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22 January 2019

Exhibition: SUBJECT[ə] Ode to resistance and fight against the everyday

The result of the collaboration between Núria Martínez Vernis, poet, and the Design of Ephemeral Spaces students in the second year of the Bachelor’s Degree in Design, is an exhibition revolving around the object and the subject, the central core of the subject.

Based on the poet’s extensive collection, the students immersed themselves in the sea of possibilities of order, generating four different exhibitions according to the four classes: “I Don’t Want to Buy Clothes Pegs”, “Peter Pincer”, “Journey to the Heart of Objects”, and “SUBJECT[ə]”. Finally, it’s the last one that can be visited until 16 February 2019.

“Subject is one of the fundamental components of a sentence and a syntactic function that is present in most schools of linguistics. It has a relationship of concordance with the verb. Without the verb, the subject is condemned to being and not doing, so every subject is bound to and in eternal need of an action.”

Exhibition: SUBJECT[ə] Ode to resistance and fight against the everyday
12 December 2018

Photography exhibition: "The Thorn and the Cure" by Marta Mas and Queralt Guinart

Marta Mas presents "The Thorn and the Cure", her first exhibition, which is curated by Queralt Guinart, a 4th-year student on the EINA Bachelor’s Degree in Design.

The show offers a reflection on the importance of sensitivity and treatments, within the framework of the current artistic product, beyond the conceptual aspect.

Through a visual and critical discourse, the exhibition not only shows her apparently aesthetic and beautiful portraits, but also works created through the construction of bonds, over a low heat, stating that the most honest truths are told by the voice that doesn’t judge.

To appeal to the viewer, to establish connections, to move. This way, she calls for a more human photography that moves us, that questions us without the need for a conceptual cushion that legitimises it. The work above the explanation of the work. And that is how Marta Mas finds her place, between the affliction and the cure. And now it’s for everyone.

"In this age that doesn’t see beyond the contingent and fleeting events, in this age of superfluous verbal diarrhoea, the greatest merit would be not to write, not to write, not to write, to stop writing. [...]But I continue to write, inexplicably, consumed by the deepest desire to tell a story."

Angellica Liddel

12 November 2018

"STRIP", Lluèrnia at the EINA Barra de Ferro Arts Centre

The light installations that 1st-year students on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design took to Lluèrnia, Festival of Fire and Light can be seen in an exhibition until 20 November at the EINA centre in Ciutat Vella.

STRIP, EINA at Lluèrnia 2018
7 November 2018

Exhibition: “Triunfar Estampando: the Making Of”

The exhibition: Triunfar Estampando: the Making Of highlights the processes, developments, experiences and original graphics that were developed to conceive the illustrative content of the paper publication "Triunfar Estampando” [Triumph Stamping], by the shop specialising in stamping systems and graphic solutions Vostok. The show tells of the secrets of this work and of how stamping is not just something for the cultured.

Triunfar Estampando not only offers a comprehensive analysis of some of the stamping techniques and graphic processes done by the Vostok shop, a benchmark in the field, but it also helps create new knowledge to start deciding for yourself.

The Vostok team is made up of creatives, illustrators, engravers and specialists in manual stamping techniques, including Alexis Rom, teacher on the Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Illustration and Visual Communication Techniques, and Carlos Alguacil, teacher on the summer courses in Silk-Screen Printing, Manual Stamping and Photogravure.

Exhibition: “Triunfar Estampando: the Making Of”
19 October 2018

Presentation of the book "L’impressor Rafael Figueró (1642-1726) i la premsa a la Catalunya del seu temps" at the EINA Barra de Ferro Arts Centre

Xevi Camprubí presents the book L’impressor Rafael Figueró (1642-1726) i la premsa a la Catalunya del seu temps [Printer Rafael Figueró (1642-1726) and the Printing Press in Catalonia at the Time], at the EINA Barra de Ferro Arts Centre, on the exact site where Rafael Figueró had his workshop. This is his doctoral thesis in Modern History from the University of Barcelona, which was awarded a grant by the Noguera Foundation (2014) that has enabled its publication. The thesis was awarded a runner-up prize in the Doctoral Faculty Prize of the University of Barcelona (2016). A summary of the work was awarded the Ferran Soldevila Prize for Historical Studies (2014).

Rafael Figueró (Manlleu, 1642 - Barcelona, 1726) was the official printer of the majority of the political institutions of Catalonia, including the General Provincial Council, the Royal Chancellery and the Military Arm. In 1706, King Carles III of Aragon appointed him royal printer in Catalonia.

L’impressor Rafael Figueró (1642-1726) i la premsa a la Catalunya del seu temps
3 October 2018

EINA at BIG DRAW 2018 - Barcelona

On Sunday 28 October, a number of venues in the Ribera, Santa Caterina and Sant Pere neighbourhoods in Barcelona, including the EINA Barra de Ferro Arts Centre, will be taking part in BIG DRAW, the Drawing Festival.

7 pecats i un mico is an experimental workshop, led by the Colectivo Baricela, made up of former students on the Specialisation Course in Illustration for Children's and Teenagers' Publications at EINA. In “Group Fanzines”, visitors are invited to take part in the group creation of 7 fanzines on various topics that will be created as an exquisite corpse of self-publishing.

