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12 December 2018

The project design of the Acompanya’m centre, by Rai Pinto and Dani Rubio, wins Best of Year Prize by Interior Design Magazine

Rai Pinto and Dani Rubio, alumni and teachers on the EINA Bachelor’s Degree in Design, have won one of the Best of Year Prizes organised for the last 13 years by Interior Design Magazine, for the interior design and applied graphics project for the Acompanya’m Therapy Unit, a residential centre at Hospital Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona for children with high-complexity mental disorders.

Around 2,000 projects from all over the world were submitted for the prizes, of which 586 were finalists in the 133 categories called between space projects and products. The interior design and applied graphics project for the Acompanya’m centre won in the Greater Good category.

The awards ceremony was held on Friday 30 November at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York.

Acompanya’m by Rai Pinto and Dani Rubio
10 December 2018

Digital Photography Processing - Alumni Training Capsule

EINA Alumni is organising the following training capsule sessions for the next semester:

Digital Photography Processing

Digital Photography Processing - Mariana Castel

Practical digital photography course using Lightroom. Participants will learn how to organise, select and edit RAW negatives using Adobe software. Working with RAW files enables professional post-production as the file contains much more information than a .jpg. Students will work on each of the editing modules of the programme and create a series of pre-established presets so that they have their own presets library. Finally, students will export their selected photographs with the suitable resolution for posting on the internet and to be able to print them. To take the course, students must have a basis of technical knowledge of photography and a digital camera with the option of creating RAW files.

Mariana Castel is a graphic designer and photographer. She studied design at EINA and in 2015, she specialised in editorial design and photography, studying for the Postgraduate Programme in Photography and Editorial Design at EINA. She currently works freelance after having worked for a number of agencies.

The Training Capsules

The aim of the Training Capsules is to offer EINA Alumni members active learning, both to refresh and improve their design-related professional skills and to look more deeply into the fields related to art and the humanities, in workshop, seminar or lecture format.

Places will be limited and registrations will be accepted strictly by order of application. Courses will require a minimum of 6 persons enrolled.

The duration of these sessions will normally be 4 hours and they will cost € 20 for EINA Alumni members and € 80 for non-members, per person and course.

If after reserving a place you are unable to attend the activity, you must cancel your reservation by sending an email to alumni@eina.cat so that someone else can take up your place.

Cancellation should be no later than 24 hours before the day of the activity. If you don’t attend the activity and you haven’t cancelled within this period, a non-attendance penalty will be applied (you won’t be able to enrol on any other training capsule for 2 months after the date of the course in question). If the cancellation is on medical grounds and you cancel less than 24 hours before the capsule, you will need to show a doctor’s letter for the penalty not to be applied.

Digital Photography Processing - Alumni Training Capsule - Mariana Castel
4 December 2018

"Outsiders: The Webseries" in Basic Drawing

Ainhoa Bolaños, Laia Palacios, directors of "Outsiders: The Webseries”, and Louise Good, EINA alumna and lead actress in the series, took part in a Basic Drawing session, with Mar Saiz, to talk to the students about their creative process, from the initial idea to the pilot episode.

26 November 2018

"¡Tris, tras!", book by Julia Abalde and Clara Sáez

Julia Abalde, alumna on the Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Illustration and Visual Communication Techniques, and Clara Sáez, former student on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design and the Specialisation Course in Illustration for Children's and Teenagers' Publications, form Pin Tam Pon and have just published "¡Tris, Tras!", a book of activities, stories and games for children aged between 6 and 12, published by Gustavo Gili.

"¡Tris, tras!", book by Julia Abalde and Clara Sáez
23 November 2018

Néstor Rives on the Postgraduate Diploma in Photography and Editorial Design

Néstor Rives, photographer and alumnus on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design, talks of his recent projects on the Postgraduate Diploma in Photography and Editorial Design, of which he is also a former student.

