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21 January 2019

Letterpress - Alumni Training Capsule

Alumni EINA is organising the following training capsule session for the next semester:


Practical typographic printing course with moveable wooden letters (letterpress). We will be looking back at old-fashioned printing, with its printing blocks and traditional manual techniques, to explore the large-format text printing process. A creative experience that will allow you to control the creative process, developing a physical relationship with the typeface and the space.

Arcangela Regis studied photography at the Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya (1998) parallel to her Graphic Design course at EINA (2000). She specialised in manual typographic composition and printing at the Conservatori de les Arts del Llibre de l'Escola Llotja (2007). In 2015 she studied on the postgraduate course in Ephemera: history, analysis and cataloguing of ephemeral printed materials, and The Old Book: history and analysis of bibliographic heritage, at the Faculty of Library Science and Documentation at Barcelona University. She is the founder of Laurenpress, a printing press devoted to craft typographic composition and printing, where she undertakes design and print commissions and her own personal projects.

Letterpress with Arcangela Regis

More information: alumni@eina.cat

The Training Capsules

The aim of the Training Capsules is to offer EINA Alumni members active learning, both to refresh and improve their design-related professional skills and to look more deeply into the fields related to art and the humanities, in workshop, seminar or lecture format.

Places will be limited and registrations will be accepted strictly by order of application. Courses will require a minimum of 6 persons enrolled.

The duration of these sessions will normally be 4 hours and they will cost € 20 for EINA Alumni members and € 80 for non-members, per person and course.

If after reserving a place you are unable to attend the activity, you must cancel your reservation by sending an email to alumni@eina.cat so that someone else can take up your place.

Cancellation should be no later than 24 hours before the day of the activity. If you don’t attend the activity and you haven’t cancelled within this period, a non-attendance penalty will be applied (you won’t be able to enrol on any other training capsule for 2 months after the date of the course in question). If the cancellation is on medical grounds and you cancel less than 24 hours before the capsule, you will need to show a doctor’s letter for the penalty not to be applied.