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29 October 2019

“MÍNIMO” exhibition: transforming and improving space

What is the alibi that validates the minimum necessary to transform and improve a space? How do we detect the limits that define when an intervention is condensed to the essential?

"MÍNIMO" (Minimum) is the exhibition that gathers the Final Works of the first promotion of the Master in Design of Spaces of EINA with the only common factor of having worked in a short period of time, many of these questions applying to very diverse environments: cultural, hoteliers, commercial, work, exhibition, etc.

The exhibition, open to all audiences, brings together all these projects are endowed with great power to reactivate in a simple and friendly way different spaces, many of them anonymous and others still non-existent.

The very detailed analysis and recognition of the pre-existence of the environments in which it has acted has allowed the minimum interventions on the space exhibited here to have gone -from the first sketches to the final formalisation-, beyond the functional resolution of a programme of needs, thus enriching the intellectual purposes and emotional stimuli of each project, in short, that which was interpreted as the minimum necessary.

In the exhibition, coordinated by Professor Raúl Oliva, the students' projects are exhibited: Eva Beser, Marcelo Fabian Burbano, Inés de Sivatte, Silvia Ibañez, Elisabet Labori, Ana María Poveda, Andrea Pujol and Manoela Resek.

“MÍNIMO” exhibition: transforming and improving space