The bond constructed with the characters photographed, the process of taking their photographs, how he managed night-time visits to industrial estates, fear, friendship, death and loneliness are some of the subjects that emerged in the debate with the students.

Néstor Rives (Sant Just, Barcelona 1988) is a graphic designer and photographer. He has worked on photographic projects since 2013. In the majority of his work, he uses a hard and dark look aimed at documenting everyday subjects we don’t normally pay attention to but that, whether we like it or not, make up what we are as persons and as a society.

Selected for Descubrimientos PhotoEspaña 2016, Scan PhotoBook Tarragona 2016 and 2018, Biennal Art Contemporain JCE 2017, PhotoAlicante 2018, PA-TA-TA Festival 2017 and 2018, and others.

15 November 2018

Illustrators, EINA alumni, work on a charity calendar about women’s rights

A number of EINA alumni are part of the group of illustrators who have worked together on the calendar ‘A year of rights, a year of women’, an initiative of the Catalan Association for Peace, which aims to raise the profile of the human rights breaches that women around the world suffer.

It includes illustrations by Marta Bellvehí and Clara Sáez, former students on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design, Martina Tarabal, from the Master’s in Graphic Design, Lola Abenza and Lara Costafreda, from the Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Illustration and Visual Communication Techniques and Nadine Feghaly, from the Specialisation Course in Illustration for Children's and Teenagers' Publications.

"Un any de drets, un any de dones" 2019 calendar
4 October 2018

Gold Colibrí 2018 for the album book by illustrator Joceline Pérez Gallardo

The album book "The Girl Who Hid Too Much", published by Muñeca de Trapo Ediciones and written by Joceline Pérez Gallardo, alumni on the Specialisation Course in Illustration for Children's and Teenagers' Publications, has been awarded the Gold Colibrí 2018 medal. These awards are organised by IBBY Chile.

"La niña que se escondía demasiado", by Joceline Pérez Gallardo
21 September 2018

Participation of EINA teachers and alumni in the BLANC Festival

On 18, 19 and 20 October, Barcelona is hosting the BLANC Festival, in which teachers and alumni from EINA are taking part:

  • Carlos Álvarez, as part of the White Campus, with his Final Bachelor’s Degree Project "Linear"
  • Jordi Duró, alumni and teacher on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design
  • Javier Pereda and Anna Solsona (Esiete), alumni
  • Noe Blanco, teacher on the course in Advanced Font Development
  • Marc Català and Tilman Solé (Mucho), alumni and former teachers
  • Mario Eskenazi, former teacher and current member of the EINA Board of Trustees
BLANC Festival 2018
BLANC Festival 2018
13 September 2018

Exhibition: “6 Dialects, 1 World” at the EINA Barra de Ferro Arts Centre

“6 Dialects, 1 World” is an exhibition of jewellery as part of Joya Barcelona Art Jewelry Fair 2018, where abstract creations will be varied in both form and material, as each artist works in their own style to contribute to a discussion group. This is a reference to how people find different ways of expressing the same thing. What does being free mean? People have an idea of what freedom is, but can people really understand what is not freedom? Questions about freedom can be difficult subjects filled with grey areas based on everyone’s viewpoint. As we can see, there are many subjects that need to be debated with regard to freedom.

Taking part in the show are Clara Niubò, former student on the EINA Bachelor’s Degree in Design, together with Jordi Aparicio, Ignasi Cavaller, Carla Garcia Durlan, Sandra Llusà and William Rudolph Faulkner.

7 September 2018

TypeThursday comes to Barcelona

TypeThursday Barcelona, which is staged thanks to Álvaro Franca, Elena Peralta, Elisa Pérez, Ferran Riera, Edu Vidiella, Daniel Colmenares and Ramón Lozano, former students on the EINA Master's in Advanced Typography, with Ricard Garcia, is a monthly meeting aimed at designers who see letters when they close their eyes.

Taking part will be local lovers of letter design in all its disciplines, regardless of their level of experience. The main event is the Type Crit, a group correction of up to four current projects in letter design or the use of typography, where constructive critiques are offered.