Participants will be able to choose one or more fanzines and provide their own content, with texts and drawings, following the stories already planned and preparing the ground for the next graphic intervention.

BIG DRAW 2018 - Barcelona
26 September 2018

Drawing folder designed and silk-screen printed by Mireia Banchs

This academic year, we’ve got a brand new folder for our first-year students, designed and silk-screen printed by Mireia Banchs in the EINA Barra de Ferro Arts Centre workshop.

13 September 2018

Exhibition: “6 Dialects, 1 World” at the EINA Barra de Ferro Arts Centre

“6 Dialects, 1 World” is an exhibition of jewellery as part of Joya Barcelona Art Jewelry Fair 2018, where abstract creations will be varied in both form and material, as each artist works in their own style to contribute to a discussion group. This is a reference to how people find different ways of expressing the same thing. What does being free mean? People have an idea of what freedom is, but can people really understand what is not freedom? Questions about freedom can be difficult subjects filled with grey areas based on everyone’s viewpoint. As we can see, there are many subjects that need to be debated with regard to freedom.

Taking part in the show are Clara Niubò, former student on the EINA Bachelor’s Degree in Design, together with Jordi Aparicio, Ignasi Cavaller, Carla Garcia Durlan, Sandra Llusà and William Rudolph Faulkner.

12 September 2018

Exhibition: “An Homage to Fear”, by Laura Armengol

An Homage to Fear is a project created by Laura Armengol for her Final Degree Project on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design, tutored by Artur Muñoz in the 2017-2018 academic year, which has emerged from the emotion of fear as a tool of inspiration in painting. The result of this impulse are pictorial works that, together, form an exhibition.

An Homage to Fear is a project in which it is shown that even the most abstract emotions have a language in art, with a really different language depending on each person's mind. The exhibition seeks to arouse a feeling.

  • Musical selection: Jordi Figueras
  • With the collaboration of Sumarroca
5 September 2018

Exhibition: "Body Dynamics: Researching through Art and Design" at the Sant Lluc Artistic Circle in Barcelona

  • Opening 13 September at 7 pm
  • Exhibition 13 to 15 September 2018
  • Exhibition room of the Sant Lluc Artistic Circle in Barcelona

Body Dynamics: Researching through Art and Design is an exhibition project by eight students on the University Master's Degree in Research in Art and Design at EINA.

The creations that can be visited are part of the practical research processes carried out by the students to complete their Final Master's Degree Project. Having completed this academic phase, the research has materialised into professional productions exhibited in major cultural institutions in Barcelona.

The exhibition proposes a collective revision of the notion of the body in our present discursive environment, which is tackled from different points of view and through diverse procedures, techniques and formalisations. The idea-sharing highlights the depth of the research, the context analysis ability, argumentative meticulousness and contemporary nature of the formats and productions of the MURAD students. The show is conceived as a device designed to encourage the spectator to reconsider their preconceived ideas about the body, in a personal, social, symbolic, aesthetic, ethical, economic and political sense.

Coordination is by Tània Costa, and the participating artists are Marcela Barreiro, Olga Beltrán, Claudia Jaramillo, Alejandra Morales, Lucía Morales, Maria Pinell, Claudia Poblete, Loreto Sepúlveda, Sofía Silva, Mónica Ruiz.

With the collaboration of the Sant Lluc Artistic Circle; GdR Design Processes/Art and Design (in) for transition; MINECO FFI2015 -64138-P Generating Knowledge in Artistic Research: Towards an Alternative Account. A Meeting point of Philosophy, Art and Design; LAMURAD, Journal of Research in Art and Design.

C. Marcela Barreiro Moreira
2 July 2018

"Don't Erase" Exhibition by the students on the EINA Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Illustration

Thursday 12 July saw the opening of the "Don't Erase" exhibition, where visitors can see a series of projects produced by students on the [Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Illustration and Visual Communication Techniques] (https://www.eina.cat/ca/postgraus/diplomatura-de-postgrau-illustracio-creativa-i-tecniques-de-comunicacio-visual), coordinated by Philip Stanton.

Under the title of “Don’t Erase”, the students consider the importance of embracing mistakes and losing their fear of them to find the only and non-transferable way of illustrating, as mistakes are not the enemy, but travelling companions.

“There’s no quick way to becoming a successful illustrator, just as there’s no one way to illustrate, each one of us does and will continue to do it in our own way, but what’s clear is that to illustrate well, you need to do it without fear, with confidence and certainty both in your successes and in your mistakes, because that’s what makes a work excite us,” explain the students.

Illustrating is a process of trial and error, of making drafts, colour trials, repeating, crumpling up paper and throwing it away, going too far, not getting there and, above all: erasing.

The act of erasing gives us the possibility of putting right what we don’t like, it opens up new paths and, at the same time, it limits us. On the one hand, it allows us to edit everything we want to, but on the other, this infinity in correcting takes us to the extreme idea of reaching the right, exact and perfect point, which sometimes distances our work from the reality it’s illustrating: done on the basis of small mistakes.

