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18 June 2018

8 June 2018

The stage design of "Jane Eyre” by Anna Alcubierre, MAX Awards finalist

The stage design of "Jane Eyre", by Anna Alcubierre, teacher of Stage Design in the 4th year of the Bachelor’s Degree in Design, is a finalist in the MAX Awards, which are held every year throughout Spain and which will be presented in Seville on 18 June.

The stage design of "Jane Eyre” by Anna Alcubierre, MAX Awards finalist
Picture: Ros Ribas, Teatre Lliure / Anna Alcubierre
5 June 2018

EINA and IDENSITAT are organising NEXES - Districts and artistic practices

On 29 and 30 June, EINA and IDENSITAT are organising the NEXES - Districts and Artistic Practices Day, with debates, project presentations and tables where local projects will be exchanged.

Round table "What is the impact of research applied to the transformation of districts?" with participation by Tània Costa and Octavi Rofes, both teachers on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design and on the University Master's in Research in Art and Design (MURAD), accompanied by Lilian Weikert García, Marc Martí-Costa and Sàgar Malé Verdaguer.

The scientific committee for selecting communications is overseen by the EINA Research Group Design and social innovation. Art and design in/for transition, with Adrià Garcia i Mateu, Ramon Parramon and Tània Costa, teachers on the MURAD, and former MURAD students, current doctoral candidates, Fiona Capdevila, Núria Saura and César Zabala.


1 June 2018

Presentation of the book “Triunfar Estampando”, by Carlos Alguacil and Alexis Rom

Alexis Rom, teacher on the postgraduate in Creative Illustration and Visual Communication Techniques and Carlos Alguacil, teacher on the summer courses in Silk-Screen Printing, Photogravure and Manual stamping: experimentation with templates, together with the team from Vostok Printing Shop, present “Triunfar Estampando” [Triumph Stamping], a DIY book of graphic techniques.

“Triunfar Estampando”, by Carlos Alguacil and Alexis Rom
© Vostok Printing Shop
30 May 2018

"Privació temporal de llibertat" (Temporary Loss of Liberty). Approach to research from the production process of artistic work

  • Thursday 31 May, 7 pm
  • Espai 8 (Ciutat de Granada 68, 3r pis, Barcelona)

Enric Mas presents the exhibition created in the workshop of Maria Helguera, former EINA teacher, in Poblenou.

The exhibition revolves around the project of re-editing the piece entitled Temporary Loss of Liberty, tackled this time as a work in progress and around the reflection that is derived from the work, which seeks to find the concomitances between the processes of research and of creating/producing artistic work. These can also be extrapolable to the design production processes and seek to provide a response to a demand that goes back a long way: that of the consideration of the subjects of Design and Art as fields likely to become research contexts in themselves, without the need to resort to collateral areas such as history, historiography, semiotics or philosophy.

The session is approached as a visit to the exhibition, which is showing just eight works, a brief reflection on the production process of the central piece, which give its title to the show, and a small debate on the key ideas that would support the arguments put forward previously.

Enric Mas has been an artist, doctor and teacher at EINA on the Mention in Visual Creation on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design – where he is currently the deputy director – since 1998. He is a member of the History and Design Studies Research Group (GRHED) and an associate lecturer in the Faculty of Education at Barcelona University, where he is also a Mention coordinator.

"Privació temporal de llibertat". Enric Mas
© Enric Mas
17 May 2018

"Incunabula, from the codex manuscript to the modern typographic book", exhibition curated by Albert Corbeto

Exhibition From 16 May to 16 June 2018

  • Espai Zero of the Biblioteca de Catalunya, Barcelona
  • Times Monday to Friday, 9 am to 8 pm. Saturday, 9 am to 2 pm

Until 16 June, you can visit the exhibition "Incunabula, from the codex manuscript to the modern typographic book](http://www.bnc.cat/Visita-ns/Exposicions/Els-incunables-del-codex-manuscrit-al-llibre-tipografic-modern)", curated by Albert Corbeto, art historian and teacher on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design, the Master's in Advanced Typography and the Master's in Graphic Design.

Related to the exhibition, on Thursday 31 May, at 6.30 pm, in the Sala de la Caritat, at the Biblioteca de Catalunya, Albert Corbeto will give a talk entitled “Incunabula, from the codex manuscript to the modern typographic book", which will end with a guided tour of the exhibition.

3 May 2018

Papers at the FHD Second Design and Francoism Symposium

You can now consult the various papers given by members of EINA at the Second Design and Francoism Symposium of the Design History Foundation.

24 April 2018

Gusti and Lluïsot take part in "Sketching, hospital report”

Several sketchers, including Lluïsot and Gusti, teachers on the Specialisation Course in Illustration for Children's and Teenagers' Publications, are opening an exhibition of sketches made in hospital, either as patients or as companions to family members.

