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15 November 2019

David Steegmann, Extraordinary Doctoral Award

David Steegmann, lecturer at EINA's Degree in Design, has won the Extraordinary Doctorate Prize from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), in the field of Architecture, Urbanism and Building, for his thesis "Ciudad, casa, comida. Una aproximación poliédrica a los límites entre el público y el privado” (City, house, food. A multi-faceted approach to the boundaries between public and private) directed by Xavier Monteys Roig.

“Ciudad, casa, comida. Una aproximación poliédrica a los límites entre lo público y lo privado” - David Steegmann
14 November 2019

Participation by Rubén Alcaraz at the Second International University and Inclusion Congress

On 8 November 2019, Rubén Alcaraz, teacher on the Postgraduate in Web Design and the University Master's in Research in Art and Design at EINA, took part in the II Second International University and Inclusion Congress with the paper Assessment of the accessibility for people with reduced vision to statistical graphs on the websites of Catalan public universities. The paper is part of the research work that he is conducting for his doctoral thesis in Engineering and Information Technologies.

"Avaluació de l’accessibilitat per a persones amb baixa visió dels gràfics estadístics dels llocs web de les universitats públiques catalanes" - Rubén Alcaraz
13 November 2019


LLOS& and Folch Studio share their trajectory, experience and strategies, based on the relationships between the designer's tasks and those of the developer in the creative processes of web environments.

The dialogue will be between Núria Saban, front-end developer at LLOS and Camilo Roa, UX/UI designer at Folch Studio, and will be moderated by Anna Fuster, coordinator of the Postgraduate Diploma in Web Design.

This activity is the first edition of Dialogues EINA, a programme generated from the encounter between creators linked to design, art, architecture or humanities who share a particular theme. Dialogue organized by the Postgraduate Diploma in Web Design in the framework of the [Master’s Degree in Graphic Design](https://www.eina.cat/en/postgraus/master-en-disseny-grafic.

LLOS& + Folch
13 November 2019

Visit to XAL BCN (Barcelona Creative Lab) and Wever & Ducré

The students of the 4th Degree in Design, the subject Domestic Equipment Design (light elements) led by Francesc Crous, have known first hand the projects that are developing in XAL, manufacturers of lighting and lighting systems for shops, offices, hotels and homes.

Ricard Llimós, Senior Product Engineer of XAL, and Bruno Peral, Senior Product Designer of Wever & Ducré, offered a masterclass to EINA students during a visit to the facilities of this company specialized in the development of lighting solutions with high energy efficiency, functionality and design.

Visit to XAL BCN (Barcelona Creative Lab) and Wever & Ducré
12 November 2019

EINA collaborates with the City Council of L'Hospitalet de Llobregat in the RECLAM project

RECLAM is a project promoted by the Town Council of L'Hospitalet del Llobregat and carried out by the Associació Coneix l'Art and EINA with the aim of improving the habitability and usability of the pedestrian crossing of Bòbiles street in this city.

The first phase of RECLAM has been the realization of a mural intervention by the professors of the Degree in Design Artur Muñoz, in the conceptual part, and Enric Font, in the pictorial part, with the students Queralt Anglada and Aina Fachi, as students in practice of the Associació Coneix l'Art.

The pictorial proposal, dedicated to attracting the attention of the neighbours, questioning them and explaining the project to them, is an aesthetic halfway between Russian constructivism and the American cinema and packaging of the 1950s.

The aim of this intervention is to collect the relevant data that will allow us to understand how the neighbours relate to the space.

In the second phase of RECLAM, the students of the 3rd Degree in Design of EINA of the subject Artistic Intervention Placements led by Enric Font, will carry out between the months of February and June 2020 the design and implementation of a proposal of artistic intervention in Bòbiles street, following the diagnosis resulting from the data collected during the first phase.

