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31 July 2019

Albert Ferrer Forcada

Last July 29th, Albert Ferrer Forcada, the typographer and engraver, left us. He was professor of Graphic Design Techniques and Typography between 1979 and 1984, and member of the Board of Trustees of the EINA Foundation between 2012 and 2014.

The Foundation and the Centre would like to express their sorrow and their heartfelt recognition of his career.

29 July 2019

Public presentations of the end of the year projects of the Master in Advanced Typography 2018/2019

Next Tuesday, September 17, the presentations of the end of the year projects of the Master’s in Advanced Typography 2018/2019 will take place in EINA Barra de Ferro Arts Centre.

Tuesday 17 September

  • 4pm − Peter van der Weij – “The birth of movable type in Europe”
  • 4.30pm − Maria Camila Alfonso – “Monotipia y linotípia”

  • 5pm − Angie Carolina Bayona – “Evolución y significado de los pangramas”

Tutor: Albert Corbeto
Tribunal: Enric Jardí, Jordi Embodas, Pere Farrando

  • 5.30pm − Rodrigo Rodrigues – “Typographic Trends in Movie Posters”
  • 6pm − Valerio Monopoli – “El final de la línia”
  • 6.30pm − Anna Pujol – “L’ús de la lletra gòtica en la iconografia moderna”

Tutor: Enric Jardí
Tribunal: Albert Corbeto, Josema Urós, Laura Bellver

Public presentations of the end of the year projects of the Master in Advanced Typography
29 July 2019

Public presentations of the end of year projects for the Masters Graphic Design 2018/2019

Public presentations of the end of year projects for the 2018/2019 Master’s in Graphic Design will be held at EINA Barra de Ferro Arts Centre, Barcelona, on the 9th, 10th and 12nd of September.


Tribunal: Xavier Alamany, Lluc Massaguer, Núria Vila
Tutor Martí Ferré

  • 15.00h - Ane Agirre - Identidad gráfica para marca de artesanía y confección textil.
  • 15.45h - Gaizka Azketa - Diseño de la identidad gráfica de la marca de fragancias Find me.
  • 16.30h - Rosa Maria de los Heros - Unplugged.
  • 17.15h - Leo Kulisevsky - El canto del búho.
  • 18.00h - Alba Morales - Cuerda: pulseras de contacto directo al corazón.
  • 18.45h - Soraya Alba - Camí de Cornellà: Ruta del comerç conscient.


Tribunal: Xavier Alamany, Lluc Massaguer, Carles Murillo
Tutor Salvador Huertas

  • 15.00h - Daniel Holgado - Identidad gráfica del Archivo Fotográfico Martín Chambi.
  • 15.45h - Victor Krafft - Apoclipsis XXI.
  • 16.30h - Celia Rey - Maldito mosquito: Camisetas con historia.
  • 17.15h - Mònica Sacot - Mitología en presente.
  • 18.00h - Maiela Zurutuza - Guía de adopción.
  • 18.45h - Andrea Choque - Soltarte, guía para familias en duelo.


Tribunal: Xavier Alamany, Rai Botey, Anna Fuster Tutor Anna Llàcer

  • 15.00h - María Paula Ariza - Audaz.
  • 15.45h - Pía Fernanda Llanos - Huella.

Tutor Arnau Lacambra, Joan Ribas

  • 16.30h - Laura Cabello - Invitaciones de eventos.

Tutor Joan Ribas

  • 17.15h - Roger Fernández - Grietas - Juego de cartas para fomentar el conocimiento de los problemas medioambientales.
  • 18.00h - Claudia Fernandez - Play&Meet. El escape room que te llevará a tus artistas favoritos.

Tutor Diego Fernández

  • 18.45h - Paula Lavergne - App que et conecta als teus supermercats preferits per evitar el malbaratament massiu de menjar
TFM by Emily Eldridge (2017/2018)
TFM by Emily Eldridge (2017/2018)
29 July 2019

Josep Anton Salgot

On 22 July, we lost director and screenwriter, and former EINA student, Josep Anton Salgot (1953-2019).

Co-founder of the Catalan Film Academy, his most acclaimed works include the outstanding Mater Amatísima (1980), which is part of the MoMA collection, and Dama de Porto Pim (2001). Alongside the cinema, Salgot also developed a facet as painter and poet.

The Foundation and the Centre would like to express their sorrow and their heartfelt recognition of his career.