More information and registration

TypeThursday Barcelona
24 July 2018

Javier Arizu, a former student at EINA, associate partner on Pentagram New York

Javier Arizu, a former student at EINA, explains his experience as Associate Partner on Pentagram Nueva York, one of the most prestigious design studios worldwide.

What do you remember most from your time at EINA?

Mornings between classes, the library, Laureano, but the best thing about EINA is its location, the park. It's a special place. When I say where I studied, people from here can't believe it.

When you finished your studies at EINA, what were your first steps professionally?

Before finishing my degree, during the third year, I did an internship at Mucho. It was interesting because they were also the mentors for the Final Project in my last year. When I was doing the Final Project, they offered me the possibility of working with them for a few months with the possibility of staying there. In the end, a spot opened up and I was there from April 2012 until August 2015.

After this period, I decided to make a change. Among my options was the possibility to go to another studio in Barcelona, but they all have a similar structure, so it didn't seem like there was a chance to grow too much. Another option was to start on my own, but I was only 24 and I thought I was too young. So, I decided to go abroad. My first idea was to go to London, because I thought going to the United States would be complicated in terms of visas. In the end I made up my mind and started contacting people.

My plan was to go to New York and go to interviews, but I only had one scheduled when it was time to leave Mucho. Just then, Guillem Casasús, who had been with Sagmeister, told me that they were looking for a designer for three months and asked me to send them my portfolio. I thought there was no chance they'd hire me, but they liked it and they wanted me there three weeks later. I had to leave Mucho early to go to Sagmeister for three months. It was a good test to see if I liked the city, the type of work, and the structure there, which is very different from what I experienced at Mucho. It was a huge learning process, but a month and a half later I decided I didn't want to stay with them, so I reconnected with the studios I had already contacted in New York. One of those studios was Pentagram, Natasha Jen is one of their partners.

I'd already returned to Barcelona when they told me they wanted me at Pentagram. That's where I've been ever since!

How did you become an Associate Partner at Pentagram?

Pentagram's structure is very horizontal. It has partners around the world (there are eight in New York), each with their own team, which might have between five and ten permanent designers and a few interns. Among the six designers on Natasha's team, the structure is like this: Intern, Junior Designer, Middle-Weight Designer, Senior Designer, then Associate Partner and Partner.

Are the tasks you're doing now different from what you did before?

It's what happens based on what you've been doing over time when you've shown that you're capable of taking on this position and that's how it has evolved, as I'll explain. I came on as a Senior Designer and catching on was hard, mentally most of all - their way of thinking, working, their tastes, because it's your client in the end, you know? It wasn't easy to adapt after having only one other experience and one other boss. The work dynamics are quite different, especially in terms of the creative process. Natasha is always more like the creative director and she lets us design.

What's the teamwork like and what role does each person have when starting on a project?

For a project, the Project Manager is in charge of logistics development. The Associate leads and submits proposals to the Partner, especially at the beginning of a project, then backs off and you continue with the project, meetings, and so on.

In terms of the process, there are initial phases for any project such as strategy, naming, and so on, and you have to be aware of what's going on to understand the direction the project is heading. When you start designing, two or three designers make design proposals and one person leads the project.

What are your plans for the future?

When I came here my plan was to stay for four or five years, to experience new things. But I don't know. I'm really happy here. I see it as a great opportunity to grow and to continue developing both professionally and personally. Meanwhile, Anna Berbiela, Guillem Casasús, Carlos Bermúdez (all EINA alumni), Albert Porta, and I created the Pràctica studio this year (www.practica.design). So, the next step is to "go all out" with our studio.

What do you think you learned at EINA that you were able to contribute as added value to your work?

