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11 January 2019

“Take the Book to the Wall”, talk by Alejandro Castellote

“Take the Book to the Wall” is a talk that is open to the general public by Alejandro Castellote, which will be given as part of the EINA Postgraduate Diploma in Photography and Editorial Design.

There are a great many projects that are conceived to take shape in the pages of a book, but the possibility – or the temptation – often arises of displaying the photographs in an exhibition room. This change of format requires consideration of the contents from another point of view: it isn’t enough to export a sequence onto the wall as the viewer’s perception does not work in the same way it does through the pages of a book. The size of the photographs, the type of paper, the frames or the absence of frames, and above all, the relationship with the space – the three-dimensional nature – are essential elements in creating a specific formalization.

To this effect, the talk will analyse examples of exhibitions based on books and of books based on exhibitions. And, of course, participants will be able to see some copies live. We will see how a solo exhibition is prepared, and a themed exhibition, which was part of a Triennial, where the sequence of the creators and the spatial location became the protagonists.

Alejandro Castellote (Madrid, 1959), a photography curator since 1982, has curated a great many national and international festivals and exhibitions: PHotoEspaña International Photography Exhibition Padiglione Italia at the Tenth Architecture Biennale in Venice, the GETXOPHOTO Festival in Getxo, Bilbao, Biennal Photoquai in Paris, Seoul Photo 2010, Daegu Photo Biennale in South Korea or o Image Triennial in Guangzhou, China, among others.

He has also worked for Editorial Lunwerg and was advisor to the C Photo Magazine by Ivory Press, London. At an academic level, he has taught classes and workshops in universities and schools of art and he has run the Latin American Master’s in Contemporary Photography at the Image Centre in Lima.

Alejandro Castellote