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12 April 2019

PRINT.ed #5. Singular publications fair


PRINT.ed aims to be a small-format fair devoted to the field of singular publications, which are taken to mean all kinds of published works that offer speculation about the idea of the book in its broadest sense.

This year's participants are:

The objective is to offer the participants an event and an interdisciplinary context, from where they can communicate with each other and with the public, while at the same time providing a professional outlet for the product of the speculations generated from inside. Establishing bridges and provoking crossings and encounters enriches us and generates a fabric of common interests that expanded through these contacts, beyond the respective production centres.

PRINT.ed is generated from an academic environment, with the intention of generating links between various educational centres around the world where training activities related to image, printing, editing and design are developed. It also aims to generate content and activate productive dynamics and in this sense, proposes activities that can range from the marathon of impressions held in parallel to the second edition (24 hours printing people) to workshops conducted by artists or interactive activities that transcend the physical space of the fair.


Performance “REVERIE TWO: VOIX OFF” by Zejun Yao

Inspired by the ‘Blind Man’ scene from Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s film ‘The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain (2001)’, the work, Reverie Two: Voix off allows volunteer visitors to have an alternative Print.ed fair experience by ‘viewing’ together with the accompaniment and the narration of the artist/performer Zejun Yao.

Taking place 6 times during the day, each of the 6 performances will adopt a different walking pace, taking between 5–10 minutes each. Through participation, the visitor as viewer with ‘ephemeral blindness’ must place their trust in their companion and a temporary relationship emerging between the pair.

The performance consists of 'visiting', 'navigating' and 'listening', the artist leading his collaborator through the audience and then, pausing, a book is chosen from an exhibitor and a selected text read out loud by the artist.


Workshop SQUID Guerrilla installation with David Faithfull, which will take place on . The workshop will consist of the creation of an ephemeral stamp on Bogatell beach using natural materials to raise awareness of our use of plastics and their impact on the environment.

Rubber Stamp Workshop with Stephen Fowler. A workshop to explore the full expressive potential of stamping and self-publishing using mobile matrices made of different types of rubber.

PRINT.ed # 5 counts on the collaboration of:

PRINT.ed #5. Singular publications fair