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3 April 2020

"EINA360" publication

EINA promotes the work done by the students and ex-students of the centre with the publication of "EINA360".

The magazine gathers a selection of projects, that show the academic rigor and the capacity of analysis and experimentation that have the students of the Degree of Design and of the different Masters and Postgraduates programmes of EINA. The innovative potential of design and art is also reflected in the professional practice carried out by our alumni through their projects.

All of the published projects are a synthesis of the enriching learning style, open to different systems of thought and language, which EINA has prioritized since its founding in 1967. It is a methodology in constant evolution, whose aim is to advance to meet the needs and demands of our changing society, so as to be able to respond to new challenges and make new products, new services and new experiences a reality.

In short, this publication is witness to the trajectory of the school as the platform for knowledge and culture behind generations of art and design professionals who actively participate in the development of
a more sustainable, ethical, thoughtful and committed society.

Who participate in the publication: Sofía Aguilera, Ignasi Ayats, Eva Beser, Damià Campreciós, Karla Cuba, Max Enrich, Marina Esbrí, Louis Robert Ferraz, Gemma Fontanals, Carles Giménez, Claudia Ginesio, Manu González, Leo Kulisevsky, Tomàs Lóbez, Juan Manuel López-Barajas, Clara Mallart, Isabel Mejía, Laura Ann Mendoza, Isa Merino i Carol Montpart (The Plant Magazine), Cota Olea, Ona Orozo, Helena Pérez, Pini Perrone, Raquel Quevedo, Diego Ramos, Berta Rovira, Mayra Sánchez, Judit Serra, Peter van der Weij, Marc Villalba.

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