Excerpt from the Underground magazine published by graphic design students at EINA in 1973, on which Josep Anton Salgot collaborated.
Excerpt from the Underground magazine published by graphic design students at EINA in 1973, on which Josep Anton Salgot collaborated.
25 July 2019

Digital Image Workshop in the Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Illustration and Visual Communication Techniques

Video made by the students of the Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Illustration and Visual Communication Techniques in the framework of the Digital Image Workshop, taught by professor Claudio Molina.

The project is based on the construction of animated gifs using digital techniques and tools applying the idea of loop. The work consists of two parts. The first one consists of using some basic principle of animation that represents the concept of interaction with social networks. The second part focuses on designing an animated micro story that accompanies an online digital publication.

24 July 2019

Exhibition "FEMINISMS! The Feminist Avant-Garde of the 1970s"

The design of the assembly of the exhibition "FEMINISMS! The Feminist Avant-Garde of the 1970s" was created by the Espai e studio, directed by Anna Alcubierre, lecturer in the Degree in Design, in the Master's Degree in Research in Art and Design, in the Master's Degree in Graphic Design and in the Master's Degree in Space Design at EINA.

The exhibition highlights the milestones of the feminist avant-garde that, in the 1970s, rewrote the canon of art history and highlights the dialogue, continuities and ruptures between the radical feminism of the 1970s and current feminisms.

The exhibition, open until 1 December at the CCCB, brings together works from the "VERBUND COLLECTION, Vienna" and "Choreographies of Gender"

Exhibition "FEMINISMS! The Feminist Avant-Garde of the 1970s" - CCCB
23 July 2019

“Bajoca" typeface on the El Intercambiador Express

El Intercambiador Express, the design and culture magazine of Estación Diseño, features an extensive report on "Bajoca", the Final Project of the Master's in Advanced Typography by Eduard Vidiella.

"Bajoca" is a typeface created for a fictional publication that deals with historical and cultural topics for an audience between 25 and 30 years old. Its name, Bajoca, which means green Jewish, is a wink to the vocabulary used in the Alt Camp region where Eduard Vidiella is from.

The latest issue of the magazine El Intercambiador Express, which can be consulted in the EINA library, also includes the monograph on Selected Bilbao 2018, where Lluc Massaguer, member of the Didactics of Design research group, coordinator and lecturer in the Master’s in Graphic Design, participated at the Meeting of Design Teachers.

“Bajoca" typeface on the El Intercambiador Express
5 July 2019

César Úbeda and Sergio Juan close the exhibition "TYPO EINA 15 years"

On the occasion of the closing of the exhibition celebrating the 15th anniversary of EINA's advanced typography courses, we will talk to César Úbeda and Sergio Juan, who, together with Enric Jardí, coordinator of the new Master's in Advanced Typography and Page Design, will talk about how we design today on paper and on screen.

  • César Úbeda is co-founder and chief experience officer of Runroom, a creative and technological consultant specialized in the transformation of the client experience and coordinator of the Master’s in Design of Digital Experiences at Bau.

  • Sergio Juan is an editorial designer and professor of the Master's in Advanced Typography and Page Design.

"TYPO EINA 15 years"
4 July 2019

Gemma Fontanals, former EINA Student, Gold LAUS Award for her Final Master’s Degree Project “FIERA"

Gemma Fontanals, former student of Illustration for Children's and Teenagers' Publications and the Master's in Graphic Design at EINA, the Final Degree Project for which has won a Gold Laus Award, tells us of her experience as an EINA Alumna.

First of all, many congratulations for the Gold LAUS Award for “FIERA”, your Final Master’s Degree Project on the Master's in Graphic Design. How did it all go?

Thanks a lot! Well, it all went really smoothly. After a very intense year, because the Master’s is pretty full-on, I had to do the final project, and I wanted to enjoy myself. That’s why I decided to the graphics for FIERA, a fictitious feminist fanzines fair, bringing together the two areas that matter to me most: self-publishing and the feminist struggle.

The result was powerful because it combined the freedom of the fanzine scene with the power of the feminist movement, adding to it a little fun and a bit of “teasing”, in-depth research and a lot of hands-on work. I was also lucky enough to work with Xavier Alamany as my tutor, who turned my freestyles into good and was able to guide me really well.

Once I’d completed and defended it, the school suggested submitting it to the LAUS Awards, and it was a good idea because we walked away with the top prize. And we’re all super-happy.

In fact, before the Master's in Graphic Design, you'd already studied the course in Illustration for Children's and Teenagers' Publications at EINA. What led you to do them?

