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8 February 2019

"Photography in Transit; between technique and gaze", session by Martí Llorens

Photographer Martí Llorens has taken part in a session on the Postgraduate in Photography and Editorial Design, invited by Manel Esclusa, where he spoke of his work and about how technique is at the disposition of the photographer to reinforce conceptual aspects that enrich the image. Selecting the photographic reproduction process is an important choice as, for him, enjoying the journey is more important than the final destination.

Martí Llorens (Barcelona, 1962), a graduate in Fine Arts in the Image speciality from Barcelona University (1987) and with a Master’s in the Theory and History of Architecture from the Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura in Barcelona (ETSAB) (2016), has worked as a photographer specialising in the documentation of Architecture and Engineering projects

His personal work about time and region include the projects Poblenou (1987-1989) and Strata (2013). In other projects, it is history and memory that occur between the real and the imaginary, as in Revolutionary Memories (1996) and Aeronautical Memories (1999). His photographs can be found in the photography collection of the MNAC in Barcelona and in the INAH National Photograph Library of Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico. He has received grants from Photo Press, (1999), Artes Plásticas Fundación Endesa (2002), Arte y Derecho (2008) and Recerca i Creació CONCA (2010), and second prize in the European Photography Award held in Berlin in 1991 for a series of photographs in the Poblenou project.

His interest in the origins and history of photography led to his being one of the founders of the AtelieRetaguardia. Heliografía Contemporània (2007–2012) cultural association, a group devoted to artistic research and practice using historical photographic procedures. In 2015, he co-directed the project for the restoration and research of the Daguerre-Giroux photographic equipment, with which the first photograph in Spain was taken, in 1839. This and other projects can be seen on the Factoria Heliogràfica cultural association’s website.