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30 May 2018

"Privació temporal de llibertat" (Temporary Loss of Liberty). Approach to research from the production process of artistic work

Enric Mas presents the exhibition created in the workshop of Maria Helguera, former EINA teacher, in Poblenou.

The exhibition revolves around the project of re-editing the piece entitled Temporary Loss of Liberty, tackled this time as a work in progress and around the reflection that is derived from the work, which seeks to find the concomitances between the processes of research and of creating/producing artistic work. These can also be extrapolable to the design production processes and seek to provide a response to a demand that goes back a long way: that of the consideration of the subjects of Design and Art as fields likely to become research contexts in themselves, without the need to resort to collateral areas such as history, historiography, semiotics or philosophy.

The session is approached as a visit to the exhibition, which is showing just eight works, a brief reflection on the production process of the central piece, which give its title to the show, and a small debate on the key ideas that would support the arguments put forward previously.

Enric Mas has been an artist, doctor and teacher at EINA on the Mention in Visual Creation on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design – where he is currently the deputy director – since 1998. He is a member of the History and Design Studies Research Group (GRHED) and an associate lecturer in the Faculty of Education at Barcelona University, where he is also a Mention coordinator.

"Privació temporal de llibertat". Enric Mas
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