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20 April 2018

Laia Gabriel comments on “Noms de Guerres”, her final degree project on the Master’s in Graphic Design

In her Final Degree Project on the Master's in Graphic Design, Laia Gabriel has brought together two of her passions: publishing design and literature.

Laia’s project is a tribute to the nineteenth-century women writers who had to use male pseudonyms to be able to see their work published.

Her proposed publication constitutes a constant play on hidden identities, which creates a collusion with the reader while conveying them to the age when all of these writers lived.

The Master's in Graphic Design covers the specific features of graphic design, both in terms of objectives and the analysis, planning, resources and materials or management and direction of printed and online projects. The programme is comprised of two diploma courses: the Postgraduate Diploma in Graphic Elements Design and the Postgraduate Diploma in Web Design.

19 April 2018

Tamara Villoslada publishes the graphic novel “Atlántico”

Tamara Villoslada, former student on the Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Illustration and Visual Communication Techniques at EINA, has published the graphic novel “Atlántico” with publisher Bang Ediciones.

Filled with tenderness and irony, the work is an autobiographical story where Tamara tells of her personal journey to find her place in the world. After completing her thesis, Tamara moved from Argentina to live in Barcelona.

After seven years of goals fulfilled, challenges and disappointments, a serious crisis led to her returning to Argentina, and it's there where the shortest, or perhaps the longest, journey a person can undertake began: finding herself.

18 April 2018

EINA is taking part in the First Political Choreography Conference: “Mapping the New Forms of Creating Choreographies”

The First Political Choreography Conference features a series of free lectures and workshops to create tools to explore the new forms of creating choreographies, seen as an intrinsically social art form and a medium of political repercussions.

Organised as part of the research of the Doctorate in Philosophy of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and EINA, the event features the participation of:

  • Aina Alegre, choreographer, dancer and actress
  • Gastón Core, artistic director with Sala Hiroshima
  • Tània Costa, art researcher and coordinator of the EINA-UAB University Master's in Research in Art and Design (MURAD)
  • Roberto Fratini, playwright, researcher and teacher
  • Sara Gómez, visual artist, choreographer and former MURAD student
  • Jèssica Jaques, doctor of philosophy
  • Vera Livia García, dancer, performer and actress
  • Aimar Pérez Galí, dancer, performer and educationalist
  • Victoria Pérez Royo, stage arts researcher
  • Paula Velasco, doctor of philosophy
  • Gerard Vilar, doctor of philosophy and coordinator of the EINA-UAB University Master's in Research in Art and Design (MURAD)
  • Laura Vilar, performer, choreographer and educationalist

The organisation of the conference has been possible thanks to the sponsorship of MINECO, research project, FFI2012-32614 FFI2012-32614 “Aesthetic experience and artistic research: cognitive aspects of contemporary art”; the collaboration of the La Caldera Les Corts Dance and Stage Arts Creation Centre, which is hosting the project; and the support of EINA, University School of Design and Art of Barcelona, and the publication Quiasmo.

16 April 2018

Milan Design Market

The Köllen group, made up of Oriol Campillo, Núria Jané, Adrià Soldado and Paula Terra, has been selected to take part in the a href="https://www.milandesignmarket.com/" target="_new" rel="nofollow">Milan Design Market, one of the major events at the Isola Design District, which is held on the occasion of the Fuorisalone as part of the international furniture fair.

The interactive shelves that they have designed, the Köllen Bookshelf, have been chosen from over 1,000 products submitted to take part in the 3rd Milan Design Market, held from 17 to 22 April.

Over the course of the fair, Milan hosts young designers and emerging brands, with exhibitions, installations, workshops and events. Isola Design District is characterised by its young spirit and its strong experimental nature, where innovative projects by designers from all over the world can be seen.

The Milan Design Market will be held at the Studio Photo Gianni Rizzotti, a 400 m2 loft at Via Pastrengo 14.

16 April 2018

EINA presents at Ventura Future 2018 “Isolo”: a new concept of privacy

Isolo is a set of four interactive products, designed by students on the EINA Bachelor’s Degree in Design, that explore and apply the concept of “privacy”. The projects offer different forms of isolation, respecting users’ habits and recreating atmospheres of intimacy, from the individual to the group. The projects included in this concept and presented to the Salone Ventura Future de Milano are:


Köllen Eget is a workspace adapted to new working habits and the use of new technologies. The interactivity of the product allows users to reorganise their space and create a personalised ambience, adapting to each user through light, sound and the presence of different mobile elements.


