Practices and Territories of Actual Design II" which took place from the 13th of February to the 13th of May of 2017 can already be consulted.

The subject Practices and Territories of Actual Design II, coordinated by Anna Pujadas, which belongs to the Master in Research in Art and Design has been presented as a conference forum, workshop and open seminars. The presentations have been carried out by a series of area and emerging practices creators, experts in new trends in design processes. Particular areas that cause the confluence of thought have been studied, along with scientific knowledge, artistic proposals, and daily practices. These factors force us to examine design concepts and are giving rise to new professional categories.

19 May 2017

"The relationship between academic and professional skills in the profile of a graphic designer" Lluc Massaguer's article in the Graphic Journal (UAB)

The Revista Grafica has published the article "The relationship between academic and professional skills in the profile of a graphic designer" by Lluc Massaguer coordinator and teacher of the Master in Graphic Design.

The article points out the key aspects of his doctoral thesis, a case study at EINA Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art de Barcelona. It is formalized in the construction of a diagnostic system that identifies the level of adjustment between the skills taught in the university and the professional skills required in the professional field of graphic design. It is aimed to become a tool to help meet the demands of the professional sector as well as to update the skills in the Degree of Design.

16 May 2017

EINA's Participation at the Barcelona Design Week

EINA will participate in the Barcelona Design Week, which will be open during the month of juny. We will organise the following activities:

###Exhibition "Runaways and other stories", by the students of the Postgraduate in Photography and Editorial Design

###Symposium Southern Perspectives On Transition Design

  • 08/06/17 and 09/06/17
  • The symposium aims to be a forum for debate for progress in defining, knowledge, research and practice of Design for the Transition from the contribution of local contexts in southern Europe and Latin speeches.

Conference Design & Research for Health

  • 09/06/17
  • Participation of Oriol Ventura, professor and coordinator of the Master in Design and Product Editing of EINA.
  • Research in design. From the model to the design project. Present in "From Greenland to Cottage" at Espai Famílies. It addresses a design project that comes from two research projects in the health field. The first aims to redefine and create a workplace model in which attendance is not needed, and the second one to generate and collect data from a participative process, addressed to decision taking and the implementation of a design project. Espai Famílies is a leading concept, developed within the Department of Planning and Patient Experience at Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona
  • Disseny Hub Barcelona

EINA's Former students at Talent Show

  • 06/14/17
  • The 1st Talent Show will invite students to participate in the presentation of recent graduates of all design schools in Barcelona, ​​including former students from EINA. This event is aimed at professionals and companies eager to discover new talent. New ideas and innovative projects that stand out for their contribution in the transformation of society will be presented.
  • Barcelona Design Hub
Barcelona Design Week 2017
Barcelona Design Week
12 May 2017

Roundtable "Criticism: reading and writing," within MURAD

On April 26, within the Critical Workshop module taught by Àlex Mitrani and Joan Minguet, from the Master in Research in Art and Design (MURAD) was held the roundtable criticism: reading and writing, carried out by Philipp Engel and David Armengol.

Philipp Engel (Barcelona, ​​1970). He worked for 10 years in the music industry, before starting his career in cultural journalism, specialising in film and literature. Since 2001 he has been working as a writer at Fotogrames magazine, but has also worked with various media such as missing magazine Go Mag, La Guía del Ocio, Que Leer, and Playground, among others.

David Armengol (Barcelona, ​​1974) is an independent curator. He combines his job with other parallel activities such as cultural management and teaching. He is especially interested in the social status of the artist and the functionality and/or dysfunction of art, his projects address sensitive issues, in contact with other areas of study such as anthropology, psychology, literature and music. In recent years, he has worked on proposals arising from a performative reading of the landscape and other projects based on the connections between visual art and sound. He has exhibited in contemporary art spaces as CaixaForum Barcelona (2008), Matadero Madrid (2010), the Joan Miró Foundation in Barcelona (2012-2013) and Fabra i Coats, Center of Contemporary Art (2014), ​​EAC Contemporary Art Centre of Montevideo, Uruguay (2015), Bòlit Contemporary Art Centre of Girona (2016) and Tabacalera Madrid (2016). He is currently a member of the curatorial team of BCN_Producció.

