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9 January 2019

Talk: "Lighting Design" by Maurici Ginés

  • Wednesday 16 January, 6 pm
  • EINA, Barcelona
  • Open to the public

As part of the Master in Design of Spaces Maurici Ginés will be giving a talk on "Lighting Design".

“What is it about light? Its intangibility and its ability to surprise. The experience of shaping something without form is a challenge that fascinates me”.

Maurici Ginés, artec3 founder.

In his over 20 years of experience, Maurici Ginés has contributed to the lighting design of over 400 national and international projects, including museums and exhibitions, residential and corporate, leisure and retail, hotels and restaurants, natural light, urban and landscape lighting, master plans and media, and façade projects.

With offices in Barcelona and Mexico City, he has developed a unique lighting design process that emerges from the conceptualisation of ideas and development of design strategies.

 Toreo, artec3
© Photo: Enrique Macías
12 December 2018

The project design of the Acompanya’m centre, by Rai Pinto and Dani Rubio, wins Best of Year Prize by Interior Design Magazine

Rai Pinto and Dani Rubio, alumni and teachers on the EINA Bachelor’s Degree in Design, have won one of the Best of Year Prizes organised for the last 13 years by Interior Design Magazine, for the interior design and applied graphics project for the Acompanya’m Therapy Unit, a residential centre at Hospital Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona for children with high-complexity mental disorders.

Around 2,000 projects from all over the world were submitted for the prizes, of which 586 were finalists in the 133 categories called between space projects and products. The interior design and applied graphics project for the Acompanya’m centre won in the Greater Good category.

The awards ceremony was held on Friday 30 November at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York.

Acompanya’m by Rai Pinto and Dani Rubio
14 November 2018

Lena Oliveres and Anna Vicho, finalists in the CoDIC Final Degree Project Awards

The final Bachelor’s Degree in Design projects by Lena Oliveres and Anna Vicho, students at EINA, are finalists in the 20th Final Degree Project Awards held by the Catalan Association of Interior Designers and Decorators (CoDIC).

Ñire, creation of a social space using waste, the Final Degree Project by Lena Oliveres, proposes the creation and construction of a space where the people of Ushuaia (Argentina) meet and congregate around a single element: the oven. The space acts as an example and reference point in terms of construction methods based on waste and offers knowledge of the distribution and application of waste depending on the location and external agents.

In the area of how design can help in managing emotions, the final project by Anna Vicho, nineteen. The process of grieving over death, is a travelling light installation that deals with the grieving process over death through a journey centred around the theory of psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. This experiential space shows the various states and feelings and is open both to people who have gone through this process and people who have not.

TFG by Anna Vicho
12 November 2018

Participation in the Christmas lighting of shop window displays in Sarrià - Sant Gervasi

Students on the Interior Design of Commercial Spaces course, in the 4th year of the Bachelor’s Degree in Design, led by Iñigo Correa, are taking part in "Christmas Lights Light Up Trade", an initiative of BCD Barcelona Centre de Disseny and Barcelona City Council, aimed at innovating and revitalising traditional local retail trade in the different neighbourhoods of Barcelona as part of the Christmas campaign.

From 22 November, the following projects can be seen in place: COME WELL WELL COME, at Cookiteca (Major de Sarrià, 74), a project by Anna Rebecca Fdz-Checa, Mar Marqués, Paula Robles and Carla Traveria; EP!, at Mota Descans (Major de Sarrià, 73), a project by Paula Caparrós, Elisa Costábal, Carla López, Anna Marcó and Pau Vila; TU I JO, at Brodats Fil a Fil (Major de Sarrià, 5), a project by Eleonora Cappellacci, Aina Facchi, Marc Gómez de Urrutia, Maties Tortosa and Anna Urretavizcaya.

Also taking part are students Sofía Aguilera, Pablo Barangé, Marina Chiva, Gabriela Eskenazi, Laura Ferrer, Inés Martínez, Laura Mendoza, Judit Molins and Helena Pérez.