Yes, that’s right! I’d just done Fine Arts and Philosophy, and I wanted to study more fun things.

I’d heard a lot of good things about the illustration course, and it was true, it was a year that I learned a lot, both from the teachers and my classmates. That led to the Baricela Collective, a group of girlfriends who draw together, go to fairs, do workshops (at the Barra de Ferro Arts Centre for the last Drawing Festival, for example) and self-publish things.

Studying illustration, I got quite involved in the school, I saw how it worked, and I talked myself into "spinning it out" a bit more. The Master's in Graphic Design grabbed my attention because in a short space of time, it offered many of the tools I needed, and because I saw possibilities of getting a job. And yes, it was incredibly intense but it worked: I now know a lot more things than I did before, and I’ve found a job where I draw and design and have a brilliant time.

Where are you working now?

I combine different things. In the mornings, I work for Gemma Terol, a fantastic designer with loads of experience. Normally we work for publishers and small businesses, but we’ve also done video clips, animation, and now we’re doing a study project. Some afternoons, I teach illustration at LCI Barcelona, a fashion design school. And I also get commissions, often for murals (for the Torelló Art School and Primavera Sound), and I do my own personal projects as and when I can (well enough).

What is it you most remember about your time at EINA?

What I remember most about EINA is that it was long distance away, but that every day I shared the return journey home with my classmates, and it was a lovely moment. I remember Rafa, there in the secretary’s office, who I was always asking for things and he always behaved better than good. Also, Miguel, Esther and Raffaele in the silk-screen printing workshop, where I spent many hours, and where the women at EINA called for recognition of International Women's Day. I remember my dealings with the teachers, the individual attention, the knowing our names, the being able to talk about things. I remember my classmates too, all with very different journeys and profiles, and I remember the sensation of being just a few of us and being able to organise ourselves to do things in an environment that always gave us more help than hindrances.

What do you think you learned at EINA that you’ve been able to contribute as an added value to your work?

What I learned at EINA is the basis for my work, rather than an added value! Besides all the curriculum stuff, both illustration and graphic design, and the complementary training you can do for yourself (the mock-ups and engraving workshops are brilliant), some of the things I took away from the school are the habit of giving and receiving feedback, taking criticism on board, understanding different work processes and seeing the worth of them, the attitude that you can do anything, and knowing you can always work more, but that there’s also a point where you have to stop, and that “submitted” is preferable to “lost in the infinite spiral of perfection”.

What are your plans for the future?

In the short term, carry on doing new things, and to get paid for most of them. In the long term, go back to my village and look after the chickens.

Gemma Fontanals
Gemma Fontanals
3 July 2019

26 illustrators present their work in the exhibition "Retrato hablado"

  • Opening Tuesday, 16 July at 7pm
  • Exhibition From 16 to 31 July and from 2 to 5 September
  • Schedule Monday to Saturday, from 16h to 20h
  • EINA Barra de Ferro Arts Centre, Barcelona

“Retrato hablado” (“Spoken Portrait”) is the exhibition of projects carried out by the students of the Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Illustration and Visual Communication Techniques of EINA, coordinated by Philip Stanton, are of international origin (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Finland, France, Mexico, Peru, Spain and Ukraine), with different purposes (editorials, advertising, narratives...) and with a variety of techniques (digital, watercolour, ink, collage, mixed techniques...).

The exhibition highlights the dialogue that the illustrator generates between the idea and what is drawn; it highlights the illustrator's message and the interpretation made by the public, and emphasizes the role of illustration as a trade at the service of society's ideas and messages, and "highlights how illustration is one more vehicle to convey ideas, dreams, denunciations and an endless number of messages that as artists we want to convey", commented the students of the programme.

The exhibition brings together the work of: Antonia Alarcón, Pilar Álvez Prado, Magda Arcieri Valdés, Guillem Arderius, Mazatzin Armenta, Pamela Calero, Natalia Camacho, Francisca Cárcamo, Nayudell Castro, Juan Garzón, Malena Guerrero, Maryna Kizilova, Paula Catalina Lozano, Laurianne Macron, Clara Monera, Mauricio Pandzic, Vicka Pérez, Marcela Perrone, Maria Queraltó, Edgar Ramírez, Alba Sentís, Loreto Sepúlveda, Cecilia Torán, Janni Valkealahti, Maria Vendrell, Isabel Zuluaga.

