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25 April 2019

María Medem, emerging author at the Comic Fair

María Medem, former student on the Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Illustration and Visual Communication Techniques, has won the “Emerging Author” award at this year’s Barcelona Comic Fair.

Born in Seville in 1994, Medem is regarded as one of the most interesting voices in Spanish independent comics and, after self-publishing fanzines, she has made her début in graphic novels with Cénit (Apa Apa).

24 April 2019

Presentation of the project "Nixi for Children"

"Nixi for Children" is a virtual reality tool to reduce preoperative anxiety for pediatric patients and their families developed by Tomàs Lóbez, a former EINA Bachelor’s Degree in Design student, in collaboration with medical teams, patients and families.

The presentation will serve to launch the crowdfunding campaign that will make the real implementation of the project possible, and will count on the presence of all the people who have collaborated selflessly in the project from the beginning (doctors, anaesthetists, psychologists, teachers, parents of patients) and who have helped in the development process of "Nixi for Children".

Multiple studies have shown that preoperative anxiety and stress lengthen the recovery process and increase pain.

The objective of this project, which was born out of the Final Degree Project done by Tomàs in EINA in collaboration with the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, is to develop training tools and virtual reality experiences for pediatric patients to help them better understand the process they have to go through.

The event has the collaboration of Hospital Universitari Germans Trias i Pujol, J. Torrent Institute, el Celler La Vinyeta, el Museu del Disseny de Barcelona, Sauleda and EINA.

Nixi for children
24 April 2019

Exhibition "Space and memory. Interventions at the Unité d'Habitation of Le Corbusier"

"Space and memory" is a tribute to the figure of Le Corbusier seen from the perspectives of current design that have made the students of the Master’s Degree in Design of Spaces of EINA, in the framework of the Architecture Week, organized by Barcelona City Council, the Catalan Architects’ Association (COAC) and the Mies van der Rohe Foundation have joined forces with Barcelona Building Construmat and ArquinFAD.

"Space and Memory" is an exhibition focusing on the reinterpretation and updating of an apartment of the Unité d'Habitation that Le Corbusier designed and built in Marseille between 1945 and 1952.

The exhibition highlights the historical assessment of the pre-existing space, the contextualisation of the building from the point of view of the curious evolution of the Modern Movement, as well as the analysis of interventions carried out by different designers, such as Bourollec, Eccal or Mendini.

The exhibition goes further and proposes design proposals linked to contemporary realities and in the figure of the new user, maintaining the intrinsically architectural value of the existing heritage.

Exhibition "Space and memory. Interventions at the Unité d'Habitation of Le Corbusier"
23 April 2019

EINA participates in Utopia Markets Photo

  • From 10 to 12 May
  • Friday 10, from 7pm to 11pm. Saturday 11 and Sunday 12, from 11am to 10pm
  • Utopia 126 (Cristóbal de Moura, 126, Barcelona)

Students from EINA's Postgraduate Diploma in Photography and Editorial Design will participate in the Utopia Markets Photo fair.

In the stand that EINA will have at Utopia 126, it will be possible to converse and acquire the work of the participating authors: Danny Arcos Tigasi, Raquel Ares Garaboa, Alejandro Cadena Vásconez, Margarita Díaz Ortiz, Mariona Font Marsal, Sofía Gómez Aranda, Martina Jané i Gutiérrez, Maria Victoria Lopez, Júlia Millet Abascal, Mónica Morcego Llonch, Víctor Moreno Eguren, Júlia Ribera Marsal, Alba Sadurní Sala, Marc Villalba Moras.

Víctor Moreno Eguren
23 April 2019

ExpoSURE 2019. Photographers as designers, designers as photographers

“ExpoSURE 2019. Photographers as designers, designers as photographers” is the collective exhibition, open to all audiences, of the projects of the students of the Postgraduate Diploma in Photography and Editorial Design of EINA.

On the walls of the Barra de Ferro gallery, photographs challenge you, in a public and shameless exhibition. On the tables, the more modest photobooks offer an intimate and private reading of the photographers' gaze, of their inner worlds. A one-on-one conversation between the reader and the photographer-designer. Memory and the search for individual and collective identity take shape in the work of this year's ExpoSURE collective in EINA.

Participants: Danny Arcos Tigasi, Raque Ares Garaboa, Alejandro Cadena Vásconez, Margarita Díaz Ortiz, Mariona Font Marsal, Sofía Gómez Aranda, Martina Jané i Gutiérrez, Maria Victoria Lopez, Júlia Millet Abascal, Mónica Morcego Llonch, Víctor Moreno Eguren, Júlia Ribera Marsal, Alba Sadurni Sala, Marc Villalba Moras.

Monica Morcego
© Monica Morcego
23 April 2019

1st edition of the Clip Awards

The Clip Awards are an initiative of the students of the Bachelor’s Degree in Design of EINA, of the subject of the 3rd course of Audiovisual Creation, conducted by Salvador Sunyer.