11 May 2017

Prototypes ideation Workshops to observe the world, by Will Pearson

In early April, Will Pearson, director of technology at Ravensbourne gave, within the research program of the group Design Processes of EINA, several sessions focused on investigating how we see the world.

The workshop sought to fix attention on the elements of inspiration for developing a series of devices built with very simple elements, like new prototypes to observe the world. The results of the workshops will be analysed and applied by Pearson in the process that he is carrying out to design an open-source application to support creative designers in their daily work as digital design companion.

4 May 2017

Talk "Pure Human: Designing the future of bodily materials" a càrrec de Tina Gorjnac"

On May 17th there will be a talk with Slovenian designer Tina Gorjanc, in which she will talk about her project Pure Human, at EINA Espai Barra de Ferro (Barcelona).

The event is part of the seminar on innovation in industrial design DEMO+ by ADI-FAD, within the study plan of the Master in Research in Art and Design (MURAD), at EINA - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

Tina Gorjanc has studied design at Central Saint Martins and develops bio-design and fashion projects. Her projects question the lack of legal resources for the protection of citizen's biological data as well as suggesting the future influence of bio-technology in the commodity products and its commercialisation.

Tina Gorjnac
28 April 2017

CALL FOR PAPERS Symposium Southern Perspectives on Transition Design

The symposium Southern Perspectives on Transition Design aims to be a forum to advance the definition, knowledge, research and practice of the Transition Design with the contribution southern European and Latin perspective among others.


  • Southern perspectives on Transition Design
  • New lifestyles for transition
  • Design, art and (or) contemporary thought in (for) transition
  • Transition Projects presentation


  • Oral communications, free format, 10 to 15 minutes talk, in Catalan, Spanish or English
  • Posters, free format


  • All abstracts, papers and posters accepted will be published in the symposium proceedings in the web Design Processes Research Group. Innovative Practices in Art & Design, EINA-UAB
  • Selected abstracts to be developed after symposium as articles will be published in the Journal of Design Processes (JDP), from the Design Processes Research Group, EINA-UAB, volume 2, monograph about the Symposium and Transition Design topics

More Information:

Symposium Southern Perspectives on Transition Design
27 April 2017

"Research Processes in Art and Design. MURAD 2017," Artistic Research and Design seminars

From the 2nd to the 20th of May, there will be several in the context of "research processes in art and design. MURAD in 2017,". These seminars address artistic research and design as part of the research process of the TFM (Master's Final Project) of the Master in Research in Art and Design (MURAD).

The act of looking at paintings as artistic research: the act of looking.

  • May 2
  • 16h Exhibition / 17h conference / workshop 18
  • Author: Clarissa Grabowiecki

Skin is the new canvas

Experience the interactive creative processes with receivers among other things. I will need public participation, which must carry, at least, a piece of clothing that can be drawn on.

  • 4, 5, 6 May
  • Author: Claudia Sahuquillo


I imagine the dissolution of boundaries as the experience of having a beer with those who are with me. It is like putting material in a sacred way, through inductive reasoning. This symbolism creates states of consciousness and shapes the imagination of what is present. That is the case of the creation of obelisks and totems. From the Casterligg remains to the nocturnal accident with oneself and the MACBA, all these with a street beer in your hand. Rituals that contain a transforming powers. It is a magic generation,

  • 4, 5, 6 May
  • Author: David Gonzalez

50 times Instagram: collective edition and repetition

Instagram boosts our artistic possibilities and provides opportunities for collective creation. The exercise will consist of producing a photo studio, pass it through numerous users and upload them on Instagram. The editions will be added over one another to provoke reflection on repeated editions and collaborative authorship; in addition to rethinking art in social networks. This activity is open to the collaboration of anyone who might be willing to attend, all collaborations are essential.

