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13 November 2018

12 November 2018

STRIP, EINA at Lluèrnia 2018
12 November 2018

Participation in the Christmas lighting of shop window displays in Sarrià - Sant Gervasi

Students on the Interior Design of Commercial Spaces course, in the 4th year of the Bachelor’s Degree in Design, led by Iñigo Correa, are taking part in "Christmas Lights Light Up Trade", an initiative of BCD Barcelona Centre de Disseny and Barcelona City Council, aimed at innovating and revitalising traditional local retail trade in the different neighbourhoods of Barcelona as part of the Christmas campaign.

From 22 November, the following projects can be seen in place: COME WELL WELL COME, at Cookiteca (Major de Sarrià, 74), a project by Anna Rebecca Fdz-Checa, Mar Marqués, Paula Robles and Carla Traveria; EP!, at Mota Descans (Major de Sarrià, 73), a project by Paula Caparrós, Elisa Costábal, Carla López, Anna Marcó and Pau Vila; TU I JO, at Brodats Fil a Fil (Major de Sarrià, 5), a project by Eleonora Cappellacci, Aina Facchi, Marc Gómez de Urrutia, Maties Tortosa and Anna Urretavizcaya.

Also taking part are students Sofía Aguilera, Pablo Barangé, Marina Chiva, Gabriela Eskenazi, Laura Ferrer, Inés Martínez, Laura Mendoza, Judit Molins and Helena Pérez.

Eleonora Cappellacci, Aina Facchi, Marc Gómez de Urrutia, Maties Tortosa, Anna Urretavizcaya
8 November 2018

Elena Bartomeu in the workshop on "Transmedia Anatomy. The Skin and Bones of a Narrative”

Elena Bartomeu, researcher, storyteller and teacher on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design, the MURAD and the Master in Design and Editing of a Product, will be taking part in Transmedia Narratives entitled “Transmedia Anatomy. The Skin and Bones of a Narrative”, organised by Xarxaprod.

The aim of the workshop is to expand the narrative universes of cultural spaces, facilities and media, capturing the attention of different audiences. Elena Bartomeu will speak of the ability to make up stories and represent the human being. She will look at the forms taken by made-up discourses throughout history, and how they have influenced the media in the different narrative specimens. The current scenario of transmedia narratives is presented as a snapshot of the rhetorical and technological framework where designers, artists and producers have a lot to say.

8 November 2018

"Design, Respecting the Illustration", with Miquel Puig

  • 12 November, 6 pm
  • EINA, Barcelona
  • Open to the public

Miquel Puig will be giving a talk on "Design, Respecting the Illustration", as part of the specialisation course in Illustration for Children's and Teenagers' Publications, where he will speak of his extensive experience as a graphic designer who works frequently with publishers and other clients aimed at a children’s and young people’s public, at their families, educators and related people, for whom he has had to undertake and work on illustrations of very different characteristics for various authors.

Cover illustrated by Meritxell Duran and designed by Miquel Puig. Junceda Award 2011. Prize for Illustration, Book Design and Cover Design at Visual 2010
Cover illustrated by Meritxell Duran and designed by Miquel Puig. Junceda Award 2011. Prize for Illustration, Book Design and Cover Design at Visual 2010
7 November 2018

Exhibition: “Triunfar Estampando: the Making Of”

The exhibition: Triunfar Estampando: the Making Of highlights the processes, developments, experiences and original graphics that were developed to conceive the illustrative content of the paper publication "Triunfar Estampando” [Triumph Stamping], by the shop specialising in stamping systems and graphic solutions Vostok. The show tells of the secrets of this work and of how stamping is not just something for the cultured.

Triunfar Estampando not only offers a comprehensive analysis of some of the stamping techniques and graphic processes done by the Vostok shop, a benchmark in the field, but it also helps create new knowledge to start deciding for yourself.

The Vostok team is made up of creatives, illustrators, engravers and specialists in manual stamping techniques, including Alexis Rom, teacher on the Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Illustration and Visual Communication Techniques, and Carlos Alguacil, teacher on the summer courses in Silk-Screen Printing, Manual Stamping and Photogravure.

Exhibition: “Triunfar Estampando: the Making Of”
5 November 2018

Writings and Typography Conference

The Master's in Advanced Typography is organising the Writings and Typography Conference, where it proposes debate and reflection based on the talks by experts and professionals in the field.

Thursday 22 November

  • 6 pm.
    Juan Carlos Moreno Cabrera
    Professor of General Linguistics at the Autonomous University of Madrid
    Iconic Aspects of Writing Systems
    Roman, Chinese, Korean and Japanese writing

  • 7.15 pm.
    Letterjuice / Pilar Cano & Ferran Milan
    Typeface designers
    Typography Beyond Western Europe
    Approach to design of other writing systems, such as Thai, Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Armenian, etc.

Friday 23 November

  • 6 pm.
    Pere Farrando
    Proofreader and teacher
    The Weft of Text
    Matter and properties of typographic text

  • 7.15 pm.
    Andreu Balius
    Typeface designer
    The Arabic Experience
    Arabic typeface design from a multicultural perspective

TYPOEINA Writings and Typography Conference
5 November 2018

Audio opening lecture of the Academic year 2018/2019 - Xavier Bassas

Listen to Xavier Bassas's opening lecture “... I TOT POT SER COM. Indisciplines, espectres, juraments, i altres Eines polítiques”, on occasion of EINA's 2018/2019 Academic year opening.

