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18 December 2018

GEARAD brings together at EINA the doctoral theses in artistic research and research in design of 25 doctoral students

This week, the Applied Aesthetics and Artistic and Design Research Group (GEARAD) is celebrating a year of work at EINA, with doctoral students from the EINA design line of the doctoral programme of the Department of Philosophy at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).

GEARAD is a methodological reading and discussion group that is part of the seminars on the doctoral programme in philosophy at the UAB and was created with the aim of opening up a work and exchange space for doctoral theses in artistic research and research in design.

GEARAD features the participation of 25 doctoral students, who meet every month under the coordination of Dr Jèssica Jaques (Tenured Lecturer in Aesthetics and Theory of Arts) and Dr Tània Costa (EINA Research Teaching Staff). The group was started up at the Autonomous University of Barcelona in October 2017 and its usual meeting place is at EINA, in light of the orientation of the doctoral theses being worked on.

Many of the GEARAD doctoral students are graduates on the EINA and UAB University Master's Degree in Research in Art and Design](https://www.eina.cat/ca/postgraus/master-oficial-eees-master-universitari-de-recerca-en-art-i-disseny) (MURAD). This way, EINA offers a complete university educational pathway in design that begins with the Bachelor’s Degree, continues with the Official Master's Degree (MURAD) and ends with the doctoral programme.

The GEARAD doctoral theses emerge from the hybridisation of all the fields that come together in artistic and design research, an academic area in which the Department of Philosophy of the UAB and EINA are pioneers in Spain, in both their master’s and their doctoral programmes, and with reference to the first R+D+i Project devoted to this issue, which has been conducted for seven years (Principal Researcher: Gerard Vilar).

17 December 2018

Albert Corbeto wins the Bartolomé José Gallardo Bibliography Prize

The latest research work "La Real Biblioteca y los hombres de letras del siglo de las luces al servicio del estado y del beneficio público” [The Royal Library and the Men of Letters of the Century of Philosophy at the Service of the State and the Public Benefit], by Albert Corbeto, teacher on the Bachelor’s Degree, the Master's in Advanced Typography and the Master's in Graphic Design, has won the “Bartolomé José Gallardo” Prize for Bibliographic Research.

© Ayuntamiento de Campanario
14 December 2018

"Low Heat", the Final Degree Project by Marc Blanes, wins a German Design Award

The Final Degree Project "Low Heat" by Marc Blanes has won a German Design Award with special mention for Excellent Communications Design Typography.

TFG "Fuego Lento" - Marc Blanes
© Marc Blanes
13 December 2018

Presentation of the Space Design Settings project in collaboration with the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya

10 December saw the presentation of the projects produced in the 3rd-year subject of the Bachelor’s Degree in Design Space Design Settings, led by Anna Alcubierre, in collaboration with the Education Department of the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya.

The project is the proposed design of a family area in the NATIONAL MUSEUM. The presentation consisted of showing the eight student projects to a Museum committee made up of representatives from different departments. The variety of focuses of the different projects was highlighted, each of which proposed a play area and, in particular, introduced technology, accessibility, sustainability, communication of the museum or catering.

With thanks for the hard work of Teresa González and Sandra Figueras from the Education Department.

12 December 2018

Photography exhibition: "The Thorn and the Cure" by Marta Mas and Queralt Guinart

Marta Mas presents "The Thorn and the Cure", her first exhibition, which is curated by Queralt Guinart, a 4th-year student on the EINA Bachelor’s Degree in Design.

The show offers a reflection on the importance of sensitivity and treatments, within the framework of the current artistic product, beyond the conceptual aspect.

Through a visual and critical discourse, the exhibition not only shows her apparently aesthetic and beautiful portraits, but also works created through the construction of bonds, over a low heat, stating that the most honest truths are told by the voice that doesn’t judge.

To appeal to the viewer, to establish connections, to move. This way, she calls for a more human photography that moves us, that questions us without the need for a conceptual cushion that legitimises it. The work above the explanation of the work. And that is how Marta Mas finds her place, between the affliction and the cure. And now it’s for everyone.

"In this age that doesn’t see beyond the contingent and fleeting events, in this age of superfluous verbal diarrhoea, the greatest merit would be not to write, not to write, not to write, to stop writing. [...]But I continue to write, inexplicably, consumed by the deepest desire to tell a story."

Angellica Liddel

12 December 2018

The project design of the Acompanya’m centre, by Rai Pinto and Dani Rubio, wins Best of Year Prize by Interior Design Magazine

Rai Pinto and Dani Rubio, alumni and teachers on the EINA Bachelor’s Degree in Design, have won one of the Best of Year Prizes organised for the last 13 years by Interior Design Magazine, for the interior design and applied graphics project for the Acompanya’m Therapy Unit, a residential centre at Hospital Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona for children with high-complexity mental disorders.

Around 2,000 projects from all over the world were submitted for the prizes, of which 586 were finalists in the 133 categories called between space projects and products. The interior design and applied graphics project for the Acompanya’m centre won in the Greater Good category.

The awards ceremony was held on Friday 30 November at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York.

Acompanya’m by Rai Pinto and Dani Rubio
11 December 2018

Research in Design Workshop, on the MURAD, with Luki Huber

The students on the EINA and UAB University Master's in Research in Art and Design (MURAD) began the Research in Design module with a work session with industrial designers Luki Huber and Gerrit Jan Veldman.

The Workshop was held at the studio that Luki Huber has in Barcelona’s Born district so that participants could interact with the local context and tackle some of the issues related to the population changes in the touristified areas of Barcelona.

The MURAD students also used the creative design tool Manual Thinking, by the Luki Huber studio, in a Food Design exercise, given the designer's experience in this field with Ferran Adrià.

