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12 December 2018

Photography exhibition: "The Thorn and the Cure" by Marta Mas and Queralt Guinart

Marta Mas presents "The Thorn and the Cure", her first exhibition, which is curated by Queralt Guinart, a 4th-year student on the EINA Bachelor’s Degree in Design.

The show offers a reflection on the importance of sensitivity and treatments, within the framework of the current artistic product, beyond the conceptual aspect.

Through a visual and critical discourse, the exhibition not only shows her apparently aesthetic and beautiful portraits, but also works created through the construction of bonds, over a low heat, stating that the most honest truths are told by the voice that doesn’t judge.

To appeal to the viewer, to establish connections, to move. This way, she calls for a more human photography that moves us, that questions us without the need for a conceptual cushion that legitimises it. The work above the explanation of the work. And that is how Marta Mas finds her place, between the affliction and the cure. And now it’s for everyone.

"In this age that doesn’t see beyond the contingent and fleeting events, in this age of superfluous verbal diarrhoea, the greatest merit would be not to write, not to write, not to write, to stop writing. [...]But I continue to write, inexplicably, consumed by the deepest desire to tell a story."

Angellica Liddel