26 illustrators present their work in the exhibition "Retrato hablado"
2 July 2019

New postgraduate Diploma in in Illustration for children's and teenagers' publications

EINA's Postgraduate Diploma in in Illustration for children's and teenagers' publications allows you to concretize and develop your records as an illustrator thanks to a detailed study plan that focuses on helping you discover your outlook on the world, while covering all the key projects in this field necessary for insertion into the labour market, and thanks to its team of teachers, made up of professionals of the highest level.

The programme, coordinated by Gabriela Rubio, has an extensive experience of 15 years as a specialization course and from it have emerged outstanding illustrators of the current panorama, of varied styles but with the common denominator of having been students of the course. Professionals such as Anuska Allepuz, Karina Cocq, Manuel Marsol, Helena Melo, Joan Negrescolor, Pato Mena, Paloma Valdivia and many others.

With this postgraduate, you will be able to get to know narrative illustration, editing and the professional scope of publications, supports and literary products aimed at children and young people.

Virginia Donoso
2 July 2019

“Pro-eject!”: presentation and exhibition of the 2018-2019 Final Bachelor’s Degree Projects

  • 9 to 11 de July 2019
  • Closing ceremony 11 July, 6pm
  • Simon 100 showroom, Barcelona
  • Open to the public

The Bachelor's Degree in Design ends with the presentation of the Final Bachelor's Degree Projects by the students in each of the mentions taught at EINA: Graphic Design, Design of Spaces, Product Design, Visual Creation and Design Culture.

“Pro-eject!” is an exhibition that is open to the public and displays the range of proposals completed by the students on the Bachelor's Degree in Design with the thoroughness, commitment and demands that today’s society requires of professionals in this field. The 78 projects on display reflected the academic quality, the ability to analyse context, experimentation and the creation of new languages, all while fostering the innovative power of design.


Product Design

Evaluating Commission Gerard Arquè, Jordi Esteve, Dani Vila

  • 10.00h - Katia Aleix - Katwalk
  • 10.30h - Marc Ayala - Dooble, la bicicleta amb una doble vida
  • 11.00h - Damià Campreciós - Soul Move, Product Design
  • 11.30h - Pau Vila - Balance
  • 12.00h - Ignasi Vinyeta - CM01 cadira de fusta

Graphic Design

Evaluating Commission Elena Bartomeu, Laia Clos, Víctor Garcia-Tur, Pilar Gorriz

  • 10.00h - Eduard Marcobal - Fastty de Fasttriatlon
  • 10.30h - Ignasi Ayats - Adlego
  • 11.00h - Ona Solani - Dong Nan Xi Bei
  • 11.30h - Ávalo Cánovas - Out Of Memory
  • 12.00h - Sergi Carbonell - SOM*

Visual Creation

Evaluating Commission Tània Costa, Artur Muñoz, Dolors Soriano

  • 10.00h - Laura Pajares - Realidades ocultas
  • 10.30h - Sonia Casanova - The "D" word
  • 11.00h - Marina Esbrí - Eros
  • 11.30h - Laura Andreu - Vull ser estilista

Design of Spaces

Evaluating Commission Anna Bach, Albert Crispi, Tomàs López

  • 10.00h - Laia Moreno - Street House
  • 11.00h - Maties Tortosa - Comencem la Casa per la Teulada, Disseny d'un espai obert gestionat per les persones sensesostre
  • 12.00h - Inés Martínez - Espacio Creativo Modelo

Evaluating Commission Sara Coscarelli, Mariona Espinet, Jordi Peraferrer

  • 16.00h - Esther Sanz - Reconsiderar la Biblioteca Núria Albó a La Garriga
  • 17.00h - Helena Pérez - Centro experiencial del Diseño de moda
  • 18.00h - Isern Serra - Domesticar allò industrial

Design Culture

Evaluating Commission Oriol Martínez, Dolors Soriano

  • 16.00h - Abel Bueno - Depueblo

Evaluating Commission Víctor García-Tur, Dolors Soriano

  • 16.45h - Laia Xixons - Keeping in Touch: Authenticity and death in the age of social media
  • 17.30h - Ona Orozco - La cuina dels materials. Pràctica del transciclatge a l'espai domèstic

Evaluating Commission Pau De Solà-Morales, Ona Harster

  • 18.15h - Andrea Montero Sánchez - El Bloque
  • 19.00h - Claudia Ginesio - Nonsa. Espacios urbanos como activadores de la inteligencia espiritual