11 December 2018

Lena Oliveres, special mention in the CoDIC Final Degree Project Awards

Ñire, creation of a social space using waste, the final Bachelor’s Degree in Design project by Lena Oliveres, has won a special mention on the Bachelor’s Degree at the 20th Final Degree Project Awards held by the Catalan Association of Interior Designers and Decorators (CoDIC).

In the awards, presented on 29 November at the Cosentino Centre in Sant Feliu de Llobregat, the jury highlighted the poetic sensation conveyed by the project and the emotional journey it arouses.

Ñire proposes the creation and construction of a space where the people of Ushuaia (Argentina) meet and congregate around a single element: the oven. The space acts as an example and reference point in terms of construction methods based on waste and offers knowledge of the distribution and application of waste depending on the location and external agents.

CODIC Awards
10 December 2018

Digital Photography Processing - Alumni Training Capsule

EINA Alumni is organising the following training capsule sessions for the next semester:

Digital Photography Processing

Digital Photography Processing - Mariana Castel

Practical digital photography course using Lightroom. Participants will learn how to organise, select and edit RAW negatives using Adobe software. Working with RAW files enables professional post-production as the file contains much more information than a .jpg. Students will work on each of the editing modules of the programme and create a series of pre-established presets so that they have their own presets library. Finally, students will export their selected photographs with the suitable resolution for posting on the internet and to be able to print them. To take the course, students must have a basis of technical knowledge of photography and a digital camera with the option of creating RAW files.

Mariana Castel is a graphic designer and photographer. She studied design at EINA and in 2015, she specialised in editorial design and photography, studying for the Postgraduate Programme in Photography and Editorial Design at EINA. She currently works freelance after having worked for a number of agencies.

The Training Capsules

The aim of the Training Capsules is to offer EINA Alumni members active learning, both to refresh and improve their design-related professional skills and to look more deeply into the fields related to art and the humanities, in workshop, seminar or lecture format.

Places will be limited and registrations will be accepted strictly by order of application. Courses will require a minimum of 6 persons enrolled.

The duration of these sessions will normally be 4 hours and they will cost € 20 for EINA Alumni members and € 80 for non-members, per person and course.

If after reserving a place you are unable to attend the activity, you must cancel your reservation by sending an email to alumni@eina.cat so that someone else can take up your place.

Cancellation should be no later than 24 hours before the day of the activity. If you don’t attend the activity and you haven’t cancelled within this period, a non-attendance penalty will be applied (you won’t be able to enrol on any other training capsule for 2 months after the date of the course in question). If the cancellation is on medical grounds and you cancel less than 24 hours before the capsule, you will need to show a doctor’s letter for the penalty not to be applied.

Digital Photography Processing - Alumni Training Capsule - Mariana Castel
10 December 2018

Núria Saura coordinates "Young Researchers: Constitutional interpretation Democracy Fundamental Rights”

  • 13 December
  • Committee Room of the Faculty of Law at the UAB

Núria Saura, former student and current teacher on the University Master's in Research in Art and Design (MURAD), doctor at law, specialist in Human Rights, is coordinating through the Human Rights Study Centre, the workshop in "Young Researchers: Constitutional interpretation Democracy Fundamental Rights", which is the start of a programme of quarterly workshops with the common thread of Human Rights.

Young Researchers: Constitutional interpretation Democracy Fundamental Rights
5 December 2018

Proposal by Guillem García for a project in collaboration with Time Out

On Graphic Design Projects 1, a subject in the 2nd year of the Bachelor’s Degree in Design, led by Pilar Górriz, a collaboration project with the [TimeOut] magazine (https://www.timeout.cat) has been produced for the design of the TimeOut 2018 Awards diploma.

The winning proposal is by student Guillem García, who was interviewed by the magazine to explain the process.

4 December 2018

Illustrations selected for the European Network FIC Award

A number of illustrations by students on the Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Illustration and Visual Communication Techniques and the Specialisation Course in Illustration for Children's and Teenagers' Publications at EINA have been selected at the European Network FLIC Award, an international programme aimed at fostering the relationship between literature and illustration.

The pieces selected are by Magdalena Arcieri Valdes, Maria de Balanzó, Maria Elisa Cabal Martínez, Francisca Cárcamo, Juan Garzon, Malena Guerrero, Constanza Olea, Marcela Perrone and Maryna Kizilova.

4 December 2018

"Outsiders: The Webseries" in Basic Drawing

Ainhoa Bolaños, Laia Palacios, directors of "Outsiders: The Webseries”, and Louise Good, EINA alumna and lead actress in the series, took part in a Basic Drawing session, with Mar Saiz, to talk to the students about their creative process, from the initial idea to the pilot episode.

27 November 2018

Product Innovation and Design Processes at the Stimulo studio

On 23 November, as part of the Product Innovation and Design Processes subject in the 4th year of the Bachelor’s Degree in Design, directed by Javier Nieto Cubero, students visited the offices of the global product design team Stimulo.

Students heard from Xavier Mayoral how he conceived design and had the opportunity to get to know and try out the AR Spark project, which is aimed at streamlining design processes in their more initial phases.

26 November 2018

"¡Tris, tras!", book by Julia Abalde and Clara Sáez

Julia Abalde, alumna on the Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Illustration and Visual Communication Techniques, and Clara Sáez, former student on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design and the Specialisation Course in Illustration for Children's and Teenagers' Publications, form Pin Tam Pon and have just published "¡Tris, Tras!", a book of activities, stories and games for children aged between 6 and 12, published by Gustavo Gili.

"¡Tris, tras!", book by Julia Abalde and Clara Sáez