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26 February 2018

"Graphic Design and Public Administration", article by Oriol Pibernat in Graffica

Oriol Pibernat, teacher on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design, the MURAD and the Master’s Degree in Product Design and Editing, is the author of the article, "Graphic Design and Public Administration" published by Gràffica in number 8 of its journal.

19 December 2017

"Count Macula", talk by Lluís Serra (Senyor Estudi)

  • 09/01/2018
  • 11.30 am
  • EINA Conference Hall
  • Open to the public

Through the Graphic Arts subject on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design, led by Xaver Alamany and Enric Garrido, and the Graphic Production subject on the Master’s Degree in Graphic Design, with Lluc Massaguer, the talk on "Count Macula" will be given by Lluís Serra, from Senyor Estudi, where he will speak of some of his projects where the choice of support, the printing system or the manipulation and other technical aspects have contributed an added value or have even become their conceptual basis.

Lluís Serra studied graphic design at EINA and, together with Mireia Sais, an industrial engineer, he founded Senyor Estudi, a small interdisciplinary and graphic design workshop. The search for simple solutions, bespoke solutions and love of typography have led to their winning a number of LAUS and ADC*E awards.

1 December 2017

Project by Rai Pinto and Dani Rubio at the "Can Graphic Design Save Your Life?” exhibition

Until 14 January, visitors can see the "Can Graphic Design Save Your Life?" exhibition at the Wellcome collection in London, in which Rai Pinto and Dani Rubio, alumni and teachers of Properties and Uses of New Materials for Design geared towards Graphic Design and Visual Creation in the 3rd year of the Bachelor’s Degree in Design, have taken part. Their graphic application project can be seen at the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu.

Articles in The Times, BBC, CNN, Widewalls and Eyeondesign.

© Rai Pinto + Dani Rubio
22 November 2017

The "igraphic" project awarded a prize at the 19th European Newspaper Awards

The igraphic infographic project, by Paula Terra and Núria Jané, fourth-year students on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design, has been awarded a prize in the 19th European Newspaper Awards in the Infographics Online category.

The awards will be presented at the European Newspaper Congress, which will be held in Vienna from 13 to 15 May 2018.

igraphic is a cross-disciplinary infography project developed by planning a new publication model. It contains infographics adapted to different formats, both digital and paper. The design of the various elements aims to differentiate them and innovate compared with usual publications, presenting the contents visually and dynamically. The project includes the design of a brand identity that arises from the ‘igraphic’ naming, a name that refers to the connotations of the ‘i’ prefix that the name itself presents, based on which a number of pieces have been developed.

21 November 2017

Final Degree Project Prizes of the Official Graphic Design Association

The Official Graphic Design Association has published the results of the Final Degree Project Prizes, where it called recently qualified professionals to submit their Final Degree Projects done between the 2011/2012 academic year and now.

The list of prize-winning and selected candidates includes the projects Fusion Smart Energy by María Caravaca and A-Creixement by Pol Pintó.

TFG by María Caravaca
16 November 2017

Behind the Curtain: reinterpretation of the Liceu 2017-2018 opera season

Students on the Infography subject in the 4th year of the Bachelor’s Degree in Design, with Jordi Català, are reinterpreting the posters of the operas in the Gran Teatre del Liceu 2017-2018 season, adding and integrating elements of services for each one in the “Behind the Curtain” exhibition.

The students have developed their own version of each opera, following parameters of minimum conditions required of an infographic action: information to be conveyed, reflection, arrangement, hierarchy, synthesis and visualisation.

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to see the free and considered interpretations, in mural and audiovisual format, that the students have worked on this project.

With the collaboration of Moritz

27 October 2017

@DEMOCRAZY_REAL on Instagram, promoted by Guillem Casasús

Guillem Casasús, EINA alumni and teacher of Art Direction on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design, has promoted the @DEMOCRAZY_REAL project on Instagram, where he brings together graphic expressions under the premise of "This is not about YES or NO, this is about Democracy, and freedom of speech!" inviting people to send in proposals emerging from the current political and social situation in Catalonia.

Article "[Denuncias visuales que piden libertad de expresión y democracia"] (Visual denunciations that call for freedom of expression and democracy)(https://graffica.info/democrazy_real/) in graffica.info

18 October 2017

Participation in the poster exhibition "Això és una paret pública" (That’s a public wall)

  • 20 October to 12 November
  • Disseny Hub, Barcelona

Andreu Balius, teacher on the Master's Degree in Advanced Typography, and Mario Eskenazi, former teacher and current member of the board of trustees of the EINA Foundation, will be taking part in the exhibition "That’s a public wall", curated by David Torrents and Marc Martí.

Visitors can also see works by TwoPoints.Net, Raúl Goñi, Ladyssenyadora, David Ricart, David Torrent and Jacqueline Molnár

The exhibition is a reflection on the traditional advertising columns in Barcelona at the end of the nineteenth century and which in recent years have disappeared from Barcelona’s streets.

Staged in collaboration with BCD, the exhibition highlights the importance of these spaces, explaining their historical function.

"Això és una paret pública" exhibition
29 September 2017

Pilar Gorriz at the Blanc Festival 2017

Pilar Gorriz, lecturer on the Bachelor's Degree in Design and on the Postgraduate in Photography and Editorial Design, will be giving a lecture at the BLANC, graphic design festival held in Barcelona on 20 and 21 October.

20 September 2017

Motion Graphics projects 2016/2017

The start of classes in the 2017/2018 academic year saw the presentation of the video on last year’s projects in the Graphics in Movement subject , in the 4th year of the Bachelor’s Degree in Design at EINA, taught by Diego Fernández.