EINA collaborates with the City Council of L'Hospitalet de Llobregat in the RECLAM project
11 November 2019

Exhibition: "Visitors. A space for debate", by Ignasi Ayats

Opening event 21 November at 7 pm Exhibition From 21 to 29 November. Monday to Saturday, 4 pm to 8 pm Closing event 29 November at 7 pm

Ignasi Ayats, a recent graduate on the EINA Bachelor’s Degree in Design, presents Visitors an exhibition that is constructed with the aim of starting a debate (silent and over an extended period of time) on arts institutions as political spaces due to their nature as spaces for mediations and debate. It seeks to stake a claim for the ability of the art gallery, on the one hand to impact on the creation of a relational network between humans and non-humans, and on the other hand of becoming a space for reflection and conversation, with the ability to act as instigator of debate, which is what makes it become eminently political. The exhibition shows the discursive relations that are generated between the people who take part in it and the gallery (both agents as active members of the relationship).

It stakes a claim for the role of people when participating in both politics and the artistic relationship, where in both areas, in some way, they adopt a passive role. It is, therefore, a call both for the emancipated spectator as defined by Jacques Rancière and the emancipated citizen. Going from being mere visitors to becoming active and constructive participants. The exhibition seeks to lead us to reflect on the invisible barrier that is constructed between the political object and the public, and between the artistic object and the spectators. It aims to show that spectators are never a passive agent in the consumption of art, but that they are part of a discursive relationship that gives form to the artistic system. It is in this sense where we understand that art has a close relationship with politics. Similar tools.

The debate that is generated is a debate that is over an extended period of time, a wordless debate, a physical debate, a debate designed to construct community. A community that is, in turn, necessary to construct a debate.

The name visitors is an appropriation of museum language used to refer to the people who “visit” an artistic/cultural space. The word visit is of Latin origin, meaning “go to see”. It is a critique of how the terms used empower this distance between the institution and its participants. As though the only role of the spectators was this: to visit, to see. Which, in some way, is the same role with which the public participates in the present political system.

The exhibition project is seen as a political/artistic experiment with a start date but not an end date, it seeks to generate a community structure that will remain in place once the intervention has finished.

8 November 2019

INDISCIPLINES. Conference on Research in Arts Practice

  • From 28th to 30th November
  • Universitat de Barcelona (28 and 29 November) and Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (29 November afternoon and 30 November)
  • Open registrations

Campus de les Arts presents INDISCIPLINES, the first congress it organises dedicated to artistic and creative research generated from practice, with Mika Elo from the University of the Arts, Helsinki, and the performer and artist Alexandra Murray-Leslie from the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, Norway, as guests.

EINA participates in INDISCIPLINES as a member of the scientific committee with Dr. Tània Costa, coordinator of the Master's Degree in Research in Art and Design of EINA-UAB (MURAD) and with the graduates of MURAD and doctoral students of the doctoral program of the UAB and EINA: Clara Mallart, who will give the paper "Upcycling as research; a methodology for research into sustainable strategies for textile and fashion design", and Sara Gómez, who will present "The ruins of gesture. From choreography to politics", a combination of video and performance based on her final master's work.

In INDISCIPLINES, more than 25 research projects will be presented-some with a performative or expositive character-and researchers from 7 different countries will participate.

© Alexandra Murray-Leslie
© Alexandra Murray-Leslie
7 November 2019

Information day on Eina/Idea

  • Tuesday 19 November
  • from 11am to 1pm and from 3pm to 6.30pm
  • Fons d'Art Room, EINA (2nd floor)
  • Free entrance

On Tuesday 19 November will take place the first information day on Eina/Idea, EINA's think tank and artistic programming platform that will start operating in the spring of 2020.

Eina/Idea is a EINA Foundation project to take art and design training beyond the academic and commercial spheres and their comfort zones. Eina/Idea is conceived as a cognitive accelerator, a critical supplement, a machine for permanent aesthetic reflection, an intensifier of praxis in art and design.

Using a collaborative model, drawing typologies and variable propagations, Eina/Idea's approach is transversal: from curatorial thinking to meme and from documentary poetry to gaming, from experience design to applied analysis.