Product Design

Evaluating Commission Ariadna Fábregas, Aitor Torradeflot, Oriol Ventura

  • 10.00h - Elisa Costabal - Rhag
  • 10.30h - Louis Ferraz - Space
  • 11.00h - Sarai Herrera - Kéia
  • 11.30h - Maria Palau - Necto
  • 12.00h - Albert Puig - Muda

Graphic Design

Evaluating Commission Elena Bartomeu, Laia Clos, Pilar Gorriz, Dani Rubio

  • 10.00h - Pablo Barangé - Babek
  • 10.30h - Magalí Obiols - Six of Crows. Campanya de comunicació d'un film
  • 11.00h - Jordi Yao Li - Citricus
  • 11.30h - Paula Lozano - Achilea
  • 12.00h - Marcel·la Muns - Adéu. Disseny d'identitat per un nou servei funerari de Barcelona

Evaluating Commission Laia Clos, Pilar Gorriz, Rocío Hidalgo, Lluís Serra

  • 16.00h - Oriol Figueras - Scandal
  • 16.30h - Marina Piqué - Ruta dels Minairons
  • 17.00h - Julia Portillo - Matter
  • 17.30h - Guillem Rodríguez - Identitat de la marca de roba Naulover home
  • 18.00h - Maria Herrera - Cxélia Rollán

Visual Creation

Evaluating Commission Enric Font, Enric Mas, Artur Muñoz

  • 10.00h - Marina Moriña - Aprendizaje por representación
  • 10.30h - Miriam Durán - Screaming Wall: activisme contra la història única d'Àfrica
  • 11.30h - María Cejudo - Creació d'una guia per tipus de jocs i joguines educatives

Evaluating Commission Keith Adams, Artur Muñoz, David Steegmann

  • 11.00h - Edgar Duch - Projecció de la cal·ligrafia medieval a les formes volumètriques

Evaluating Commission Enric Font , Enric Mas

  • 12.00h - Guillem Expósito - Colors per la vida: Festival solidari sobre l'associació de colors

Design of Spaces

Evaluating Commission Anna Alcubierre, Anna Bach, Silvia Santaeugènia

  • 10.00h - Laura Ann Mendoza - La vista y el espacio: (s)pace

Evaluating Commission Nora Balcells, Anna Bach, Silvia Santaeugènia

  • 11.00h - Laura Ferrer - La Higuera. Espacio de experiencia gastronómica
  • 12.00h - Carla López - Crescendo, Espacio Musical

Evaluating Commission Sara Coscarelli, Raul Oliva, Oriol Ventura

  • 16.00h - Carla Traveria - &CO, Espai per a estudiants
  • 17.00h - Marina Chiva - La fàbrica d'il·lusions
  • 18.00h - Mariona Vilardell - Sky

Design Culture

Evaluating Commission Anna Dot, Oriol Fontdevila

  • 15.30h - Mayra Sánchez - Syndrome of the Precative Patient: Design of a therapeutic device for the treatment of the Precative
  • 16.15h - Inés Lorenceau - Désinstallation Sonore, l'Ecoute de la Pensée Ecologique

Evaluating Commission Anna Dot, Jo Milne

  • 17.00h - Maria Clot - Extraño Inconsciente
  • 17.45h - Paula Coderch - Mortalizando las vanitas. Visualización y experimentación del paso del tiempo en objetos de uso doméstico

Evaluating Commission Lola Lasurt, Jo Milne

  • 18.30h - Aina Fontich - On the table o sobre costumbrisme i comensalitat
  • 19.15h - Clara Botet - Poder y silencio


Product Design

Evaluating Commission Javier Nieto, Marga Uña, Oriol Ventura

  • 10.00h - Oriol Campillo - ENSO, un oasi verd a casa
  • 10.30h - Rodrigo Chamizo - Sistema; Tres Tazas
  • 11.00h - Manuel Antonio González - TMBLight - La interacción de usuario como eje de la movilidad dentro de la ciudad sostenible
  • 11.30h - Berta Rovira - Domus. Plataforma digital pel co-habitatge
  • 12.00h - Júlia Riera - Harmony

Graphic Design

Evaluating Commission Laia Clos, Pilar Gorriz, Enric Jardí, Borja Martínez

  • 10.00h - Gabriela Eskenazi - A Mar
  • 10.30h - Judit Serra - Poética
  • 11.00h - Carles Giménez - Fourtures, An interpretation of Peter Frase's Four Futures
  • 11.30h - Pedro Giralt - Tinc un gos
  • 12.00h - Martin Odriozola - HIZKI. Alfabeto unicase basado en la grafía vasca

