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5 September 2018

Inaugural lecture for the 2018-2019 academic year by Xavier Bassas

Dr. Xavier Bassas will give the inaugural lecture of the 2018-2019 academic course of EINA entitled “... I TOT POT SER COM. Indisciplines, espectres, juraments, i altres Eines polítiques” (... AND ALL CAN BE HOW. Indisciplines, spectres, oaths and other political tools) related to “the how and about an and. How and and are two language particles that often go unnoticed. They are an adverb and a conjunction, but technically they are called syncategoremes as they need other words to exist, they need categoremes”.

Xavier Bassas Xavier Bassas is father of a boy and a girl, an immense work of care, and agitator of all types of effervescent acts and knowledge that end up exploding principally into three areas: language, aesthetics and politics. He graduated in Classical Language and Literature because of Nietzsche, and is a doctor in French Language and Literature from the University of the Sorbonne-Paris IV (he arrived in the city of light with the contract of a bellboy in a hotel) and from Barcelona University, where he currently teaches literary translation French cinema and essay writing. He has specialised in the thought of Jean-Luc Marion, Jacques Derrida and Jacques Rancière, about whom he has spoken and written a lot, and by whom he has translated numerous books. The hell of footnotes of so many books has cost him a great many dioptres, so they say. He is the author of Jacques Rancière. L’assaig de la igualtat in the “Post-Foundational Political Thought” collection by the Gedisa publishing house (if you don’t dislike TV, you can get a taste of the book presentation here), and he is writing another book in dialogue with Rancière about the litigation of words. He has also translated numerous films for Intermedio: from Rouch, Duras, Godard, Pedro Costa and Akerman to Albert Serra. He has been co-director of eight editions of the Barcelona Philosophy Conference with Arts Santa Mònica, the French Institute, and lately also with the CCCB, and he directs two collections of essays with Ellago Ediciones and Casus Belli Ediciones. Within his circle of friends, but also publicly, he admits to being undisciplined, although he is still learning what that means...