Eleonora Cappellacci, Aina Facchi, Marc Gómez de Urrutia, Maties Tortosa, Anna Urretavizcaya
31 October 2018

Temporary intervention at the Palau dels Marquesos de Sentmenat

Students on the Master in Design of Spaces have carried out a number of temporary intervention projects in the home of EINA with the aim of highlighting and re-evaluating the historical evolution of the building, the old Palau dels Marquesos de Sentmenat. The series of temporary interventions can be seen until mid-November.

The focus of the various pieces of work is both generic and centred on a significant aspect of the building and its history. The students on the master’s degree have had to understand and interpret the evolution experienced by the building through the study of a range of materials, including photographs and plans.

11 October 2018

Project in collaboration with the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya "Design of a Family Space in the Museum”

Students on the 3rd-year course on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design Space Design Environments, with Anna Alcubierre, have visited the exhibition entitled "Gala Salvador Dalí. A Room of One’s Own in Púbol" at the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, where they began the collaboration project on "Design of a Family Space in the Museum”.

25 May 2018

"Desplegable" (Foldable) Project, finalist at Habitàcola 2018

The "Desplegable” project, by students Anna Rebecca Fdz-Checa, Mar Marqués and Oriol Carbonell, on the 3rd year of the Bachelor’s Degree in Design, tutored by Rosa Clotet, Miquel Espinet and Raúl Oliva, is a finalist in the 30th Habitàcola Prizes.

The Habitàcola Prizes are a competition for students with the aim of highlighting the importance of creativity, social commitment and professional rigour among organisations and the general public, providing support and promoting new initiatives, new approaches and new emerging talents.

The subject chosen for this year offers a reflection on reading spaces and promoting reading in the public space, Mobile Library Reading, in line with a reality that exists and that merits a satisfactory and definitive solution: mobile library stops and their environment.

"Foldable" proposes a system of different stages of assembly, according to different uses, which ultimately become stages that can host plays and debates, film screenings and group audio books.

13 December 2017

The Hipermerc'Art shop window at the Moritz Store

  • 30 November 2017 to 7 January 2018
  • Moritz Store, Barcelona

Following the Habitàcola Award for the Triplay project, which was won by students on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design Irene Morillas, Maria Terrisse and An Yi, they have designed the shop window of the Hipermerc'Art at the Moritz Store, which can be visited until 7 January.

The proposal portrays Hipermerc’Art literally. Playing with the neon profiles, the aim is to embellish it aesthetically and highlight one of the most representative elements of a hypermarket, the “shopping trolley”, while introducing the idea of affordable art for everyone.

11 December 2017

Design of the Christmas decoration on the façade of La Pedrera

  • Opening Wednesday 13, at 7 pm, at the La Pedrera auditorium.
  • 14 December to 8 January
  • La Pedrera, Barcelona

Damià Araujo, Pia Callís, Jordi Farriol, Luis Gimeno and Miriam Rodergas, students on the Design of Ephemeral Spaces subject, in the 2nd year of the Bachelor's Degree in Design, led by Judit Colomer and Octavi Rofes, have been commissioned to design the Christmas decoration of the façade of the Casa Milà, popularly known as La Pedrera. The installation is a volumetric representation where the three-dimensional and deconstructed vision of the traditional Christmas tree reflects the end of the year and family celebrations.

The proposal is an accumulation of light bulbs of different sizes placed on the first-floor balcony, on the façade. The idea is that a great and overwhelming mass of light can be seen from the street. Because of its simplicity and look, the traditional light bulb is the ideal element to create this 3D representation. In addition, the interspacing of different sizes of light bulbs adds volumetric contrast and reflects sunlight in different directions during the day.

28 November 2017

“Something’s Cooking Here”, participation in the Christmas lighting of shop window displays in Sarrià

Anna Dalmases, Queralt Guinart and Gina Sala, students on the Interior Design of Commercial Spaces subject in the 4th year of the Bachelor's Degree in Design, with Anna Bach, are taking part with their project “Something’s Cooking Here”, in the BCD Barcelona Centre de Disseny initiative, with the support of Barcelona City Council and the collaboration of Eix Sarrià, to revitalise trade on Carrer Major de Sarrià, as part of the Christmas campaign.