Tribunal: Javier Jaén, Jaume Ripoll (FILMIN), Andrés Mellinas, (Nanouk Films)

The event consists of the screening of a selection of audiovisual pieces made by the students of this subject, and the subsequent award ceremony.

Each student has created 3 mini shorts, based on not having a budget or professional technical material. The first short film has been worked with the narrative technique of "found footage" or archive material; the second generating a dramatic documentary device to reflect on a personal theme; and the third intervening in a physical or digital public space.

1st edition of the Clip Awards
23 April 2019

Screening of the documentary “Los últimos / Endless Letterpress”

EINA Barra de Ferro Arts Centre is hosting the screening of “Los últimos / Endless Letterpress”, a documentary on the latest letterpress prints in Argentina made by Pablo Pivetta and Nicolàs Rodríguez Fuchs, which will feature a presentation by Enric Jardí, coordinator of the Master's in Advanced Typography at EINA.

The documentary focuses on how, in light of the deterioration of the machines and the advance in new technologies, the old printing presses are closing their workshops. At the same time, a group of young people are rediscovering the greatest technical innovation in the history of the written word: movable type printing. The last graphic mechanic in the country will be responsible for teaching them. The documentary is a reflection on how letterpresses are withstanding the passage of time.

“Los últimos / Endless Letterpress”
16 April 2019

Jordi Fulla 1967-2019

We are sad at the loss on 16 April of Jordi Fulla, trustee of EINA Foundation. The painter was an outstanding artist and referent of the generation of the nineties, was a student and teacher at EINA. He has been a prolific creator of the contemporary artistic panorama that during his extensive creative trajectory has developed an exceptional metaphysical and poetic universe.

His works have been exhibited in Japan, Portugal, the Netherlands, Italy, France and in numerous exhibitions such as ARCO, Art Cologne and Art Chicago.

EINA Foundation and the Centre express their pain for such a sensitive and unexpected loss and their sense of recognition and gratitude for their contribution.

Jordi Fulla
12 April 2019

PRINT.ed #5. Singular publications fair


PRINT.ed aims to be a small-format fair devoted to the field of singular publications, which are taken to mean all kinds of published works that offer speculation about the idea of the book in its broadest sense.

This year's participants are:

The objective is to offer the participants an event and an interdisciplinary context, from where they can communicate with each other and with the public, while at the same time providing a professional outlet for the product of the speculations generated from inside. Establishing bridges and provoking crossings and encounters enriches us and generates a fabric of common interests that expanded through these contacts, beyond the respective production centres.

PRINT.ed is generated from an academic environment, with the intention of generating links between various educational centres around the world where training activities related to image, printing, editing and design are developed. It also aims to generate content and activate productive dynamics and in this sense, proposes activities that can range from the marathon of impressions held in parallel to the second edition (24 hours printing people) to workshops conducted by artists or interactive activities that transcend the physical space of the fair.


Performance “REVERIE TWO: VOIX OFF” by Zejun Yao

Inspired by the ‘Blind Man’ scene from Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s film ‘The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain (2001)’, the work, Reverie Two: Voix off allows volunteer visitors to have an alternative Print.ed fair experience by ‘viewing’ together with the accompaniment and the narration of the artist/performer Zejun Yao.

Taking place 6 times during the day, each of the 6 performances will adopt a different walking pace, taking between 5–10 minutes each. Through participation, the visitor as viewer with ‘ephemeral blindness’ must place their trust in their companion and a temporary relationship emerging between the pair.

The performance consists of 'visiting', 'navigating' and 'listening', the artist leading his collaborator through the audience and then, pausing, a book is chosen from an exhibitor and a selected text read out loud by the artist.


  • Friday 26 April
  • Bogatell beach, Barcelona

Workshop SQUID Guerrilla installation with David Faithfull, which will take place on . The workshop will consist of the creation of an ephemeral stamp on Bogatell beach using natural materials to raise awareness of our use of plastics and their impact on the environment.

Rubber Stamp Workshop with Stephen Fowler. A workshop to explore the full expressive potential of stamping and self-publishing using mobile matrices made of different types of rubber.

PRINT.ed # 5 counts on the collaboration of:

PRINT.ed #5. Singular publications fair
9 April 2019

Open Doors Day: 26 April 2019

The EINA Open Doors Day is an open and participative event for visitors to discover all there is to know about the Bachelor’s Degree in Design course that we teach. During the day, students on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design do activities and seminars relating to every subject and discipline on the course, while EINA teachers offer guided tours of the facilities and explain the methodology that we follow.


10 am to 6 pm
Tours every half hour

EINA teaching staff will guide you through the school’s facilities while commenting on all the details of the Bachelor’s Degree in Design university course that we teach and answer any queries and questions you might have.

On the tour, you’ll be able to see the work produced by EINA students on display in the school’s classrooms relating to the different professional disciplines taught: Graphic Design, Design of Spaces, Product Design, Visual Creation and Design Culture

EINA ON THE TABLE EXHIBITION - Ground Floor and first floor

Display of recent course work on the various mentions (Design of Spaces, Product Design, Visual Creation, Graphic Design and Design Culture) and from the first year.


