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3 June 2016

Research group in "Transition Design" and students of the degree in design, at the Barcelona Design Week

Within the program of the Barcelona Design Week, next Thursday June 9th, at 6:30pm., at the Documentation Center of the DHUB, will take place the presentation of the project DESIS LAB BARCELONA.

The project has been initiated by the research area in Transition Design, of the Research Group Design processes at EINA, with Tània Costa, Adrià Garcia i Mateu and Anna Pujadas.

Javier Fernández and Isabel Dameto, students of the third year of the degree in design at EINA, have coordinated the project AMPLIFYING CREATIVE COMMUNITIES, developed by students of the subject Latest trends in design, which is part of the objectives of DESIS LAB BARCELONA.

Javier Fernandez will exhibit the results of this investigation in the presentation taking place June 9th at the DUHB.


DESIS (Design for Social Innovation towards Sustainability) is a non-profit cultural association, that operates as an international network (DESIS Labs), and that bares the objective of promoting design for social innovation and sustainability through college educational institutions that impart studies in design. DESIS intends to generate knowledge in design that is useful and that trigger significant social changes in collaboration with other members collectives, entities and engaged individuals.

DESIS LAB BARCELONA is an open project where teachers and academics of different universities in design from Barcelona work in collaboration. Members include: Tània Costa, Adrià Garcia i Mateu, Anna Pujadas (EINA); Raquel Pelta (Universitat de Barcelona); Oriol Guimerà, Luciana Leveratto (IED Barcelona); Jessica Fernández, Ariel Guersenvaig (Elisava); Mariona Genis (Bau); Marc Ligos (Massana).

Among the different interest challenges, the following stand-out: