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19 December 2018

"The expedition of constructing your moment in the creative sector", talk by Arcadi Poch


Arcadi Poch, urban art curator and sociocultural explorer, will be talking based on his own experience of the adventure of moving in the circuits of artistic productions, presenting our projects and presenting ourselves to ourselves in a solvent and effective way.

Specialising in creativity projects in the public space and in sociocultural innovation projects since 2003, Arcadi Poch fosters a variety of projects related to cultural dissemination and the promotion of new forms of cultural consumption. His publications include Artivism (2018), Urban Creativity Experience (2015) and Creaticity (2013), genuine anthologies of urban creativity that chart the new creative gazes of contemporary cities.

Presentation of the mural intervention by the students on the Illustration Techniques subject on the Wall Lab at Parc del Fòrum.

Students on Illustration Techniques, a subject in the 4th year of the Bachelor’s Degree in Design, led by Enric Font, took part from 12 to 16 December in the first intervention of the Wall Lab project at the Parc del Fòrum, working from an idea designed by student Nastia Casteleiro.

The Wall Lab by Wallspot is a professional long-term mural creation project in different format spaces. Unlike pop-up open walls, the Wall Lab spaces will host works for a year. This permanence means considerably increasing the visual impact of the work created and, consequently, imbues the mural with added interest and value.

Participating students:
Queralt Anglada Peláez | Noelia Aparicio Agudo | Carla Ballester Puente | Patricia Canton Fumanal | Nastia Casteleiro Sánchez-Candamio | Carla Cuba Miñano | É́dgar Duch Miret | Gabriela Eskenazi Faurous | Sarai Herrera Alonso | Iria Martínez Rubio | José Nerin Coronas | Albert Puig Sáenz | Anna Pujol Ballesté | Joel Smythe López