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4 December 2018

"Outsiders: The Webseries" in Basic Drawing

Ainhoa Bolaños, Laia Palacios, directors of "Outsiders: The Webseries”, and Louise Good, EINA alumna and lead actress in the series, took part in a Basic Drawing session, with Mar Saiz, to talk to the students about their creative process, from the initial idea to the pilot episode.

27 November 2018

Product Innovation and Design Processes at the Stimulo studio

On 23 November, as part of the Product Innovation and Design Processes subject in the 4th year of the Bachelor’s Degree in Design, directed by Javier Nieto Cubero, students visited the offices of the global product design team Stimulo.

Students heard from Xavier Mayoral how he conceived design and had the opportunity to get to know and try out the AR Spark project, which is aimed at streamlining design processes in their more initial phases.

5 November 2018

Audio opening lecture of the Academic year 2018/2019 - Xavier Bassas

Listen to Xavier Bassas's opening lecture “... I TOT POT SER COM. Indisciplines, espectres, juraments, i altres Eines polítiques”, on occasion of EINA's 2018/2019 Academic year opening.

You can also download her lecture.

Xavier Bassas in the opening lecture of the Academic year 2018/2019
31 October 2018

Temporary intervention at the Palau dels Marquesos de Sentmenat

Students on the Master in Design of Spaces have carried out a number of temporary intervention projects in the home of EINA with the aim of highlighting and re-evaluating the historical evolution of the building, the old Palau dels Marquesos de Sentmenat. The series of temporary interventions can be seen until mid-November.

The focus of the various pieces of work is both generic and centred on a significant aspect of the building and its history. The students on the master’s degree have had to understand and interpret the evolution experienced by the building through the study of a range of materials, including photographs and plans.

29 October 2018

Immersion and research workshop with CAMP BASE INNOVA

As part of the CAMP BASE INNOVA Competition, aimed at improving the safety of users in the mountains, on Friday 26 October, EINA students on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design subjects: Innovation Processes and Product Design, in the 4th year, and Modelling Objects and Ergonomics, Perception and Usability, in the 3rd year, took an immersion and research workshop in the context of the mountains by various experts in sports equipment, members of the rescue team of the GRAE Fire Servide, the FEEC (Federation of Excursionist Groups of Catalonia) and a number of mountain expert users. The session was led by Javier Nieto and Francesc Crous.

24 October 2018

The graduation ceremony of the Bachelor’s Degree in Design Class of 2018 and MURAD

On 24 October, at Barcelona Design Museum, the graduation ceremony for the class of 2018 of the EINA Bachelor’s Degree in Design and University Master's in Research in Art and Design was held, with speeches by Pilar Vélez, director of Barcelona Design Museum, Josep Bagà, designer, alumni and former teacher at EINA and current member of the Board of Trustees of the EINA Foundation, Carlos Sánchez, vice-president of Institutional Relations and Culture at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Anna Pujadas, director of EINA, and Ariadna Valldeperes and Maria Viladomiu, student representatives on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design.

The graduation ceremony of the Bachelor’s Degree in Design Class of 2018 and MURAD
16 October 2018

Graduation Ceremony of the class of 2018 in the Bachelor’s Degree in Design and the University Master's Degree in Research in Art and Design

On 23 October, the Graduation Ceremony of the class of 2018 in the Bachelor’s Degree in Design and the University Master's Degree in Research in Art and Design will be held, with discourses by Ariadna Valldeperas and Maria Viladomiu, recent graduates; and a lecture by Josep Bagà, designer, EINA alumni and current member of the Board of Trustees of the EINA Foundation; featuring the presence of Pilar Vélez, director of the Barcelona Design Museum, and Carlos Sánchez, vice-president of Institutional Relations and Culture at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

With the collaboration of: Sauleda and Sumarroca

15 October 2018

Collaboration with Vitra through work space design

Students on the Work Space Design subject visited the Vitra Barcelona showroom with the aim of getting to know Vitra Citizen and the new working environments as a starting point of a project to be carried out at the central offices of the Electro Stocks group.

Vitra, one of the leading furniture manufacturers, and specifically its main national representative, Santiago Alorda, will be working with EINA as part of this subject.

11 October 2018

Project in collaboration with the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya "Design of a Family Space in the Museum”

Students on the 3rd-year course on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design Space Design Environments, with Anna Alcubierre, have visited the exhibition entitled "Gala Salvador Dalí. A Room of One’s Own in Púbol" at the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, where they began the collaboration project on "Design of a Family Space in the Museum”.