In illustration, we always try to make everything perfect because in real life that’s impossible and we try to run away from mistakes, creating images under our control without realising that sometimes what’s correct and what makes our work transcend is precisely showing the mistake in all its glory, working with errors like we do in our everyday life: not erasing.

Participating illustrators: Alexia Adrover, Lucas Amaral, Eugenia Anglès, Martín Azpilikueta, Berta Cervilla, Maria de Balanzó, Andrea de Castro, Raquel Díaz, Laia Ebert, Bernardo Ferro Bagulho, Varvara Fomina, Santiago Gómez, Alicia Jimenez, Claudie Linke, Catalina Mekis, Rosario Merello, Constanza Olea, Belén Olivera, Adriana Páramos, Júlia Puig, Marc Rodríguez, Arantxa Rueda, Valentina Silva, Rut Tena, Ariadna Veas and Shuang Zhang.

With the collaboration of Sumarroca.

11 June 2018

Exhibition: "Centcelles en ús" by EINA students and alumni

Centcelles in Use is a collaborative project that presents the work of a number of designers, illustrators and creators, all based on the excuse of trying out and playing with a new typeface in a completely free project. All of the projects have been grouped together in an exhibition and a publication that will show the public not just the projects undertaken for this occasion, but also a presentation of each participant and their work and a presentation of the typeface in its present state.

The participants in the project are Esther Aguilà, Oriol Cabarrocas, Queralt Guinart, Paula Velasco and Albert Villegas (EINA students and alumni) and it features the collaboration of Adrià Batet, Aleix Font, Cristina Lavilla, Eva Jolis, Joan Manel Pérez, Lluís Chavarria and Oriol Vlat.

Centcelles, is a typeface created by Gerard Sierra in the fourth-year Typographic Creation subject taught by Andreu Balius and Ferran Milan in the 2017-2018 academic year.

  • Live music selection at the opening DJ Privilegio, new project by CrisCris.
  • With the collaboration of Winihard Gràfics
Exhibition: "Centcelles en ús" by EINA students and alumni
16 May 2018

"La seri me pone" (I Get Silk) exhibition at the EINA Barra de Ferro Arts Centre

  • Opening 22 may 2018
  • Exhibition 22 to 26 May 2018
  • Open mic session 24 May, 7 pm onwards
  • EINA Barra de Ferro Arts Centre, Barcelona
  • Times Monday to Saturday, 4 pm to 8 pm

On 22 May, the "I Get Silk” exhibition opens, a series of 7 silk-screen printed pieces in which each collaborator –C.R.Johnson, Irene Marcuello, Nikodem Marek, Cristina Morales, Vincent Nitenberg, Pili Osorio, Margarita Pérez, all of them students on the 4th year silk-screen printing course– talk of their experience with silk-screen printing and what it is that “they get” about this practice. The show is part of the Final Degree Project of Javier Fernández, tutored by Artur Muñoz.

"We’ve been hearing people talk for some years now of Industry 4.0, the revolution of digital processes, the Internet of Things, Smart Cities, etc. We’re living in an age where the digitalisation of production processes is leading to a change of mentality both in society and in design.

It’s very curious to see how, in these past few years in which the 4th industrial revolution has emerged, the return to manual production techniques appears to be trending. Why?

Is there really a trend for returning to the manual? Why is this? What sense does it make?"

Javier Fernández

16 May 2018

ExpoSURE 2018. Photographers as designers, designers as photographers

"ExpoSURE 2018. Photographers as designers, designers as photographers" is a collective exhibition open to all audiences with the work of the students of the Postgraduate in Photography and editorial design of EINA that will take place from May 31 to June 15 at EINA Barra de Ferro Arts Centre.

Photographers as designers or designers as photographers? The border is diluted by covering the projects of the edition of a photobook. The creative process requires taking multiple decisions, thinking and revaluing all the options before finalizing a project. The series of photographs and photobooks presented in this exhibition show the self-analysis and execution of an editorial project based on the most difficult, the own work.

All the artists have designed their own publication, which goes beyond showing the complete series of photographs and in most cases becomes a new artistic work in itself.

The students participating in this exhibition are: Nayla Kaiser, Macarena Pérez, Valentina Pulián, Cristóbal Riesco, Leonardo Santamaría and Ferran Suñer

Macarena Pérez
16 May 2018

Installation on emotional perception and sensation as the essence of design of spaces

  • From 6th to 14th June
  • Monday to Friday, from 4pm
  • EINA, Barcelona

“Experiential design. The perception and emotional feeling in the design of spaces” is the installation that you can visit from from 5th to 14th June at the main hall of the EINA headquarters.

From various design resources (colors, textures, materials, lighting...) sensations and emotions are transmitted to go beyond the traditional conception of what should be the design of a space, commonly associated with the application to the furniture.

This experiential creation has the aim of creating different spaces that generate a reaction on the visitor.

This project is part of the Final Degree Project of the Mention of Spaces of the student Anna Vicho.

Installation on emotional perception and sensation as the essence of design of spaces