Well, I think that initially, when I started working, what I remember appreciating most about EINA was being prepared in the field, having resources for the real world, doing final projects, or knowing how to do things right. Even though there's more to learn when we finish, we're constantly learning and improving. I think that the foundations you get from EINA are really solid and realistic, which gives you a great advantage when starting out. Here, for example, some of the schools set up the last year so you can go out into the world with a good portfolio that will allow you to find a job. That's fine, but it's another mentality that I think might make adaptation more complicated at first.

Looking back, I wouldn't have ever thought I'd end up here. I thought I didn't have the ability to come, but New York is full of foreigners. Actually, there are tons of people here who love the studios in Barcelona. At times, we tend to glorify things from abroad and think we're not able to work here.

6 June 2018

Rocío Belda and Berta Comellas take part in “Latent. Connecting business with the best talent from art and design schools”

Rocío Belda and Berta Comelles, alumni of the EINA Bachelor’s Degree in Design, will be taking part in “Latent. Connecting business with the best talent from art and design schools”, an event organised as part of Barcelona Design Week, which features the presence of nearly 60 design, architecture, fashion, audiovisuals and interactives schools that will be presenting themselves to companies and organisations.

“Latent” is an arena in which to discover the talent coming out of the design schools all over Catalonia and a meeting point for graduates, businesses and institutions working in the field of design.

Open to the public, the event will feature multiple simultaneous activities: talks in the form of conversations to get to know the experience of young people who are working for companies; arranged meetings between young people looking for what businesses want and vice versa; group workshops to deploy individual skills where young people, schools and businesses will work together to solve a challenge and get to know each other’s skills and motivations through practice; self-presentation booths; etc.

Latent. Connectem l'empresa amb el millor talent de les escoles d'arts i disseny
31 May 2018

Monica Toledo creates the poster for the 2018 Festa Major de Gràcia

Monica Toledo, former student on the specialisation course in Illustration for Children's and Teenagers' Publications at EINA, has created the poster for the 2018 Festa Major de Gràcia. Her poster was chosen from among 150 entries.

Time Out article

Photo: Josep M. Contel
8 May 2018

Workshop with Mermelada Estudio

The end of April saw a workshop led by Mermelada Estudio, as part of the Properties and Uses of New Materials subject, where the 3rd-year graphic design and visual creation students experimented with materials and manipulations with a methacrylate cube measuring 10 x 10 x 10 cm.

The members of Mermelada Estudio, two of them EINA alumni, introduced the students to the exercise with a presentation of how an existing product can be altered and modified just by making changes to its shell. Based on this methacrylate cube, the students were invited to modify it with deformations, cuts, coverings, the application of additions, applied graphics, paint or any other alteration.

8 May 2018

Köllen Design, winners of two Silver A’Design Awards & Competitions

Köllen Design, a team whose members are Oriol Campillo, Núria Jané, Adrián Soldado and Paula Terra, students and former students on the EINA Bachelor’s Degree in Design, has won two Silver A’Design Awards in the world’s largest design competition, which rewards the best designs and design concepts, products and services.

The two award-winning pieces are the Köllen Bookshelf, a bookshelf created by repeating pieces that adapt to the size and shape of the objects that it supports, and Köllen Tryk, an interactive wall hanger that enables different compositions to be created depending on their use at a given time.

Köllen Bookshelf (Silver A’Design Award) was presented at NUDE, the 2015 Feria Hábitat Valencia International Furniture Trade Fair, and has taken part in Innovation Room organised by the Renault Group and in the 2017 Barcelona Design Market. In 2018, it was selected to take part in the Milan Design Market.

Köllen Tryk (Silver A’Design Award) was presented at the Salone Satellite, Salone del Mobile Milano 2017, as part of the WAY ON project created by EINA for this trade fair, and in 2018 it was awarded first prize at the 4th edition of the Jordi Amat Design in Wood Competition.

The A’Design Award & Competition awards will be held on 29 June at Tremezzo Sightseeing’s Teatre Sociale on Lake Como (Italy). The winning products will form part of an exhibition that opens on 30 June.