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3 July 2017

Laus Awards 2017

The Laus awards ceremony, which was organised by the Association of Graphic Designers and Art Directors of the FAD (ADG-FAD) took place last June. Among the winners we have former professors, former students and students of the Degree in Design of EINA. These are some of the winners:

The Honor Laus was given to Enric Aguilera, former professors of EINA Projects, for his "contribution and his professional career as a highest exponent of the packaging in the large use."

Josep Muñoz, recent graduate of EINA's Degree in Design, with his Final Project ‘Analitic Journal’, was given the Young Talentaward, to the best work in the student category, from which the data analysis, the value of computer graphics, and a great strategic decision as an axis of the project have been highlighted. "In a time of post-truth and the overdose of speculation, we appreciate the sobriety of design to the communication service", said the jury.

The Golden Laus was given to "Dual Magazine", by Marc Calafal and Josep Muñoz, recent graduates of EINA's Degree in Design.

Silver Laus given to Alambí, Degree's Final Prject by Judith Bosch Castro, recent graduate of EINA's Degree in Design.

Golden Laus given to "Don Alonso de Suquia" by Carlos Bermúdez and Guillem Casasús, former students, in collaboration with Albert Prota.

Golden Laus given to Fundació Sorigué's Website by Natural, in which Manel Font, Xavier Grau, and Andrea Casas, EINA former students, are part.

Golden Laus given to Latorre Punset by Lo siento studio, in which Gerard Miró, and Edgar Mestre, former students of EINA, are part.

Analitic Journal, TFG by Josep Muñoz