5 September 2018

Inaugural lecture for the 2018-2019 academic year by Xavier Bassas

  • September 14 at 12 noon
  • EINA Hall of Acts

Dr. Xavier Bassas will give the inaugural lecture of the 2018-2019 academic course of EINA entitled “... I TOT POT SER COM. Indisciplines, espectres, juraments, i altres Eines polítiques” (... AND ALL CAN BE HOW. Indisciplines, spectres, oaths and other political tools) related to “the how and about an and. How and and are two language particles that often go unnoticed. They are an adverb and a conjunction, but technically they are called syncategoremes as they need other words to exist, they need categoremes”.

Xavier Bassas Xavier Bassas is father of a boy and a girl, an immense work of care, and agitator of all types of effervescent acts and knowledge that end up exploding principally into three areas: language, aesthetics and politics. He graduated in Classical Language and Literature because of Nietzsche, and is a doctor in French Language and Literature from the University of the Sorbonne-Paris IV (he arrived in the city of light with the contract of a bellboy in a hotel) and from Barcelona University, where he currently teaches literary translation French cinema and essay writing. He has specialised in the thought of Jean-Luc Marion, Jacques Derrida and Jacques Rancière, about whom he has spoken and written a lot, and by whom he has translated numerous books. The hell of footnotes of so many books has cost him a great many dioptres, so they say. He is the author of Jacques Rancière. L’assaig de la igualtat in the “Post-Foundational Political Thought” collection by the Gedisa publishing house (if you don’t dislike TV, you can get a taste of the book presentation here), and he is writing another book in dialogue with Rancière about the litigation of words. He has also translated numerous films for Intermedio: from Rouch, Duras, Godard, Pedro Costa and Akerman to Albert Serra. He has been co-director of eight editions of the Barcelona Philosophy Conference with Arts Santa Mònica, the French Institute, and lately also with the CCCB, and he directs two collections of essays with Ellago Ediciones and Casus Belli Ediciones. Within his circle of friends, but also publicly, he admits to being undisciplined, although he is still learning what that means...

3 July 2018

“Pro-eject!”: presentation and exhibition of the 2017-2018 Final Bachelor’s Degree Projects

  • 17 to 19 July 2018
  • Simon 100 showroom (Carrer de Sancho d’Àvila, 66)

The Bachelor's Degree in Design ends with the presentation of the Final Bachelor's Degree Projects by the students in each of the mentions taught at EINA: Graphic Design, Design of Spaces, Product Design, Visual Creation and Design Culture.

This year, under the title “Pro-eject!”, the Simon 100 showroom hosted the presentation and exhibition of the 90 Final Bachelor's Degree Projects completed during the 2017-2018 academic year and ran from 17 to 19 July.

“Pro-eject!” is an exhibition that is open to the public and displays the range of proposals completed by the students on the Bachelor's Degree in Design with the thoroughness, commitment and demands that today’s society requires of professionals in this field.

The projects on display reflected the academic quality, the ability to analyse context, experimentation and the creation of new languages, all while fostering the innovative power of design.

“Pro-eject!” is an opportunity to discover the talent of young designers, find out new approaches and assess strategic proposals that bring a decisive value to the world of design.

23 May 2018

Visit by 4th-year students to the Pavilion of the Republic

One of the scheduled visits for the History and Critique of Design in Catalonia subject, led by Oriol Pibernat, was to the Pavilion of the Republic situated in Barcelona’s Horta district.

The activity offered more direct knowledge of the pavilion’s architecture by Sert and Lacasa, and the artistic and propaganda contents exhibited in Paris in 1937 at the Exposition Internationale des Arts et Techniques dans la Vie Moderne. Besides this, the reasons and circumstances of its reconstruction in this new location in 1992 were discussed, which was a milestone in the changing reputation of the pavilion over the years, where Picasso’s Guernica and other major works by artists such as Miró, Calder, Julio González and Alberto were exhibited, as well as the photo-montages of Renau.

The visit was completed with an explanation of the collection of the (CRAI-UB) library/archive, housed in the basement, which contain major collections of graphic and text materials, especially propaganda from the Civil War period, the Franco years, the Transition and up to the present day.

8 May 2018

Workshop with Mermelada Estudio

The end of April saw a workshop led by Mermelada Estudio, as part of the Properties and Uses of New Materials subject, where the 3rd-year graphic design and visual creation students experimented with materials and manipulations with a methacrylate cube measuring 10 x 10 x 10 cm.

The members of Mermelada Estudio, two of them EINA alumni, introduced the students to the exercise with a presentation of how an existing product can be altered and modified just by making changes to its shell. Based on this methacrylate cube, the students were invited to modify it with deformations, cuts, coverings, the application of additions, applied graphics, paint or any other alteration.

