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26 February 2019

"Colorín Coloradas", exhibition of children’s and teenagers’ illustration

Colorín Coloradas is the exhibition of 22 illustrators who are finishing the Specialisation Course in Illustration for Children's and Teenagers' Publications at EINA. It’s a story that’s ending, to take us on to a new start, just as a child responds enthusiastically and anxiously to “colorín colorado” (“they all lived happily ever after”) by starting reading again with a new book they’ve opened. Or to reread for the thousandth time the same book they’ve just finished.

Telling stories is something we all do as we’re all able to visualise, illustrate and bring colour to the things that emerge from our imagination. Even the question “how did I end up reading that?” invites us on a narrative journey that involves constructing and retouching the world around us, offering us the chance to think up other possible realities and colour them! An act that enables us to show who we are, while at the same time, hide ourselves away. What did we show and what do we keep to ourselves? What do we exalt and what do we leave in silence?

As the saying goes... “Give it some colour!” Or maybe, “not so much”.

In illustrating, we’re free to take our work to the point we want to. Although at all times thinking of our readers, low in age but high in imagination. How do we place ourselves at their level? We use images to show the subjectivity of the emotions and thoughts we all share... and we seek to connect with our readers and their innocent gaze.

With the collaboration of Sumarroca and Cruzcampo