  • 4, 5, 6 May
  • Author: Paz Gonzalez Anta

Random design

Discover what happens in our brains and our creative skills when we face uncertainty or random situations. Revealing the sensorial inputs in Design projects

  • 8, May 9
  • Author: María Victoria Pérez C.

Cartographic Code

Experimental (installation) and data visualisation space, with regard to the representations of the world through the mapping scheme.

  • 8, 9 May
  • Author: Karen Carrera

###Arxiu Brossa Arxiu Brossa is a poetical facility open to the public. It collects some essential referents of the "brossian" work, like the city, the theatre, society, randomness and the surprise. Gathered in a facility that combines written, visual, and sound poetry.

  • 10 May
  • Authors: Bárbara Bayarri, Ricard Garcia i Anais Muñoz

###Poem and Will Musang Xu: Poema lunar. Germán Beltrán: The Phallus' will

  • 11, 12 May
  • Thursday May, 11: first session and video presentation. -Friday ,May 12: Extension of the session and reading of "The Phallus' will" at 19h (1-hour approximately)

###Work in progress (sorry for the inconvenience, we are working to improve your well-being) Artistic research / sleeping / producing / constriction / limit / strangeness / body / material / writing / thinking / altering / conscience / work / doing / not doing / capital / guilt / success

  • 13, 14 May
  • Author: Juliana Guerrero


Experimentation through sound emitted by our own bodies (the functioning of our body), in order to hear them (see) and gather information of the broadcasted frequencies for later analysis. This experiment will be through objects, that in some cases, we will create. Experiments using sound waves, with the intention of translating it to both the visual as to the sensitive, to adapt it to all kinds of people and with the intention of communicating sound. We are interested in collecting, recording the sound for frequency analysis, both at formal and composition level.

  • 15 May
  • Authors: Meritxell Font i Alonso Peñaherrera

###El Hábitat. Imagen mental y Espacio Realizado La casa como representación del hábitat humano es una imágen mental sin relación directa con el emplazamiento físico en el cual transcurre el tiempo vital de los individuos. Es un concepto en construcción permanente. El objetivo es mostrar la realización espacial arquitectónica de las imagenes mentales que evoca la idea de casa en niños de 5 años por medio de dibujos técnicos, fotografías, e ilustraciones.

  • 15 mayo
  • Autor: Alfredo Gómez

###Mitos En Tierra Cocida (Myths in the Boiled Land)

  • Exhibition: Research on pre-Columbian art in Amazonian ceramics
  • Workshop:Explain the processes used to develop artistic patterns that transmit Amazon myths. Once understood, develop new styles in hand, alongside participants, and digitalise them
  • 16 i 17 May
  • Authorr: Andrés Escobar

###Origins Participative activity that aims to gather Chilean youngsters to meet part of the artistic heritage of the indigenous communities of Chile.

  • 16, 17 May, 17h
  • Author: Camila Reveco Sepúlveda

Mostra avantprojectual que enllaça les investigacions personals de Carlos Anselmo –Escoltar Internet. La submersió i la transversalitat de l'hiperenllaç– i Manuel Minch –Teenternet code– la qual es descompon en 24 propostes en l'espai expositiu. Carlos abordarà la qüestió del binomi música i cultura digital a través de la la concepció d'Internet com un espai àudio-tàctil a través de l'hiperenllaç com a eina de transversalitat en la in/exterioritat del medi respecte al subjecte. Manuel mostrarà les seves representacions codificades de la cultura teen a Internet a través d'estratègies pròpies del comissariat artístic adaptades a les estructures de funcionament d'Internet, és a dir: mitjançant l'ús de l'apropiació, la descontextualització, l'extraterritorialització de les imatges o la narrativitat hipermèdia –entre altres–.

  • 18, 19 maig
  • Autors: Carlos Anselmo i Manuel Minch

###Performance: Choir The choir group: 20-30 people spend 2 days together, wake up early in the morning like 2:00am or 3:00am, happy but tired, and after the 2 days, they go directly to the BdF and they stand and wear exactly as the choir in the space.