Display of the productions generated by EINA as a university school for designers and new creators, and of those that it does as an institution interested in contributing to the enrichment of the cultural life of the city.


  • Execution of a modular structure
    Time: Assembly at 10 am, performance by the students at 11 am
    Place: Garden at the entrance to EINA
    The students on the first-year course in Physics Applied to Design, led by Raúl Oliva, will be offering a group practical of Compression Rigid Asymmetry. The exercise consists of the design, graphic calculation and execution of a modular structure subjected to gravitational and external loads.

  • Barcelona 2019. World’s largest enlarged letter
    Times 10am to 5pm
    Place: Leading garden
    A group of 3rd will try to beat the Guinness Record of the most extended lyrics in the world "The World's Largest Enlarged Letter".

  • Audiovisual projection
    Times: 10am to 6pm
    Place: Library
    Norman McLaren, the union of experimental and avant-garde cinema with the illusionistic tradition of cinematographic entertainment. Find out with the screening of Norman McLaren, the master's edition.

  • EINA undertakes / Entrepreneurship
    Times: 10 am to 1.30 pm
    Place: EINA
    Students in the third-year Entrepreneurship subject, led by Georgina Curtó, will explain their entrepreneurial projects.
  • Paella
    Time: 2 pm
  • Tour of the EINA Foundation art collection
    Time: 4.30 pm
    Place: EINA (Starting from the Secretary’s Office)
    Art historian and EINA teacher Àlex Mitrani will give a guided tour of EINA’s art collection.
5 April 2019

Presentation of the book "Art i cultura de postguerra. Barcelona 1939-1962", with Àlex Mitrani

Àlex Mitrani, teacher on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design and the University Master's Degree in Research in Art and Design (MURAD) will be taking part in the presentation of the book "Art i cultura de postguerra. Barcelona 1939-1962” (Post-War Art and Culture. Barcelona 1939-1962) for which he wrote the prologue, with texts by other experts in the art of this period, including Jordi Amat and Marc Gil, Abel Cutillas, Santi Barjau, Francesc Fontbona, Sílvia Muñoz d'Imbert, Albert Mercadé, Rossend Casanova and Núria F. Rius.

"Art i cultura de postguerra. Barcelona 1939-1962" book
5 April 2019

Finalist Students at The Laus Awards 2019

Several projects of EINA students are finalists in Laus Awards 2019:

LOOP - Dani Guix
4 April 2019

Antoni Bernad on the Postgraduate Diploma in Photography and Editorial Design

As part of the Postgraduate Diploma in Photography and Editorial Designl, Antoni Bernad gave a talk on how, ever since he began, he has taken on his photographic projects, the methodology he follows and how he has resolved the drawbacks he’s come up against during his career as a photographer.

Antoni Bernad (Barcelona, 1944) studied Fine Arts and in 1966 decided to devote himself to photography, moving to Paris a year later. He has become one of the most sought-after and acclaimed fashion photographers, working for over 50 years with the best national and international publications, including Vogue, Vanity Fair, Marie Claire, La Vanguardia, Town&Country, El País, Woman and Telva.

His photographic work, both as a portraitist and as a fashion photographer, reflects his painstaking mastery of the scene, highlighting his passion for art, architecture, cinema, theatre and dance.

He has photographed such leading figures as Salvador Dalí, David Hockney, Antoni Tàpies, Manolo Blahnik, Joan Miró, Mercè Rodoreda, Gae Aulenti, Laura Ponte, Kapuscinski, Oriol Bohigas, Valentino, Josep Pla, Victòria dels Àngels and Elsa Peretti.

3 April 2019

"Badass Expo", exhibition project related to gender, sexuality and identity issues

Carla Cimino and Javi Fernández present "Badass Expo", an exhibition project aimed at generating social impact through the work of 16 emerging artists who work on different gender, sexuality and identity issues.

The opening day is seen as a day in which various participative activities are proposed, such as a talk on sexuality by the Sex Academy, CineForum, ShowCooking, live music... and visitors will be able to buy graphic pieces by the artists as well as take part in a draw for a hamper, which will fund the costs of producing the event.

Confirmed artists Mar Armengol, Cristina Augé, Carmen Aumedes, Henar Bengale, Júlia de Paz, Nuria Estremera, Marta Font, Berta García, Leia Goiria, Malena Guerrero, Lita Guijarro, Natalia Lisinicchia, Sebas Londoño, Alicia Meléndez, Alexia Sayago and Berta Vallvé.

2 April 2019

Winning illustration in the project in collaboration with Mercabarna

The jury of the illustration project to emerge from the “Illustration Marathon in Mercabarna”, a collaboration between Mercabarna and EINA, made up of members from both institutions, have posted that the finalist proposals are those by Nastia Casteleiro and Berta Rovira, and the winner was the one by Ines Lorenceau.

Illustrations by Ines Lorenceau