27 April 2018

Visit by fourth-year students to the stage design of Frankenstein, at the TNC

Stage Design students in the 4th year of the Bachelor’s Degree in Design, a subject led by Anna Alcubierre, visited the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, where they discovered both the project and the reality of the stage design for Frankenstein, designed by Anna Alcubierre in the Sala Gran. They were accompanied by Lluís Cusó, technical director of the TNC, who gave them a very complete guided tour of the various rooms and areas of the theatre.

Frankenstein - TNC
11 April 2018

Open Doors Day: 23 April – 10 am to 6 pm

The EINA Open Doors Day is an open and participative event for visitors to discover all there is to know about the Bachelor’s Degree in Design course that we teach. During the day, students on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design do activities and seminars relating to every subject and discipline on the course, while EINA teachers offer guided tours of the facilities and explain the methodology that we follow.

From 10 am to 6 pm
Tours every half hour

EINA teaching staff will guide you through the school’s facilities while commenting on all the details of the Bachelor’s Degree in Design university course that we teach and answer any queries and questions you might have.

On the tour, you’ll be able to see the work produced by EINA students on display in the school’s classrooms relating to the different professional disciplines taught: Graphic Design, Design of Spaces, Product Design, Visual Creation and Design Culture


  • Refugee / Mock-ups and Prototypes
  • Trompe-l’oeil / Drawing Workshop
  • EINA undertakes / Entrepreneurship
  • Drawn documentary
  • Visual Creation
  • Tour of the EINA Foundation art collection
  • The Race of the Century / Physics Applied to Design
  • Freed Books
  • Electronic devices! and ExpoJournals

Refugee / Mock-ups and Prototypes
Times: 10 am to 2 pm
Place: EINA Gardens

Students in the second-year Mock-ups and Prototypes subject, led by Ariadna Fàbregas and Amadeu Ventayol, reflect on the concept of refuge through the construction of life-sized prototypes with discarded or low-cost materials. Visitors can also see a display of the mock-ups that have been used as the basis for producing the final projects.

Trompe-l’oeil / Drawing Workshop
Times: 10 am to 2 pm
Place: Assembly Room

Students in the first-year Drawing Workshop subject, led by Albert Crispi and David Steegmann, will create two constructions in perspective on an existing element.

EINA undertakes / Entrepreneurship
Times: 10 am to 2 pm
Place: Classroom 8

Students in the third-year Entrepreneurship subject, led by Georgina Curtó, will explain their entrepreneurial projects and also take part in the tours of the school.

Drawn Documentary
Timess: from 10.30am to 2.30pm
Place: several spaces at EINA

The students of the Visual Creation Speciality with the teacher Philip Stanton will draw inside & outside EINA.

Visual Creation
Times: 10 am to 2 pm
Place: second floor

The Visual Creation mention offers a number of activities: visit a camera obscura, see how a mural intervention is developed through calligraphy or take part in a small silk-screen printing workshop. Participating teachers: Artur Muñoz, Keith Adams and Enric Mas.

Tour of the EINA Foundation art collection
Time: 1.30 pm
Place: EINA

Art historian and EINA teacher Àlex Mitrani will give a guided tour of EINA’s art collection.

The Race of the Century / Physics Applied to Design
Start of the race: 4 pm
Display of projects: from 10 am
Place: Front garden

Students in the first-year Physics Applied to Design subject, led by Raúl Oliva, will take part in the “Race of the Century” with a range of vehicles designed by the students especially for the occasion.

This activity includes an exhibition of the development of the projects and the 13 prototypes as well as the subsequent competition.

Freed Books
Times: 10 am to 6 pm
Place: various spaces in EINA

Choose the book you want to take away. In different spaces in EINA, you’ll find copies of publications labelled “freed book”, while on the second floor, the Library will have a stand with books that you can take away.

Electronic devices! and ExpoJournals
Times: 10 am to 6 pm
Place: Library (2nd floor)

Discover the electronic devices that are available to borrow in the display in the general room of the library, and consult the nearly 70 publications that we subscribe to according to principal subject matter in the library’s new acquisitions display.

The display cases on the ground floor will be showing work by students in the second year of the Elements of Identity course, led by Elena Bartomeu. First-year students in the Introduction to the Design Project subject will be exhibiting their work on the first floor.

In addition, EINA will be turned into a large exhibition space for all the projects produced by the students.

The distribution of the different specialities on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design this year will be:

Spaces Mention: Assembly Room.
Design Culture Mention: main entrance.
Graphic Mention: 1st floor foyer.
Product Mention: Classrooms 6 and 7 (1st floor).
Visual Creation Mention: 2nd floor.

The 2018 Open Doors day will include the participation of students and former students on the Master's and Postgraduate Courses: Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Illustration and Visual Communication Techniques and the Specialisation Course in Illustration for Children's and Teenagers' Publications