  • 20 maig
  • Autor: Xinwen Xu

###L'ART DEL FUTBOL. Animant la final de la copa del rei: Barça contra Alvés Projecció en directe de la final de copa del rei, BARÇA contra ALVÉS. En aquest esdeveniment patrocinat per Moritz es podran #compartir #emocions, #llàgrimes, #abraçades, #amor #art, #sons i, a més, #cerveses #gratuïtes directament de la fàbrica Moritz oferta per a un dia tan especial. Tots junts per celebrar el nostre equip preferit. Per al veritable Art d'estadi, força Barça!!

  • 27 maig
  • Autor: Giuseppe Fiò

Avantprojectual research that connects Carlos Anselmo's personal researches -Listen to the Internet. The submersion and mainstreaming of the hyper-link- and Manuel Minch -Teenternet CODE-which breaks down into 24 proposals in the explanatory space. Carlos will address the question of music and digital culture through the concept of the Internet as a space-touch audio through the hyper-link as a tool for mainstreaming of the interior/exterior of the environment regarding the subject. Manuel will show his coded representations of the teen culture on the Internet, through his own strategies, adapted to the the operating structures of the Internet, i.e: through the use of appropriation, contextualization, the "extra trerritorialisation" of images or the narrative hypermedia among others.

  • 18 May 19
  • Authors: Carlos Manuel Anselmo and Minch

###Performance: Choir The choir group: 20-30 people spend 2 days together, wake up early in the morning like 2:00am or 3:00am, happy but tired, and after the 2 days, they go directly to the BdF and they stand and wear exactly as the choir in the space.

  • 20 May
  • Author: Xinwen Xu

soyhipócrita, soybarcelona

En el marco de la tendencia #soyhipocrita llegamos a las calles de Barcelona en búsqueda de aquellas cosas que la gente no mira o no quiere mirar. El resultado queda plasmado en una serie de fotografías georeferenciadas en un “mapa turístico” para que no te pierdas nada.

  • 20 mayo
  • Autoras: Alanis Este, Denis Lara, Margarita Echenique

###THE ART OF PLAYING FOOTBALL Live broadcasting of the final of the "Copa del Rei". Barça versus Ala´ves. In this event, sponsored by Moritz, you will be able to #share #emotions, #tears, #hugs #love #art, #sounds, and moreover #free #beers, straight from the Moritz factory. Let's celebrate and support our team together. United for the try stadium art, Força Barça!

  • 27 May
  • Author: Giuseppe Fiò

- - - - - - - - - - - -

La performance trata la palabra desde la que toma forma el mito de origen en tanto su valor de marca y de hito para la constitución del Cuerpo y la estructuración subjetiva.

  • 27 mayo
  • Autor: Juan Diego P. Bucheli
25 April 2017

"Projecting an artistic research" by Mar Saiz - Prácticas y Territorios del Diseño Actual II (MURAD)

  • Tuesday, May 2
  • From 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  • Room 8
  • EINA

###Projecting an artistic research
Mar Saiz
She holds a degree in Fine Arts by the Universitat de Barcelona (Barcelona, 1993) in the fields of painting and sculpture. She has taken a doctorate, obtaining the Diploma of Advanced Studies of the Drawing Program: Functions and Theory in the University of Barcelona (Barcelona, 2008). She is a teacher of the subject of Basic Drawing (2009) in the Degree in Design at EINA. She is a professional artist, and her work is regularly exhibited in the galleries Sala Parés, Esther Monturiol and Pérgamon in Barcelona, where she exhibits individual and collective works.

The subject Practices and Territories of the Current Design II, coordinated by Anna Pujadas, which belongs to the Master's Degree in Research in Art and Design is presented as a Forum for conferences, workshops and seminars open to the public. The presentations will be carried out by a selection of creators of emerging fields and practices, experts in new trends in the design process. Particular areas that promote the confluence of thought, scientific knowledge, artistic proposals and everyday practices, will be explored. It will also be analysed how these require the revision of concepts in design giving rise to new professional categories.

Talk "Projecting an artistic research" by Mar Saiz - Prácticas y Territorios del Diseño Actual II (MURAD)