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21 June 2018

20 June 2018

18 June 2018

14 June 2018

14 June 2018

13 June 2018

The Challenge

  • Edition and year First, 2018-2019 academic year
  • Coordinator Georgina Curto
  • Tutors Salvador Huertas (Strategy and communication), Petz Sholtus (eco-design), Lluc Coma (architecture and sustainability), Pau Ortínez (Engineering, sustainability and activism), Georgina Curto (entrepreneurship).
  • Dates 15 October 2018 to 28 February 2019
  • Timetable Monday and Wednesday from 6 pm to 9 pm (on-site group sessions at the Roca Gallery) / Thursday from 6 pm to 9 pm (tutorials at EINA)
  • Time 102 hours on-site group sessions and 10 tutorials per project.
  • Language Spanish, Catalan and English
  • Places Minimum 10 - maximum 25
  • Price 2,700 euros (20% discount for former students. 10% discount on enrolment before July 2018)
  • Location Roca Barcelona Gallery, EINA, other locations in the city of Barcelona where innovative water management-related projects are being conducted.
  • Pre-enrolment Open until September 2018. The Challenge is an innovation accelerator for postgraduates, of 5 months’ duration, in which participants propose solutions to a real problem, posed by leading agents in innovation, with expert entrepreneurs in the field. This is immersion training, which is part of the educational method of learning by doing and is carried out in different locations where innovation projects are being conducted so that students are in contact with professionals in the field and the related users. In this first edition, the subject of work will focus on proposing solutions for the best use of water, a basic, scarce and prized asset both worldwide and in our country. It is a challenge posed jointly with the Design Department of the Roca company and the WeAreWater Foundation, which is to be undertaken from the social, eco-design and sustainability, engineering, communication and entrepreneurship perspectives.


    To offer proposals, participants will use methodology based on Design Thinking, mentored by entrepreneurs who specialise in social water management, eco-design, communication and entrepreneurship. The learning process will consist of:
  • Introduction to the challenge and analysis of the existing solutions.
  • Identifying needs. Immersion in current sustainable design and architecture projects, such as the co-housing projects being conducted in Barcelona.
  • Inventing. Selection of one of the solutions and creation of a prototype.
  • Implementing. Defining a new business model to bring about the solution.
  • Communicating. Public presentation of the idea to a panel of experts and possible investors. The learning sessions will be organised for the support and mentoring of the projects led by the participants themselves and will be organised in:
  • Mentoring sessions. Given by the specialist entrepreneurs, which will act as project tutors.
  • Inspiration sessions. Based on talks given by specialists in ecology, architecture, urban planning, anthropology and sociology.
  • Workshop sessions. Where participants will be helped to create the prototypes of the projects in the appropriate physical or digital format.
  • Tutorial sessions. Each project will have 10 sessions with specialist tutors in eco-design, architecture, engineering, activism, communication and business.


  • Provide tools to understand how our projects will relate to the environment. Ensure that the project is not only economically effective and ecologically sustainable, but also socially useful.
  • Acquire knowledge of the water cycle to be able to propose solutions to the economic, ecological and social challenges involved in water management in a Mediterranean country and a context of climate change.
  • Develop project tools from a sustainable perspective (society, economy and environment), following methodologies and principles based on eco-design and analysis of the water cycle, taking into account that eco-design in itself does not exist, only good design.
  • On the basis of a focus based on ecosystems and biology, research will be conducted into examples, solutions, strategies and good practices of ecological design. Base the / project / business / life on the "Triple Bottom Line": people, planet and profit.
  • Identify each student's values, strengths and internal motivations with a view to starting and developing the project, applying professional ethics based on aesthetic and environmental sensitivity.
  • Start up a project with limited material resources, using our intangible resources, such as a network of contacts or specialist knowledge.
  • Generate circular business models, placing the focus on the greater wellbeing of the participants and users and on the ecological footprint.
  • Develop the skill of proposing: lateral and disruptive thinking for problem-solving through non-conventional strategies.
  • Focus on managing time and human resources. Urgency as a driving force of creativity. From the need for the definition of roles to fracture through the hybridisation of disciplines.
  • Expand expressive skills through the use of graphic resources: letter, composition, hierarchy, image, print v digital format.
  • Display the possibilities of the interactive world for solving projects. Home automation, non-tactile interaction, mapping, et al.

    Who it's for

    Designed specifically for postgraduates in any discipline (including design, business administration, engineering, architecture, communication or sociology), or fourth-year students with just the Final Degree Project pending.


    Candidates have to pass a selection process and meet the academic and administrative requirements. To apply for a place, send us your academic record, a letter of motivation and your CV here To be able to enrol on the course, you will first need a university identification number (NIU/NIA) and a password. If you are not an EINA student, you can obtain them here. We will complete verification of the documentation in about 10 days. After that, you will receive an email telling you how to make the payment to reserve your place and how to complete your enrolment.

    Contact details

  • Email: elrepte@eina.cat
  • Telephone: +34 93 203 09 23
13 June 2018

12 June 2018

Laus Awards 2018

The Laus Prizes, organised by the Association of Graphic Designers and Art Directors of the FAD (ADG-FAD), were awarded on Friday 8 June. The prize-winners included some EINA Bachelor’s Degree in Design students:

Natàlia Pàmies, recent graduate of the EINA Bachelor’s Degree in Design, with the Final Degree Project ‘SOROR’, which was awarded a Laus Students Gold and a Laus Aporta, and was highlighted for its impulsive editorial design, which alerts on different fronts in the fight against gender inequality. “A work full of emotions and possibilities,” the jury stated.