The exhibition is part of the “Spirit of the Illustrator” cycle, organised by the Clarà Library. The opening will feature a conference-discussion moderated by Gusti and expert in the history of illustration Elenio Pico.

The 12 sketchers taking part are Àngels Prat, Cristina Curto, Gusti, Isabel Sanchez, Jorge Arranz, Kim, Lola Abenza, Lluïsot, Marta Fàbrega, Miguel Gallardo, Montse Fando and Sagar.

Sketching, reportatge hospitalari by Lluïsot
11 April 2018

Open Doors Day: 23 April – 10 am to 6 pm

The EINA Open Doors Day is an open and participative event for visitors to discover all there is to know about the Bachelor’s Degree in Design course that we teach. During the day, students on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design do activities and seminars relating to every subject and discipline on the course, while EINA teachers offer guided tours of the facilities and explain the methodology that we follow.

From 10 am to 6 pm
Tours every half hour

EINA teaching staff will guide you through the school’s facilities while commenting on all the details of the Bachelor’s Degree in Design university course that we teach and answer any queries and questions you might have.

On the tour, you’ll be able to see the work produced by EINA students on display in the school’s classrooms relating to the different professional disciplines taught: Graphic Design, Design of Spaces, Product Design, Visual Creation and Design Culture


  • Refugee / Mock-ups and Prototypes
  • Trompe-l’oeil / Drawing Workshop
  • EINA undertakes / Entrepreneurship
  • Drawn documentary
  • Visual Creation
  • Tour of the EINA Foundation art collection
  • The Race of the Century / Physics Applied to Design
  • Freed Books
  • Electronic devices! and ExpoJournals

Refugee / Mock-ups and Prototypes
Times: 10 am to 2 pm
Place: EINA Gardens

Students in the second-year Mock-ups and Prototypes subject, led by Ariadna Fàbregas and Amadeu Ventayol, reflect on the concept of refuge through the construction of life-sized prototypes with discarded or low-cost materials. Visitors can also see a display of the mock-ups that have been used as the basis for producing the final projects.

Trompe-l’oeil / Drawing Workshop
Times: 10 am to 2 pm
Place: Assembly Room

Students in the first-year Drawing Workshop subject, led by Albert Crispi and David Steegmann, will create two constructions in perspective on an existing element.

EINA undertakes / Entrepreneurship
Times: 10 am to 2 pm
Place: Classroom 8

Students in the third-year Entrepreneurship subject, led by Georgina Curtó, will explain their entrepreneurial projects and also take part in the tours of the school.

Drawn Documentary
Timess: from 10.30am to 2.30pm
Place: several spaces at EINA

The students of the Visual Creation Speciality with the teacher Philip Stanton will draw inside & outside EINA.

Visual Creation
Times: 10 am to 2 pm
Place: second floor

The Visual Creation mention offers a number of activities: visit a camera obscura, see how a mural intervention is developed through calligraphy or take part in a small silk-screen printing workshop. Participating teachers: Artur Muñoz, Keith Adams and Enric Mas.

Tour of the EINA Foundation art collection
Time: 1.30 pm
Place: EINA

Art historian and EINA teacher Àlex Mitrani will give a guided tour of EINA’s art collection.

The Race of the Century / Physics Applied to Design
Start of the race: 4 pm
Display of projects: from 10 am
Place: Front garden

Students in the first-year Physics Applied to Design subject, led by Raúl Oliva, will take part in the “Race of the Century” with a range of vehicles designed by the students especially for the occasion.

This activity includes an exhibition of the development of the projects and the 13 prototypes as well as the subsequent competition.

Freed Books
Times: 10 am to 6 pm
Place: various spaces in EINA

Choose the book you want to take away. In different spaces in EINA, you’ll find copies of publications labelled “freed book”, while on the second floor, the Library will have a stand with books that you can take away.

Electronic devices! and ExpoJournals
Times: 10 am to 6 pm
Place: Library (2nd floor)

Discover the electronic devices that are available to borrow in the display in the general room of the library, and consult the nearly 70 publications that we subscribe to according to principal subject matter in the library’s new acquisitions display.

The display cases on the ground floor will be showing work by students in the second year of the Elements of Identity course, led by Elena Bartomeu. First-year students in the Introduction to the Design Project subject will be exhibiting their work on the first floor.

In addition, EINA will be turned into a large exhibition space for all the projects produced by the students.

The distribution of the different specialities on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design this year will be:

Spaces Mention: Assembly Room.
Design Culture Mention: main entrance.
Graphic Mention: 1st floor foyer.
Product Mention: Classrooms 6 and 7 (1st floor).
Visual Creation Mention: 2nd floor.

