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7 November 2019

Information day on Eina/Idea

On Tuesday 19 November will take place the first information day on Eina/Idea, EINA's think tank and artistic programming platform that will start operating in the spring of 2020.

Eina/Idea is a EINA Foundation project to take art and design training beyond the academic and commercial spheres and their comfort zones. Eina/Idea is conceived as a cognitive accelerator, a critical supplement, a machine for permanent aesthetic reflection, an intensifier of praxis in art and design.

Using a collaborative model, drawing typologies and variable propagations, Eina/Idea's approach is transversal: from curatorial thinking to meme and from documentary poetry to gaming, from experience design to applied analysis.

Eina/Idea, on a practical level, will propose work seminars, conferences, performances and exhibitions to involve EINA students and the artistic and creative community of Barcelona in general. The protagonists of each autonomous work module will be artists, designers, architects, writers, curators and scenographers present on the international scene.

The Eina/Idea programme for the spring of the 2019-2020 academic year will be made public next January, and the registration period will open in February.

Information day on Eina/Idea