Eina/Idea, on a practical level, will propose work seminars, conferences, performances and exhibitions to involve EINA students and the artistic and creative community of Barcelona in general. The protagonists of each autonomous work module will be artists, designers, architects, writers, curators and scenographers present on the international scene.

The Eina/Idea programme for the spring of the 2019-2020 academic year will be made public next January, and the registration period will open in February.

Information day on Eina/Idea
5 November 2019

Exhibition "RIZOMES" by Carlos Alguacil

  • Until 14 November
  • Universitat de Barcelona. Faculty of Fine Arts.
  • Hours: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, morning. Thursday and Friday, afternoon

Carlos Alguacil, professor in the summer courses in Serigraphy, Photoengraving and Manual Stamping: experimentation with matrices, presents in the exhibition "RIZOMES" a set of works from his career, from his time at university to the most recent projects.

The exhibition, open to the all public at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona, also includes the processes used for the development of the graphic techniques book “Triunfar estampando” (Succeed by stamping), produced jointly with the Vostok Printing Shop team.

Exhibition "RIZOMES" by Carlos Alguacil
31 October 2019

Lourdes Delgado on the Postgraduate Diploma in Photography and Editorial Design

Lourdes Delgado, Doctor in Humanities and specialist portrait photographer, has taken part in the Postgraduate Diploma in Photography and Editorial Design.

Lourdes Delgado
30 October 2019

EINA presents ÍNTIM in Lluèrnia, the festival of fire and light

  • November 9, from 18h to 24h
  • Carrer de Sant Bernat, Olot

ÍNTIM is the installation that will be developed by the students of the group Antítesi (Antithesis) of the subject of Projects I from the first course of the Degree of Design for Lluèrnia 2019, the festival of fire and light, on November 9, from 18h to 24h, in the street of Sant Bernat (Olot).

ÍNTIM is a reflection on security and control towards the individual, collectives and their intimacy. The EINA students' project, tutored by professors Anna Majó, Raúl Oliva and Oriol Ventura, aims to shed light on the vulnerability of our intimacy in today's world.

The spectator, as he or she travels along the 60 metres of the installation, will reflect on how we are shown and how we are seen in relation to the data we provide about ourselves in the physical world, and above all in the digital world. As well as in the partisan and mercantilist use that is made of such uncontrolled data.

ÍNTIM, which rides between the world of art and design, is an enormous critique of the nefarious management that takes place between what allows us to have permanent security, control and interconnectivity, against the safeguard of the individual and his most intimate self.

1,653 glances, produced by recycling almost 1 tonne of newsprint, will make the observer uncomfortable as he walks along the narrow, dark Sant Bernat Street in Olot on 9 November.

In colaboration with: Artemide

EINa project in Lluèrnia, the festival of fire and light 2019
29 October 2019

“MÍNIMO” exhibition: transforming and improving space

  • Opening Tuesday 5 November at 7pm
  • Exhibition until 15 November. Monday to Saturday, from 4pm to 8pm
  • EINA Barra de Ferro Arts Centre, Barcelona
  • Free entrance

What is the alibi that validates the minimum necessary to transform and improve a space? How do we detect the limits that define when an intervention is condensed to the essential?

"MÍNIMO" (Minimum) is the exhibition that gathers the Final Works of the first promotion of the Master in Design of Spaces of EINA with the only common factor of having worked in a short period of time, many of these questions applying to very diverse environments: cultural, hoteliers, commercial, work, exhibition, etc.

The exhibition, open to all audiences, brings together all these projects are endowed with great power to reactivate in a simple and friendly way different spaces, many of them anonymous and others still non-existent.

The very detailed analysis and recognition of the pre-existence of the environments in which it has acted has allowed the minimum interventions on the space exhibited here to have gone -from the first sketches to the final formalisation-, beyond the functional resolution of a programme of needs, thus enriching the intellectual purposes and emotional stimuli of each project, in short, that which was interpreted as the minimum necessary.

