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18 February 2019

Josep Duran, former EINA student, partner at Forma

Josep Duran, a former EINA student, tells us of his experience as a partner at Forma, a graphic design and illustration studio in Barcelona.

What are you working on at the moment in the studio?

Right now, we’re working on some long-term projects that take up a large part of the everyday work, such as the communication for the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya and the icons we’re doing for Simon (we’ve already done over a thousand...). At the same time, we’ve got one-off projects, such as some books for Barcelona City Council, a campaign for the city’s Ciutat Vella district and the identity for a baker's

How did you become a Forma partner?

It was quite a natural process: I began by doing a master’s internship and I then went on to become part of the team. At Forma, there’s not too much of a hierarchical structure, we’re a small studio with three people. Even so, you could say that, in terms of responsibilities, I’ve gone from the classical roles of junior and senior designer to end up being a partner in the studio.

Are the tasks you do now different from the ones you did before in the studio?

The truth is: not that much. I still help on some projects and lead others. I’m slowly getting into the management part of the studio and a client or two, but there’s still a lot to learn. In taking creative decisions, I’ve felt valued from the very first day of the internship, so it’s nothing I’ve gained with the new status.

How do you work as a team and what role does each member have when a project comes in?

Whenever a project comes in, we try to look at it together, think what ways would be interesting to explore it, and from there, work on it a bit. In the end, each project ends up being led by one of the three naturally, depending on work needs and each one’s skills.

When you finished your EINA course, what were your first steps professionally speaking?

I carried on studying for a master’s, and at the same time I began my internship at Forma. Once I joined the team, I was able to take a short sabbatical to go to New York, to the Base Design studio. On returning to Barcelona, I joined the team and here I am.

What do you remember most about your time at EINA?

It’s going to sound very cheesy, but my friends. I still live with two old classmates. It would also be unfair not to talk about such special places as the gardens, the library and Barra de Ferro and about some of the teachers, of whom I have great memories.

What do you think you learned at EINA that you’ve been able to contribute as an added value to your work?

The basic tools to learn to be a designer. When you finish your course, it’s quite a shock and you realise that you’re only just starting to learn to design. Over time, though, I value some lessons without which it would have been very difficult for me to get on in this field.

What are your plans for the future?

I’d like to go back to studying. I’ve always thought I’d like to try a tangential discipline to graphic design. Illustration’s most certainly the most natural route for me, but I don’t rule out typography or product design.

Josep Duran