Còdol is a space divider that considers the contrast between empty and full. It manages to create a private ambience in an interior and busy environment thanks to its structure, surrounded by moveable panels with sound properties and soft tones.


Petal is a versatile chair that is adaptable to the user, inspired by the organic shapes of flowers. On each side is a flexible panel that can be regulated in different positions, so turning it into a personalised storage space in line with your needs.


Kodama is a decorative panel displayed as an Oriental-influenced woodland crowned by the most distinctive elements of the entire piece: the seats, which are placed at random throughout the whole structure for use by the user.

Isolo is a project tutored by Javier Nieto, Oriol Ventura and Anna Majó, with the participation of students on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design: Laura Andreu, Rocío Belda, Andreu Buqueras, Cristina Bonamusa, Oriol Campillo, Anna Dalmases, Aina Facchi, Llibert Ferrer, Núria Jané, Laura Morales, Aura Olivan, Ona Orozco, Marta Pardina, Julia Riera, Maria Roca, Gina Sala, Sonia Santos, Anna Solà, Adrián Soldado, Paula Terra, Anna Urretavizcaya, Anna Vicho, Marina Vidal and Mariona Vilardell.

EINA in Ventura Future
13 April 2018

Research Workshop

Rethinking Visual and Plastic Education in Schools

  • Date: 19 April at 7 pm
  • Place: EINA Barra de Ferro Arts Centre (Barra de Ferro, 2)

Enric Font, artist and teacher at EINA and Barcelona University, and Artur Muñoz, teacher at EINA and manager of the Education Service of the Arranz Bravo Foundation, will be presenting the work “Rethinking Visual and Plastic Education in Schools” on Thursday 19 April at 7 pm at the EINA Barra de Ferro Arts Centre.

Open to the general public, the event focuses on the work in development of the tandem project between the Arranz Bravo Foundation and the Carpa School in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.

The collaboration centres its programme on helping teachers overcome difficulties when undertaking and applying Visual and Plastic Education content in Primary Education. It proposes a structure on three vertical axes – non-verbal communication, creativity and knowledge of the social and cultural heritage – and three horizontal axes – figuration, abstraction and concept – that serves to develop and implement a curricular proposal.

13 April 2018

ExpoSURE 2018. Photographers as designers, designers as photographers

  • Date: May 31 to June 15 2018
  • Schedule: Monday to Saturday, from 4pm to 8pm
  • Venue: EINA Barra de Ferro Arts Centre (Barra de Ferro, 2, Barcelona)

"ExpoSURE 2018. Photographers as designers, designers as photographers" is a collective exhibition open to all audiences with the work of the students of the Postgraduate in Photography and editorial design of EINA that will take place from May 31 to June 15 at EINA Barra de Ferro Arts Centre.

Photographers as designers or designers as photographers? The border is diluted by covering the projects of the edition of a photobook. The creative process requires taking multiple decisions, thinking and revaluing all the options before finalizing a project. The series of photographs and photobooks presented in this exhibition show the self-analysis and execution of an editorial project based on the most difficult, the own work.

All the artists have designed their own publication, which goes beyond showing the complete series of photographs and in most cases becomes a new artistic work in itself.

The students participating in this exhibition are: Marta Ibáñez, Nayla Kaiser, Macarena Perez, Valentina Pulián, Cristóbal Javier Riesco, Leonardo Santamaría and Ferran Suñer.

Nayla Kaiser
13 April 2018

Installation on emotional perception and sensation as the essence of design of spaces

  • Date: from 5th to 14th June
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday, from 4pm
  • Venue: EINA (Passeig Santa Eulàlia, 25)

“Experiential design. The perception and emotional feeling in the design of spaces” is the installation that you can visit from from 5th to 14th June at the main hall of the EINA headquarters.

From various design resources (colors, textures, materials, lighting...) sensations and emotions are transmitted to go beyond the traditional conception of what should be the design of a space, commonly associated with the application to the furniture.