Laus Students Silver for Orgasm, Free Work by Júlia Peró.

Laus Students Silver for _data, Free Work by Ariadna Valldepera.

Laus Students Bronze for Artel, Free Work by Laia Closas and Maria Viladomiu.

Many congratulations to everyone!

Laus Awards 2018
12 June 2018

Folder Year 2018/2019

We now have the winning EINA folder for next year!

After having counted the votes on Facebook and Instagram, the winning folder has been that designed by student Denís Lara.

Thus, begins the stamping process at our work shop in EINA Espai Barra de Ferro so that the entire community can have its own folder starting next September.

With the collaboration of Guarrocasas.

Folder Year 2018/2019
11 June 2018

Oriol Campillo and Paula Terra win the Honorable Glassberries Design Awards 2018

The project, by Paula Terra and Oriol Campillo, 4th-year students on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design, tutored by Jon Marín, has won the Smurfit Kappa Selection Honorable Glassberries Awards 2018 for its originality and creativity.

The aim of this edition, to which 139 projects of 11 European universities were submitted, was to design a glass bottle for the wine industry and corrugated cardboard packaging for groups of 3 to 6 bottles.

The proposal submitted by Paula and Oriol creates an experience with the user while also serving as a display unit on which to showcase the bottles at points of sale, thanks to the visibility of the die-stamp on the front. The packaging contains a system that allows the bottles to be transported easily and it also has interior compartments, hidden inside the pack, to hold the bottles in place during transport. The bottles have also been treated with a thermochromic ink to indicate the ideal temperature for when to drink the wine.

The award ceremony took place on 7 June at Barcelona’s Casa Milà.

Oriol Campillo and Paula Terra win the Honorable Glassberries Design Awards 2018
11 June 2018

Exhibition: "Centcelles en ús" by EINA students and alumni

Centcelles in Use is a collaborative project that presents the work of a number of designers, illustrators and creators, all based on the excuse of trying out and playing with a new typeface in a completely free project. All of the projects have been grouped together in an exhibition and a publication that will show the public not just the projects undertaken for this occasion, but also a presentation of each participant and their work and a presentation of the typeface in its present state.

The participants in the project are Esther Aguilà, Oriol Cabarrocas, Queralt Guinart, Paula Velasco and Albert Villegas (EINA students and alumni) and it features the collaboration of Adrià Batet, Aleix Font, Cristina Lavilla, Eva Jolis, Joan Manel Pérez, Lluís Chavarria and Oriol Vlat.

Centcelles, is a typeface created by Gerard Sierra in the fourth-year Typographic Creation subject taught by Andreu Balius and Ferran Milan in the 2017-2018 academic year.

  • Live music selection at the opening DJ Privilegio, new project by CrisCris.
  • With the collaboration of Winihard Gràfics
Exhibition: "Centcelles en ús" by EINA students and alumni
8 June 2018

The stage design of "Jane Eyre” by Anna Alcubierre, MAX Awards finalist

The stage design of "Jane Eyre", by Anna Alcubierre, teacher of Stage Design in the 4th year of the Bachelor’s Degree in Design, is a finalist in the MAX Awards, which are held every year throughout Spain and which will be presented in Seville on 18 June.

The stage design of "Jane Eyre” by Anna Alcubierre, MAX Awards finalist
Picture: Ros Ribas, Teatre Lliure / Anna Alcubierre
6 June 2018

Rocío Belda and Berta Comellas take part in “Latent. Connecting business with the best talent from art and design schools”

Rocío Belda and Berta Comelles, alumni of the EINA Bachelor’s Degree in Design, will be taking part in “Latent. Connecting business with the best talent from art and design schools”, an event organised as part of Barcelona Design Week, which features the presence of nearly 60 design, architecture, fashion, audiovisuals and interactives schools that will be presenting themselves to companies and organisations.

“Latent” is an arena in which to discover the talent coming out of the design schools all over Catalonia and a meeting point for graduates, businesses and institutions working in the field of design.

Open to the public, the event will feature multiple simultaneous activities: talks in the form of conversations to get to know the experience of young people who are working for companies; arranged meetings between young people looking for what businesses want and vice versa; group workshops to deploy individual skills where young people, schools and businesses will work together to solve a challenge and get to know each other’s skills and motivations through practice; self-presentation booths; etc.

Latent. Connectem l'empresa amb el millor talent de les escoles d'arts i disseny
5 June 2018

EINA and IDENSITAT are organising NEXES - Districts and artistic practices

On 29 and 30 June, EINA and IDENSITAT are organising the NEXES - Districts and Artistic Practices Day, with debates, project presentations and tables where local projects will be exchanged.

Round table "What is the impact of research applied to the transformation of districts?" with participation by Tània Costa and Octavi Rofes, both teachers on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design and on the University Master's in Research in Art and Design (MURAD), accompanied by Lilian Weikert García, Marc Martí-Costa and Sàgar Malé Verdaguer.

The scientific committee for selecting communications is overseen by the EINA Research Group Design and social innovation. Art and design in/for transition, with Adrià Garcia i Mateu, Ramon Parramon and Tània Costa, teachers on the MURAD, and former MURAD students, current doctoral candidates, Fiona Capdevila, Núria Saura and César Zabala.


4 June 2018

"LOVESTRUCK", Final Degree Project on the Postgraduate in Photography and Editorial Design, by Lydia Metral

Lydia Metral explains "LOVESTRUCK", her final degree project on the Postgraduate in Photography and Editorial Design, where she speaks of intense love from a very personal viewpoint.