You can also download her lecture.

Xavier Bassas in the opening lecture of the Academic year 2018/2019
31 October 2018

Temporary intervention at the Palau dels Marquesos de Sentmenat

Students on the Master in Design of Spaces have carried out a number of temporary intervention projects in the home of EINA with the aim of highlighting and re-evaluating the historical evolution of the building, the old Palau dels Marquesos de Sentmenat. The series of temporary interventions can be seen until mid-November.

The focus of the various pieces of work is both generic and centred on a significant aspect of the building and its history. The students on the master’s degree have had to understand and interpret the evolution experienced by the building through the study of a range of materials, including photographs and plans.

29 October 2018

Immersion and research workshop with CAMP BASE INNOVA

As part of the CAMP BASE INNOVA Competition, aimed at improving the safety of users in the mountains, on Friday 26 October, EINA students on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design subjects: Innovation Processes and Product Design, in the 4th year, and Modelling Objects and Ergonomics, Perception and Usability, in the 3rd year, took an immersion and research workshop in the context of the mountains by various experts in sports equipment, members of the rescue team of the GRAE Fire Servide, the FEEC (Federation of Excursionist Groups of Catalonia) and a number of mountain expert users. The session was led by Javier Nieto and Francesc Crous.

29 October 2018

"STRIP", project by EINA students at Lluèrnia

  • 10 November
  • Olot

Through the Colour and Volume subject, in the 1st year of the Bachelor’s Degree in Design, students from EINA are taking part again this year in Lluèrnia, Festival of Fire and Light, which is held in Olot from sunset until midnight on 10 November.

The discursive content of STRIP is the paradox between information – and, more specifically, the indicator light – and the confusion caused by the saturation of indicator stimuli. These concepts and others derived from and similar to them (advertising, slogans, text/image relations) have been developed.

The students begin with creations in small groups, which take form as a single work that conveys a unitary message. The sum of particularities results in a perception of visual noise that, in short, hinders the real understanding of the messages given out. This way, the thoughts of Robert Venturi on the excesses of post-modern architecture in Learning from Las Vegas, in the 1970s, are republished, and which are still current in contemporary references such as the installation of the Korean Codi Choy pavilion at the last Venice Biennale.


STRIP, EINA project in Lluèrnia, 2018
24 October 2018

Núria Vila, open session on the Master's in Graphic Design

  • 12 November
  • 4 pm
  • EINA, Barcelona
  • Session open to everyone

Núria Vila, graphic designer and art director, will be talking in a session organised by the Graphic Production subject on the Master's in Graphic Design about her refusal to use common sense in every project and how she manages to work more sustainably and ethically.

Núria Vila
24 October 2018

The graduation ceremony of the Bachelor’s Degree in Design Class of 2018 and MURAD

On 24 October, at Barcelona Design Museum, the graduation ceremony for the class of 2018 of the EINA Bachelor’s Degree in Design and University Master's in Research in Art and Design was held, with speeches by Pilar Vélez, director of Barcelona Design Museum, Josep Bagà, designer, alumni and former teacher at EINA and current member of the Board of Trustees of the EINA Foundation, Carlos Sánchez, vice-president of Institutional Relations and Culture at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Anna Pujadas, director of EINA, and Ariadna Valldeperes and Maria Viladomiu, student representatives on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design.

The graduation ceremony of the Bachelor’s Degree in Design Class of 2018 and MURAD
23 October 2018

Exhibition: "Ràfols Casamada and Maria Girona. The Possible Balance”

The exhibition looks closely at the private and personal world of Maria Girona and Albert Ràfols Casamada, the founders of EINA, and shows the union of their paths, both divergent and personal yet also close and convergent, offering numerous unseen aspects of their career.

Visitors will be able to see works that are part of the EINA Foundation’s art collection as well as various documents from the Archive.

"Ràfols Casamada i Maria Girona. L’equilibri possible" exhibition
19 October 2018

"Maneres de fer mons", exhibition by Jo Milne

Jo Milne, artist and teacher on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design, presents the exhibition "Maneres de fer mons", as part of the Itiner'Art programme of the Vila Casas Foundation.

Curated by Natàlia Chocarro, the exhibition proposes a journey through different approaches in the fields of theoretical physics and microbiology with the aim of showing what can’t be seen with the naked eye. It is in response to cosmological proposals and to the visualisation processes used in microbiology to see cells and tissues. The artist traces the bonds between the microcosmos and the macrocosmos and suggests that we follow the trail to see beyond the experienced world, between the imaginaries of science and poetry.

Parallel activity:

Jo Milne Monograph: Cabinet of curiosities, a dialogue between the arts and the sciences, a workshop experimenting with the creative and experimental processes used by artists and scientists in the creation of their images.

  • Friday, from 9 to 23 November
  • Free registration.
  • Limited places.
Jo Milne "Maneres de fer mons"
© Jo Milne