This experiential creation has the aim of creating different spaces that generate a reaction on the visitor.

This project is part of the Final Degree Project of the Mention of Spaces of the student Anna Vicho.

Installation on emotional perception and sensation as the essence of design of spaces
13 April 2018

Köllen wins first and second prize in the Jordi Amat Design in Wood Competition

The Köllen team, comprised of Oriol Campillo, Núria Jané, Adrian Soldado and Paula Terra, students and former students on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design at EINA, have won first and second prizes in the 4th Jordi Amat Design in Wood Competition with the Köllen Tryk project, an interactive hanger, and the Köllen Eget project, a new concept in individual work space.

This is the first time in the history of the competition, with record participation by professional designers and design students from all over Catalonia, where the first two prizes have been awarded to the same team.

The Köllen Tryk project, an interactive hanger that adapts to the user’s needs, has won the first prize, which carries €1,500 in prize money and is sponsored by Terrassa City Council. The award was presented by Manuel Giménez, Councillor for Economic Development, Industry and Employment with Terrassa City Council.

The Köllen Eget project, a new concept in individual work space adapted to new technologies that was exhibited during Milan Design Week at Ventura Future 2018, has won the second prize, with €1,000 funded by the FINSA-Financiera Madedera company. In this case, the prize-winners received their award from Juan José Martín, head of marketing and advertising with FINSA.

Köllen Tryk is an interactive wall hanger that allows different layouts to be created depending on the user’s needs. Made of wood, the product is rectangular in shape and contains a series of embedded circular buttons, the hangers, that the user can lay out according to their needs. When one of the buttons is pressed, it stands out thanks to an internal mechanism and can be used as a hanger. The innovation proposed with this product lies in the introduction of the concepts of dynamism and adaptability in the field of furniture design, traditionally made up of products with a fixed and rigid structure.

Köllen Eget is an individual and innovative work space, adapted to new working practices and the use of new technologies, that seeks to create a new concept in work space, different from conventional furniture based on the introduction of the concepts of dynamism and adaptability in the field of furniture design. The product creates an interaction with the user that allows the individual work space to be redefined and turned into a personal and comfortable element. Köllen Eget includes a series of components and accessories that enable the most to be made of the available space and the creation of different layouts with the same product.

12 April 2018

EINA’s 50th anniversary in the media

The media have reported on the 50th anniversary celebrations of EINA and the première of the documentary “EINA, Contemporary Spirit”, by film-maker Poldo Pomés. Presented on 13 March as part of the events bringing the events scheduled for EINA50years to a close, the film includes interviews with students, teachers and people connected to design, features visual accounts of the past and present work of the school and offers a view of what the school has represented to Barcelona and to Catalan design.

The following is a compilation of the various articles and reports published across the media:

ECONOMÍA DIGITAL-CERODOSBE / Jordi Català / 13.03.2018
[50 years of creative freedom]
EINA: 50 años de libertad creativa

EL PAÍS / Roberta Bosco / 14.03.2018
[A documentary celebrates the spirit of EINA on its 50th anniversary]
Un documental celebra el espíritu de EINA en su 50º aniversario

QUADERN EL PAÍS / Victoria Combalia /15.03.2018
[Half a century of the EINA school]
Mig segle de l’escola EINA

EL MUNDO / Leticia Blanco / 16.03.2018
[50 years of EINA, oasis of “design”]
Los 50 años de EINA, oasis del “disseny”

EL PAIS SEMANAL / Use Lahoz / 22.03.2018
[EINA, half a century of Catalan Bauhaus]
EINA, medio siglo de la Bauhaus catalana

LA VANGUARDIA / Xavier Mas de Xaxàs / 25.03.2018
[EINA, 50 years of modernity]
EINA, 50 anys de modernitat
EINA, 50 años de modernidad

LA RAZÓN / Víctor Fernández / 27.03.2018
[EINA designs its 50 years]
EINA diseña sus 50 años

LA VANGUARDIA / Quim Monzó / 31.03.2018
[My students 30 years ago]
Els meus alumnes fa 30 anys
Mis alumnos de hace treinta años

PASSEIG DE GRÀCIA / 05.04.2018
[EINA celebrates 50 years of contemporary design with a documentary]
EINA celebra 50 años de diseño contemporáneo con un documenta

