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30 January 2019

"NYAM" project in Greenhouse, Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

Nyam, Mediterranean Lifestyle Revisited is a project of furniture, lighting and contract design products developed by students of the Design Degree of EINA, University School of Design and Art of Barcelona (UAB) for Greenhouse, Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2019.

The name of the project, Nyam, is a tribute to the Mediterranean tradition through an onomatopoeia used to express that the food is delicious.

The project revises the essence of the Mediterranean as a lifestyle through 10 objects linked to food as a cultural and social act.

The products are presented in the form of a collection sharing textures, colours and shapes derived from materials such as wood, cotton, wicker or terracotta.

As part of Stockolm Furniture & Lightfair 2019, EINA students will give the talk "Mediterranean Lifestyle Revisited through design" on February 5th at 11am at The Greenhouse Scene.

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Vicente Akira, Laura Andreu, Gerard Arbués, Bruno Blay, Andreu Buqueras, Pia Callis, Damià Campreciós, Maria Clot, Aina Facchi, Louis Ferraz, Natura Ferrer, Llibert Ferrer, Ferran Gesa, Luis Gimeno, Manu González, Erik Jiménez, Mariam Koraichi, Inés Lorenceau, Laura Morales, Laia Navarro, Marta Pardina, Berta Rovira, Mireia Ruiz, Arnau Salvadó, Mayra Sánchez, Anna Urretavizcaya, Juan Manuel Valencia, Caterina Vianna, Marina Vidal.

Rubén Alcaraz, Anna Majó, Javier Nieto, Oriol Ventura, Daniel Vila.

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