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23 March 2018

EINA marks the end of its 50th anniversary celebrations with the première of the documentary “EINA, Contemporary Spirit”

The event marking the end of the EINA50years celebration was held on 13 March in the Barcelona Design Museum.

During the event, presided by Anna Pujadas, Director of EINA, and Enric Steegmann, President of the EINA Foundation, the documentary “EINA, Contemporary Spirit”, by film-maker Poldo Pomés was premièred. The film includes interviews with teachers, students and people connected to design and also features visual accounts of the past and present work of the school while offering a view of what EINA has represented to Barcelona and to Catalan design.

Following the screening was the “Guino de Guinovart” reception, conceived by Xavier Olivé, a gastronomy celebration with coques de recapte recreated by Salvador Sauleda, made following sketches from 1995 by artist Josep Guinovart for the “Taste and Style” menu, dinner by EINA, for the 2nd Catalan Cuisine Congress. There was also a tasting of the EINA cocktail, created in 1981 by Boadas.

The event was not just an occasion to bring together everyone who has in one way or another been connected to EINA, or has felt close to it, but also laid the basis for reflection on the future and to reaffirm the validity of a project that has shown a constant capacity for renewal over five decades.

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