DIARI ARA / Antoni Ribas / 10.04.2018
[The innovation of the EINA school against the rigidity of the Bologna Plan]
La innovació de l’escola EINA contra la rigidesa del pla Bolonya

DIARIO DESIGN / Gemma Figueras / 27.03.2018
[Happy birthday EINA: 50 years fostering design]
Felicidades EINA: 50 años impulsando la creatividad

11 April 2018

Open Doors Day: 23 April – 10 am to 6 pm

The EINA Open Doors Day is an open and participative event for visitors to discover all there is to know about the Bachelor’s Degree in Design course that we teach. During the day, students on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design do activities and seminars relating to every subject and discipline on the course, while EINA teachers offer guided tours of the facilities and explain the methodology that we follow.

From 10 am to 6 pm
Tours every half hour

EINA teaching staff will guide you through the school’s facilities while commenting on all the details of the Bachelor’s Degree in Design university course that we teach and answer any queries and questions you might have.

On the tour, you’ll be able to see the work produced by EINA students on display in the school’s classrooms relating to the different professional disciplines taught: Graphic Design, Design of Spaces, Product Design, Visual Creation and Design Culture


  • Refugee / Mock-ups and Prototypes
  • Trompe-l’oeil / Drawing Workshop
  • EINA undertakes / Entrepreneurship
  • Drawn documentary
  • Visual Creation
  • Tour of the EINA Foundation art collection
  • The Race of the Century / Physics Applied to Design
  • Freed Books
  • Electronic devices! and ExpoJournals

Refugee / Mock-ups and Prototypes
Times: 10 am to 2 pm
Place: EINA Gardens

Students in the second-year Mock-ups and Prototypes subject, led by Ariadna Fàbregas and Amadeu Ventayol, reflect on the concept of refuge through the construction of life-sized prototypes with discarded or low-cost materials. Visitors can also see a display of the mock-ups that have been used as the basis for producing the final projects.

Trompe-l’oeil / Drawing Workshop
Times: 10 am to 2 pm
Place: Assembly Room

Students in the first-year Drawing Workshop subject, led by Albert Crispi and David Steegmann, will create two constructions in perspective on an existing element.

EINA undertakes / Entrepreneurship
Times: 10 am to 2 pm
Place: Classroom 8

Students in the third-year Entrepreneurship subject, led by Georgina Curtó, will explain their entrepreneurial projects and also take part in the tours of the school.

Drawn Documentary
Timess: from 10.30am to 2.30pm
Place: several spaces at EINA

The students of the Visual Creation Speciality with the teacher Philip Stanton will draw inside & outside EINA.

Visual Creation
Times: 10 am to 2 pm
Place: second floor

The Visual Creation mention offers a number of activities: visit a camera obscura, see how a mural intervention is developed through calligraphy or take part in a small silk-screen printing workshop. Participating teachers: Artur Muñoz, Keith Adams and Enric Mas.

Tour of the EINA Foundation art collection
Time: 1.30 pm
Place: EINA

Art historian and EINA teacher Àlex Mitrani will give a guided tour of EINA’s art collection.

The Race of the Century / Physics Applied to Design
Start of the race: 4 pm
Display of projects: from 10 am
Place: Front garden

Students in the first-year Physics Applied to Design subject, led by Raúl Oliva, will take part in the “Race of the Century” with a range of vehicles designed by the students especially for the occasion.

This activity includes an exhibition of the development of the projects and the 13 prototypes as well as the subsequent competition.

Freed Books
Times: 10 am to 6 pm
Place: various spaces in EINA

Choose the book you want to take away. In different spaces in EINA, you’ll find copies of publications labelled “freed book”, while on the second floor, the Library will have a stand with books that you can take away.

Electronic devices! and ExpoJournals
Times: 10 am to 6 pm
Place: Library (2nd floor)

Discover the electronic devices that are available to borrow in the display in the general room of the library, and consult the nearly 70 publications that we subscribe to according to principal subject matter in the library’s new acquisitions display.

The display cases on the ground floor will be showing work by students in the second year of the Elements of Identity course, led by Elena Bartomeu. First-year students in the Introduction to the Design Project subject will be exhibiting their work on the first floor.