Projects by Marcel Amills, Carme Alcoverro, Paula Cardona, Ana Llimona, Iria Martínez, Irene Morales, Juan Manuel Lopez, Mauricio Melgar, Clàudia Orellana, Àngels Rambla, Paula Terra, Miquel Vila and Sara Zamora.

Motion Graphics projects 2016/2017
15 September 2017

Participation in the Creatus Dominus graphic design festival

On 29 and 30 September, Sant Cugat hosts Creatus Dominus, a free, cross-disciplinary design and creativity festival, where teachers and former students at EINA will be taking part:

Xavier Alamany and Lluc Massaguer, teachers on the Bachelor’s Degree and the Master’s Degree in Graphic Design, will be taking part in the discussion Errors, #tengoalgoqueconfesar, moderated by Alba Serra, former student at EINA.

Keith Adams will be running the Calligraphy Workshop and Oriol Miró, teacher on the Master’s Degree in Advanced Typography, will be part of Calligraphy v Lettering v Typography, championing Calligraphy, where Arcàngela Regis, former student and teacher on the summer course in Experimental Typography, will be championing Typography.

Besides this, Nikita Bashmakov, former student and teacher on the Design Degree, will be taking part in Case Studio.

You can consult the programme and speakers.

Creatus Dominus Festival 2017
24 July 2017

Public presentations of the end of year Master in Graphic Design masters projects

Public presentations will be held on the 12th, 13th and 14th of September 2017 of the end of year Master in Graphic Design masters projects of the 2016/2017 course.

12th September

Tribunal Anna Llàcer, Anna Majó, Lluc Massaguer

  • 16.00h - Paula Serrano Muñoz - Àngels Dolços
  • 16.45h - Júlia Valldolitx Tarrés - Catàleg de patrimoni en perill
  • 17.30h - Irati Antia Zuaznabar - Identidad visual de un espacio para la reutilización de objetos en desuso
  • 18.15h - Yolanda López Silvestre - El banco del tiempo
  • 19.00h - Sarah Ortega - Proyecto editorial

13th September

Tribunal Xavier Alamany, Anna Majó, Lluc Massaguer

  • 16.00h - Marc Juanola Fulladosa - Identitat gràfica d’un restaurant
  • 16.45h - Laia Gabriel Roca - Mujeres poetas
  • 17.30h - Andrés Antonio Gutiérrez Mas - Custom Kubrick
  • 18.15h - María Alejandra Núñez Pereira - Guaraní para principiantes

14th September

Tribunal Xavier Alamany, Anna Fuster, Claudio Molina

  • 16.00h - Beatriz Gómez Pérez - Rediseño UX/UI de la app Filmin
  • 16.45h - Laia Faiges Llauradó - PatxScrap. Redisseny del web de productes artesanals
  • 17.30h - Jóse Navarro Martínez - Re diseñando la experiencia de leer las noticias en línea
  • 18.15h - Oscar Mata Carlús - Electron: un comic digital
Public presentations of the end of year Master in Graphic Design masters projects
13 July 2017

Some fifty graphic proposals for EINA50years

2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of EINA, in 1967. One of the ways to celebrate this is by showing the creative wealth of EINA and the diversity of people linked to it. This circumstance arises especially in the field of graphics, so we decided not to limit the anniversary to just one graphic identifier but, to remain faithful to the idea, ensure that different generations and years of teachers and former students at EINA are represented, inviting some fifty graphic designers with links to the school to take part in this initiative.

Between 12 June and mid-September, we will be publishing one of the proposals every day, both in this EINA blog and on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

EINA50anys Mario Eskenazi
3 July 2017

Laus Awards 2017

The Laus awards ceremony, which was organised by the Association of Graphic Designers and Art Directors of the FAD (ADG-FAD) took place last June. Among the winners we have former professors, former students and students of the Degree in Design of EINA. These are some of the winners:

The Honor Laus was given to Enric Aguilera, former professors of EINA Projects, for his "contribution and his professional career as a highest exponent of the packaging in the large use."

Josep Muñoz, recent graduate of EINA's Degree in Design, with his Final Project ‘Analitic Journal’, was given the Young Talentaward, to the best work in the student category, from which the data analysis, the value of computer graphics, and a great strategic decision as an axis of the project have been highlighted. "In a time of post-truth and the overdose of speculation, we appreciate the sobriety of design to the communication service", said the jury.

The Golden Laus was given to "Dual Magazine", by Marc Calafal and Josep Muñoz, recent graduates of EINA's Degree in Design.

Silver Laus given to Alambí, Degree's Final Prject by Judith Bosch Castro, recent graduate of EINA's Degree in Design.

Golden Laus given to "Don Alonso de Suquia" by Carlos Bermúdez and Guillem Casasús, former students, in collaboration with Albert Prota.

Golden Laus given to Fundació Sorigué's Website by Natural, in which Manel Font, Xavier Grau, and Andrea Casas, EINA former students, are part.

Golden Laus given to Latorre Punset by Lo siento studio, in which Gerard Miró, and Edgar Mestre, former students of EINA, are part.

Analitic Journal, TFG by Josep Muñoz
27 June 2017

Finalist Students at The Laus Awards

The ceremony of the Premis ADG Laus 2017, will be held next Friday 30th of June, in which the verdict of the jury will be pronounced. In this edition, the finalist students from EINA are Judith Bosch, Marc Blanes, Marc Catafal, Josep Muñoz, and Judit Sánchez.

The ADG Laus night is part of the FADFEST, which starts on June 27.

Nit LAUS 2017