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20 November 2018

Participation in the 3rd Design for Life Conference: Functional Diversity, Prosthesis and Cyborgs

Once again this year, as part of the 3rd Design for Life Conference, devoted this year to functional diversity, prosthesis and cyborgs, a presentation will be given of projects by several design schools, including EINA.

Alumni Ruben Sanchez will be presenting the Final Degree Project Trail Running Prosthesis.

"Trail running has caught the attention of lower-limb amputee sportspeople, a handicap which, far from distancing them from this discipline, has motivated them to take up this new adventure with a prosthesis not designed for it.

This was the main reason for proposing the design of a new prosthesis with the characteristics required by mountain terrain and its users. Tacking the project involved looking at how other products work, introducing new materials and systems from other areas, always under the supervision of professionals from this field.

The end result is a proposed prosthesis based on certain key points that make it suitable for trail running, forming the theory behind the creation of prototypes and ensuring that the design evolves in a practical direction".

Complete text of the Trail Running Prosthesis project

Prótesis Trail Running, by Ruben Sanchez