Visual Creation

Evaluating Commission Elena Bartomeu, Enric Font, Artur Muñoz

  • 10.00h - Patricia Cantón - Life on Two Wheels
  • 10.30h - Carlota Gallart - Concienciarte/ Afectacions de les patologies oculars en les obres dels pintors europeus entre el 1830 i 1930
  • 11.00h - Paula López - Cómo hacer "El arte de El Nombre del Viento" / "El arte de El Nombre del Viento"
  • 12.00h - Carla Cuba - No somos Dioses

Evaluating Commission Elena Bartomeu, Artur Muñoz, Salvador Sunyer

  • 11.30h - Juan Manuel López-Barajas - Mind

Design of Spaces

Evaluating Commission Anna Bach, Octavi Rofes, David Steegmann

  • 10.00h - Anna Urretavizcaya - Habitar la casa: sobre l'anàlisis de la temporalitat: l'horitzontalitat

Evaluating Commission Anna Bach, Rosa Clotet, David Steegmann

  • 11.00h - Sofia Aguilera - Refugio en la azotea
  • 12.00h - Paula Robles - Els Xulius. Canvi de seu de l'entitat

Design Culture

Evaluating Commission Anna Alcubierre, Ignasi Camprodon
En el Teatre Nacional de Catalunya

  • 15.45h - Vania Rossell - Públic

Evaluating Commission María José Balcells, Oriol Pibernat
En el Teatre Nacional de Catalunya

  • 17.00h - Jordi Blasi - Apunts per una visita guiada a l'exposició "Del món al museu. Disseny de producte, patrimoni cultural"

In collaboration with SIMON and Sumarroca

“Pro-eject!”: presentation and exhibition Final Bachelor’s Degree Projects
1 July 2019

Prize for the best pavilion of the Prague Scenography Quadrennial

The international jury has assessed the political and aesthetic commitment of the Catalan pavilion in the Prague Scenography Quadrennial and has been awarded as the best installation, together with France and Hungary.

Under the name Prospective actions (Catalonia 2004-2018), the installation created by Pau Masaló, Laura Clos, Xesca Salvà and Marc Villanueva, and presented by the Institut del Teatre, tackles six cases of social conflict in Catalonia in recent years (from the 15-M demonstration to the 1-O police charges).

The project has had the collaboration of renowned scenographers such as Anna Alcubierre, professor of the Degree in Design, Research Master in Art and Design and Master in Design of Spaces at EINA, Max Glaenzel, Paco Azorín, Sílvia Delagneau, Cube.bz or Eugenio Szwarcer.

Prize for the best pavilion of the Prague Scenography Quadrennial
"Prospective actions". Institut del Teatre
27 June 2019

FAD 2019 Prize for Anna and Eugeni Bach

Anna Bach, teacher on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design and the Master in Design of Spaces, together with Eugeni Bach, are the creators of "Mies Missing Materiality", a project that has been awarded the FAD 2019 Temporary Interventions Prize and the 2019 Temporary Interventions Opinion Prize, with the following evaluation by the jury:

"The Barcelona Pavilion was slowly covered in a white vinyl until it was denuded of all materiality. With this simple and contradictory action, the walls, floors and pillars become a blank canvas, which opens the door to multiple interpretations on such aspects as the value of the original, the role of the white surface as an image of modernity or the importance of materiality in the perception of space. This way, the building becomes a mock-up of itself, on a 1:1 scale, life-size, showing a finished, yet at the same time unfinished, space. The intervention refuses, therefore, the pavilion the material to highlight it.”

Mies Missing Materiality
26 June 2019

"Nixi for Children" wins an Explorer Award

The “Nixi for Children” project, a virtual reality tool for reducing pre-operation anxiety for paediatric patients and their families, developed by Tomàs Lóbez, former student on the EINA Bachelor’s Degree in Design, has been awarded first prize at Explorer, Young People with Ideas, an entrepreneurship programme of Banc Santander aimed at helping get projects off the ground by driving their market launch.

"Nixi for Children", which began as the Final Degree Project by Tomàs Lóbez on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design, will travel to Silicon Valley in October to present the project, and will then take part in the national final to be held in Madrid with the winners from each centre.

Tomàs Lóbez and Nixi team
Tomàs Lóbez and Nixi team