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26 February 2019

ADAW/LLUM. Building futures through a social design process

ADAW / LLUM is a temporary installation of 18 lamps that marks the culmination of a creation, education and design project resulting from the collaboration between EINA, the Adsis Foundation and the Design Museum. This is an initiative in which a group of 20 young Adsis Foundation users, students on Design Methodologies, led by Anna Majó, and the Education Service team at the Museum have explored, through practice, design as a tool for learning and for transforming the environment.

The ADAW / LLUM project has revolved around this group of young immigrants who are or have been in the care of the Administration and who receive training and mentoring under the Skills Activation Service of the Adsis Foundation to help them enter the job market. Within this framework, the students on the EINA Bachelor’s Degree in Design have teamed up with them to establish work dynamics based on horizontal processes and collaboration. The Museum has made knowledge of the heritage available to the group, which has acted as a starting point and source of inspiration.

The lamps, which will go on display, have been created on the basis of criteria of functionality, identity and sustainability and are the end result of a whole process of months of diverse learning by all the participants. For the young people, it has been a work of self-knowledge and discovery of creative and manual skills, for the students a reflection on their role as designers and on design as a conveyor of knowledge, and for the Museum a commitment as a place for learning and knowledge of design as a tool for social change.