In the exhibition, coordinated by Professor Raúl Oliva, the students' projects are exhibited: Eva Beser, Marcelo Fabian Burbano, Inés de Sivatte, Silvia Ibañez, Elisabet Labori, Ana María Poveda, Andrea Pujol and Manoela Resek.

“MÍNIMO” exhibition: transforming and improving space
28 October 2019

Asymmetries Open Session: City, Third Space and Contemporary Inequalities

The Master's Degree in Research in Art and Design at EINA – UAB collaborates in the "Asymmetries: City, Third Space and Contemporary Inequalities", which explores, from different spheres and disciplines, some of the multiple consequences derived from inequality, lack of equivalence, vulnerability or reified precariousness.

The event, which will take place on 3 November from 10 am to 7 pm in Fabra i Coats Fàbrica de Creació in Barcelona, is structured into debates and meetings and has the participation of: Fina Birulés (philosopher), Josep Bohigas (architect), Fadilha Mammar (cultural mediator), PSJM (team of creation, theory and artistic management formed by Cynthia Viera and Pablo San José) and the group that formed part of the research residence - process seedbed, comprising Patricia Bagán, Ro Caminal, Fiona Capdevila, Mia Coll, Tània Costa, Irma Estrada, Sonia G. Villar, Daniel Gasol, Nil Juan, Francisco Navarrete Sitjà, Irene Pérez, Amparo Prieto , Mayra Sánchez, Carolina Olivares, Manuela Valtchanova, and Idensitat (Irati Irulegui, Azucena López, Gaspar Maza, Ramon Parramon).

The open session Asymmetries is organised by Idensitat in collaboration with Fabra i Coats Fàbrica de Creació, and the Master's Degree in Research in Art and Design at EINA - UAB, with the support of the Generalitat de Catalunya Department of Culture and the research programme MICU PGC2018-093502-B-100 "Investigación Artística y Pensamiento Estético. Un punto de encuentro entre la filosofía, el arte y el diseño", IP. Gerard Vilar - UAB.

Asymmetries Open Session: City, Third Space and Contemporary Inequalities
24 October 2019

EINA participates in the Iberian Meeting on Aesthetics

The Master's Degree in Research in Art and Design of EINA-UAB is taking part in the 6th Iberian Meeting on Aesthetics, held at the University of Coimbra (Portugal) from 24 to 26 October, with the following presentations by the coordinators, professors and doctoral students of the programme:

  • “Performatividades del Arte y el Diseño en Procesos de Innovación Social – una Perspectiva Sistémica” - Tània Costa, coordinator of MURAD.
  • “Doing-Nothing and Failing as Non-Teleological Artistic Practices” - Pol Capdevilla Castels, professor at MURAD.
  • “The political significance of materials in Cubist facture (1909-1918)” - Àger Pérez Casanovas, doctoral candidate in the doctoral programme of the UAB and EINA (Philosophy, Aesthetics and Theory of the Arts).
  • “How is it possible to make ecological aesthetics a device for museum education? Case study at the Museo del Agua Fundación EPM” - Beatriz Salazar Duque, doctoral candidate in the doctoral programme of the UAB and EINA (Philosophy, Aesthetics and Theory of the Arts).

Gerard Vilar, coordinator of MURAD and director of SEyTA, moderates the plenary session of this event.

The Iberian Aesthetics Meeting is organized by SEyTA (Sociedad Española de Estética y Teoría de las Artes), CEIS20 (Centro de Estudos Interdisciplinares do século XX) and DFCI (Departamento de Filosofia Comunicação e Informação) - FLUC.

Iberian Meeting on Aesthetics
24 October 2019

Workshop with Javier Jaén

In the Projects 3 course of the 2nd year of the Bachelor’s Degree in Design, led by Pilar Gorriz, a workshop was run with Javier Jaén.

In the laboratory, students worked with tools and resources to stimulate the creative processes. The workshop consisted of short, theoretical and practical exercises. The areas covered included semantics of objects, semiotics, concrete concepts versus abstract concepts, words, the expressive values of the image, analysis and synthesis, ink versus link, composition, signs, significations, significances…

Workshop with Javier Jaén