The 2018 Open Doors day will include the participation of students and former students on the Master's and Postgraduate Courses: Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Illustration and Visual Communication Techniques and the Specialisation Course in Illustration for Children's and Teenagers' Publications

9 March 2018

"Mountains of the Soul” Exhibition, by Maria Bofill, curated by Anna Pujadas

Anna Pujadas, teacher and director of EINA, together with the lamandarina design studio, have curated and planned the exhibition of ceramicist Maria Bofill entitled "Mountains of the Soul".

In the exhibition, Maria Bofill has focused on mountains, with Montserrat always very much in mind. Bofill offers ceramic mountains; some are literal mountains, miniatures in porcelain or stoneware; others capture the meaning of mountains but through other forms (such as capitals or clouds).

© Anna Pujadas
9 March 2018

“A Troupe of Errant Sensations,” by Jo Milne

A Troupe of Errant Sensations exhibition, with work by Jo Milne, teacher on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design and on the MURAD, is a series of images and objects created in response to the question of how to see what we can’t see. The exhibition has been designed as a response to the different approaches developed in the field of theoretical physics and microbiology to visualise invisible structures at a glance. It responds to cosmological proposals, such as string theory and loop quantum gravity, speculations based on mathematical formulae, hypothetical and speculative models that still have no empirical proof. Cutting, collage and recomposition processes used to represent the capture of cells and tissues recorded in microbiology simultaneously trace links between the worlds of microcosms and macrocosms while at the same time between quantum physics and the landscapes of Lucretius. The exhibition proposes a journey through a troupe of errant sensations to see beyond the world experienced by the imagination of science and the poetry of Lucretius.

The series of paintings and installations do not intend to illustrate but to respond to these scientific landscapes, creating a dialogue between science and art, between objectivity and subjectivity, one that discusses the different ways of visualising what can’t be seen. The exhibition responds to the irresistible attraction of creating and displaying new interpretations of the world while trying to make visible or intuit what isn’t seen.

26 February 2018

"Graphic Design and Public Administration", article by Oriol Pibernat in Graffica

Oriol Pibernat, teacher on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design, the MURAD and the Master’s Degree in Product Design and Editing, is the author of the article, "Graphic Design and Public Administration" published by Gràffica in number 8 of its journal.

22 February 2018

Participation in the FHD Second Design and Francoism Symposium

Several members of EINA will be taking part in Design and Francoism II at the Design History Foundation, a symposium aimed at exploring the conditions under which material and visual culture in Spain evolved under Franco and how design forged ahead in a setting filled with contradictions.

Friday 23 February

3 pm

  • Design and modernity in humorous illustration under Franco - Àlex Mitrani, teacher at EINA
  • Tuset Street - Tuset Triste? - Guillem Celada, former student on the MURAD and member of the History and Design Studies Research Group (GRHED) at EINA

5 pm

  • Digital humanities as allies of the history of design: the case of the chronology of the history of EINA (1967-2017) - Rubén Alcaraz, Manager of the EINA Archive
  • Spain in the 1951, 1954 and 1957 Triennials: cultural diplomacy and image of modernity - Oriol Pibernat, teacher at EINA

Book of abstracts

Pérez de Rozas (1954). Bendición de un biscúter el día de San Cristobal. Arxiu Fotogràfic de Barcelona.
Pérez de Rozas (1954). Bendición de un biscúter el día de San Cristobal. Arxiu Fotogràfic de Barcelona.
8 February 2018

"Fragmented Connections", by Carlos Alguacil

On 25 January, "Fragmented Connections” opened, a project by Carlos Alguacil, teacher on the summer courses in Silk-Screen Printing, Manual Stamping: Experimentation with Templates and Photogravure.

The backlit installation of the centre’s window display reveals traces of nature that speak of transit and the passage of time, a fragmented landscape that is reformulated on the basis of multiple images in which silence and contemplation predominate.

“... I am currently trying to look more closely at a series of plastic practices directly derived from the observation, connection and reflection of the natural environment and the landscape, beyond its physical value, beyond its conceptual value. The physical value of walking becomes part of the creative process.” [...].

"Connexions Fragmentades", by Carlos Alguacil
7 February 2018

“Tirant lo Blanc. A pictorial narration of the best book in the world”, by Francesc Artigau

Francesc Artigau, former teacher (between 1975 and 2009) and current collaborator on the Basic Drawing subject on the EINA Bachelor’s Degree in Design, is exhibiting original drawings and paintings in tribute to the novel by Joanot Martorell Tirant lo Blanc.

The 250 water colours and casein paintings in the exhibition constitute the nucleus of a series of 370 originals that the artist produced between 2005 and 2006 to illustrate a future book-collector’s edition of the monumental novel.

"Tirant lo Blanc. Una narración pictórica del mejor libro del mundo", by Francesc Artigau