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25 de setembre 2018

Albert Corbeto participa a "Baskerville in France"

El proper 18 d'octubre, Albert Corbeto, professor al Grau de Disseny, al Màster en Tipografia avançada i al Màster en Disseny Gràfic, impartirà la xerrada "Baskerville in Spain" a Amiens, França, en el marc del Baskerville in France.

"Baskerville’s types in XVIIIth century Spanish printing The second half of the eighteenth century is regarded as the golden age of Spanish printing, when, for the first time, the productions of leading indigenous typographers such as Ibarra, Sancha or Monfort reached levels comparable to those of the most prestigious printers of Europe. These printers benefited from the skills of various craftsmen in the art of punch cutting who freed Spanish printing from its dependence on the major European type-exporting centres. However, despite the magnificent designs by Pradell, Gil and Espinosa, the prestige of Baskerville’s work led to the attempted acquisition, in 1766, of some of his punches and matrices for the planned printing press of the Real Biblioteca. Although this transaction did not take place, some years later, the Spanish government obtained several of Baskerville’s types which were used towards the end of the century in a number of books printed by the Imprenta Real."

Baskerville in France 2018