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7 June 2019

INDISCIPLINES. Conference on Research in Arts Practice

Campus de les Arts presents its first international conference entitled INDISCIPLINES, aimed at exploring the hybrid terrains of practice-based arts research, with attention to the dynamics of the academy. The conference will be held in Barcelona on 28-30 November 2019.

With INDISCIPLINES we call on researchers and creators to reflect on creative ways of doing, understanding and hybridising research processes in a variety of thematic areas, beyond traditional paradigms and rigid fields of knowledge. Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches have challenged the notion of the ‘discipline’ as a productive force in forms of control and the creation of knowledge. In contrast, the term ‘indiscipline’ arises as a provocation in referring to social and political aspects of research and the capacity of the arts to give rise to divergent thinking, including in the academy.

The conference theme corresponds to the broader aims of Campus de les Arts, a collaborative project involving 20 centres for higher education in the creative arts in Catalonia, dedicated to the fields of music, theatre, dance, cinema and audio-visual creativity, the visual arts, design, fashion and conservation and restoration. Campus de les Arts is a platform of debate and action that has artistic research and related resources as one of its main articulating features, together with knowledge transfer.

Campus de les Arts: Faculty of Fine Arts-UB, Faculty of Humanities-UOC, ESCAC, EINA, Escola Massana, ELISAVA, ERAM, BAU, ESDI, ESMUC, ESDAP, ESCRBCC, Institut del Teatre, Conservatori del Liceu, Taller de Músics, Jam Session, IED, LCI-Feli Duce and Eòlia. With the participation of Hangar and the collaboration of CoNCA.

Allan Kaprow, Yard, 1961
© Allan Kaprow, Yard, 1961