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18 October 2017

Design scenarios: new and old techno-economies – José Luis de Vicente and Javier Nieto Santa in the “Creation, design and teaching under debate” cycle

José Luis de Vicente and Javier Nieto Santa will be considering the means of creation and digital contexts in the debate on “Design scenarios: new and old techno-economies”.

The lecture is a space for thought that is open and participative for all audiences as part of the Creation, design and teaching under debate. Future scenarios and new challenges cycle organised by EINA to mark the 50th anniversary of the university school with the aim of contributing future elements and updates in these spheres.

José Luis de Vicente
Curator, writer and researcher specialising in the analysis of the cultural spaces existing between technology, social innovation, art and design. He is currently conducting a number of research programmes, including “Visualizar” (Medialab Prado, Madrid). He is the organiser of Sónar+D, an innovation area of the Sónar festival (Barcelona) and is a member of the team of curators of FutureEverything Festival (Manchester). He is a founder member of Zzzinc, a consultancy specialising in innovation for cultural agencies.

Javier Nieto Santa
President and founder member of Santa & Cole. Graduate in Business Administration (ESADE and UPC) and MBA (ESADE). Ph. D. In Management, URL, with a thesis on the history of thought in management. Associate teacher at ESADE, attached to the Department of Strategy and General Management. He has taught at EINA, the University School of Industrial Engineering of Barcelona (ETSEIB) at the UPC and the Faculty of Economics of the UAB. He frequently speaks at a great many international forums relating to management or design. Translator, editor and entrepreneur.

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