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13 January 2020

Exhibition "Number Zero. Building a magazine"

The opening of the exhibition will include a lecture by Natàlia Pàmies, alumni of Degree in Design, who will talk about the SOROR project, her Final Degree Project which was awarded a Laus Student and a Laus Aporta in 2018.

Creating a magazine involves going through different phases from initial conceptualization to final production. With resources such as typography, art direction and composition, a unique formula is arrived at, conceived and tailored to a specific theme.

EINA's graphic students have developed a magazine in an individual way, acquiring the role of the designer and the editor, two figures of the editorial world that work together with the intention that message and media, content and continent are as linked as possible. Under their own character and identity, stories and facts are narrated to entertain the reader and hook him or her to the implicit periodicity of this medium. The result of the work carried out is the Number Zero, an almost final prototype of the publication that is always produced before it is put on sale.

The list of students participating in the exhibition is as follows

Degree in Design:
Natàlia Lin Blay, Sara Boschin, Andrea Cabestany, Raquel Fabrellas, Guillem García, Akira Kamata, Marina Mas, Clara Moral, Aina Orduña, Rita Pons, Lidia Puig, Anna Rovira.

Master in Graphic Design:
Nele Kempenaers, Raquel Palomar, Kenzie Yoshimura, Ander Zanguitu.

Exhibition "Number Zero. Building a magazine"