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11 November 2019

Exhibition: "Visitors. A space for debate", by Ignasi Ayats

Opening event 21 November at 7 pm Exhibition From 21 to 29 November. Monday to Saturday, 4 pm to 8 pm Closing event 29 November at 7 pm

Ignasi Ayats, a recent graduate on the EINA Bachelor’s Degree in Design, presents Visitors an exhibition that is constructed with the aim of starting a debate (silent and over an extended period of time) on arts institutions as political spaces due to their nature as spaces for mediations and debate. It seeks to stake a claim for the ability of the art gallery, on the one hand to impact on the creation of a relational network between humans and non-humans, and on the other hand of becoming a space for reflection and conversation, with the ability to act as instigator of debate, which is what makes it become eminently political. The exhibition shows the discursive relations that are generated between the people who take part in it and the gallery (both agents as active members of the relationship).

It stakes a claim for the role of people when participating in both politics and the artistic relationship, where in both areas, in some way, they adopt a passive role. It is, therefore, a call both for the emancipated spectator as defined by Jacques Rancière and the emancipated citizen. Going from being mere visitors to becoming active and constructive participants. The exhibition seeks to lead us to reflect on the invisible barrier that is constructed between the political object and the public, and between the artistic object and the spectators. It aims to show that spectators are never a passive agent in the consumption of art, but that they are part of a discursive relationship that gives form to the artistic system. It is in this sense where we understand that art has a close relationship with politics. Similar tools.

The debate that is generated is a debate that is over an extended period of time, a wordless debate, a physical debate, a debate designed to construct community. A community that is, in turn, necessary to construct a debate.

The name visitors is an appropriation of museum language used to refer to the people who “visit” an artistic/cultural space. The word visit is of Latin origin, meaning “go to see”. It is a critique of how the terms used empower this distance between the institution and its participants. As though the only role of the spectators was this: to visit, to see. Which, in some way, is the same role with which the public participates in the present political system.

The exhibition project is seen as a political/artistic experiment with a start date but not an end date, it seeks to generate a community structure that will remain in place once the intervention has finished.