In addition, EINA will be turned into a large exhibition space for all the projects produced by the students.

The distribution of the different specialities on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design this year will be:

Spaces Mention: Assembly Room.
Design Culture Mention: main entrance.
Graphic Mention: 1st floor foyer.
Product Mention: Classrooms 6 and 7 (1st floor).
Visual Creation Mention: 2nd floor.

The 2018 Open Doors day will include the participation of students and former students on the Master's and Postgraduate Courses: Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Illustration and Visual Communication Techniques and the Specialisation Course in Illustration for Children's and Teenagers' Publications

10 April 2018

PRINTed #4. Singular publications

  • Date: Saturday 21 April, from 11 am to 8 pm
  • Place: EINA Barra de Ferro Arts Centre (Barra de Ferro, 2)
  • Publication: PRINT.ed#4

PRINTed #4

PRINT.ed aims to be a small-format fair devoted to the field of singular publications, which are taken to mean all kinds of published works that offer speculation about the idea of the book in its broadest sense.

The fourth edition of PRINT.ed will be on Saturday 21 April, from 11 am to 8 pm, at the EINA Barra de Ferro Arts Centre.

The aim is to offer participants an event and an interdisciplinary setting from which to communicate with each other and with the public, also providing a professional opportunity for the product of speculations created behind closed doors. Establishing bridges and inviting crossovers enriches us and generates a framework of common interests that should be expanded through these contacts, outside the production centres.

PRINT.ed is generated within an academic environment, with the idea of creating links between different centres of education worldwide in which to develop educational activities related to printing, publishing and design.

It also seeks to generate content and activate productive dynamics and, in this sense, it proposes activities that can range from the printing marathon carried out parallel to the second edition (24-hour printing people) to the workshops led by guest artists or production centres.

Taking part this year are: London South Bank University / University of Leeds (UK) / Wild Pansy Press / University for the Creative Arts. Canterbury. Kent (UK) / Llotja Escola Superior de Disseny i Art / Facultat de Belles Arts de la Universitat de Barcelona / Metàfora. Barcelona / EINA. Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art de Barcelona (Adscrit a la UAB).

Also collaborating are: Jan Barceló / Do the print

9 April 2018

Information sessions on 2018-2019 Master's and Postgraduate Courses

  • Dates: 26 April and 7 June at 6 pm
  • Place: EINA (Passeig Santa Eulàlia, 25)

EINA offers a series of second-cycle programmes designed to let students specialise in specific design fields, improve their skills or explore new ones.

So that you can find out all the details of these programmes from the coordinators, EINA organises information sessions, which will be held on 26 April and 7 June at 6 pm at EINA (Passeig Santa Eulàlia, 25).

EHEA Official Master's: Research Master in Art and Design

Master in Design and Editing of a Product

Master in Design of Spaces

Master in Graphic Design

Master's in Advanced Typography

Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Illustration and Visual Communication Techniques

Specialisation Course in Illustration for Children's and Teenagers' Publications

Postgraduate Diploma in Photography and Editorial Design

6 April 2018

5 April 2018

MURAD students feature in the “Busy Doing Nothing” show

  • Date: 12 April, from 4 pm to 9 pm
  • Place: Piramidón Contemporary Art Centre in Barcelona (Concili de Trento 313, planta 16).

“Busy Doing Nothing” is the exhibition of the artistic research that students on the EINA-UAB University Master's in Research in Art and Design will be staging at the Piramidón Contemporary Art Centre in Barcelona on Thursday 12 April, from 4 pm to 9 pm.

The creative proposals that will be exhibited have been made by students Marcela Barreiro, Marisol Carvajal, Alejandra Morales, Alba Mori, Pipla Pinell, Andrea Puyol, Sofía Silva and Marta Risco, in the Artistic Research subject.

Teacher Pol Capdevila and artist Cristina Schultz have led this collaborative project, which they have titled “Jugadas del no-hacer” [Busy Doing Nothing], in reference to the ways of understanding non-action as a creative process. As Cristina Schultz explains: “Busy Doing Nothing is a response to the reflections on a society in permanent acceleration that, on the one hand, tries to fill the gaps in the time it has against the apparent inability to not do nothing, while on the other, it acts on the saturation of stimuli from advertising strategies and power discourses.”