The intervention by the EINA students has been at the Cookiteca a cookery workshop-store on Carrer Major de Sarrià, in Barcelona.

This project will see the light on Thursday 30 November at a shop window opening ceremony. Immediately afterwards, there will be a popular vote to identify the most innovative shop window display.

The aim of this action is to innovate in retail shops, and 10 shops and 7 design schools have been invited to create special window displays. The essential idea is that Christmas lights, confined until now to the street, should enter and light up the shop windows and become an essential part of a shop window design project.

5 July 2017

"TriPlay" project winner in the Habitàcola Awards

The Triplay project, created by Design Degree students Irene Morillas, Maria Terrisse and An Yi, and tutored by Miquel Espinet, have been awarded the Habitàcola Award 2017 (ex aequo).

The jury's assessment was that “despite being a proposal based on the design of a modular system, which imbues the whole with uniformity and coherence, it focuses on solving spaces that foster different ways of living the courtyard space. It proposes solutions that are versatile, mobile and adaptable, besides being viable.”

1 June 2017

Chat “Interioritats. Pensar, dissenyar i materialitzar” (Interiors. Think, design, and materialise)

Within the framework of the Master in Interior Design, there will be an open talk "Interiors. Think, design, and materialise" with Anna Alcubierre, set designer and teacher at EINA, Jordi Badia, architect, and Tomàs López, interior designer, former student and former professor at EINA. The session will have the reflexion on the interior design process from three different areas as a main theme.

17 May 2017

"TriPlay" project, finalist at Premis Habitàcola

TryPlay project, carried out by students of the Degree in Design, Irene Morillas, Maria Terrisse, and An Yi, and tutored by Miquel Espinet, was finalist at Premis Habitàcola 2017.

Premis Habitàcola, by ArquinFAD, were created in 1987, in order to promote the reflection about the new theoretical within the field of design and architecture, as well as discuss, along with the schools, about solutions and innovative points of view related concerning different topics of social interest, proposed in each meeting.

The topic chosen for these awards has always addressed relevant aspects for society as well as unsolved current issues. This edition presents a new reflection - which is too often ignored - about the role of design in schoolyards, which is simultaneously a space to play and learn, but also a space of freedom in which children establish social relationships in which conflicts such as the lack of gender equity arise.

TriPlay is an innovative proposal to change the structure of today's schoolyards. It is made up of modules that can be easily moved and assembled by students. New ludic and pedagogical platforms can be created by putting the modules together. Thus, we can save schoolyards' problems by using simple pieces. The strength of this proposal resides in its versatility, because it can be set in any type of schoolyard.

20 April 2017

Book "L’interiorisme comercial com a patrimoni. Una aproximació des del món del disseny" (Commercial Interior Design as Heritage. An Approach From the World of Design)

You can find the book "Commercial Interior Design as Heritage. An Approach From the World of Design" presented on April 5 in the library La Capelland La Central in Barcelona.

You can also check the digital version in PDF.

28 March 2017

Presentation of the book "Commercial Interior design as heritage. An approximation from the world of design" by GRHED

EINA's History and Design Studies Research Group (GRHED in Catalan), presents the book *Commercial Interior Design as Heritage. An Approximation from the world of design", research study, as documentation and example of a historical overview on the modern commercial interior designs now extinct in Barcelona. On the occasion of the presentation of the book, there will be a roundtable to discuss the issue of the disappearance of the shops with heritage value from the design point of view, in which specialist in the sector, such as Xavier Olivella, architect, and director of the Institut Municipal del Paisatge Urbà i de la Qualitat de Vida de l'Ajuntament de Barcelona, will take part. Other specialist including, Manuel Ruisánchez (Architect, professor at EINA, president of the EINA Foundation, Vocal of Culture at COAC; Enric Steegmann. Architect, Former Director of the Departament de Patrimoni Arquitectònic de l'Ajuntament de Barcelona; Àlex Mitrani. Professor at EINA, coordinator of the book.

The book, elaborated by the History and Design Studies Research Group (GRHED), helps preserve the ephemeral nature of the commercial interior design and protect and generate cultural, symbolic, human and monetary value to Barcelona and its citizens. It claims the heritage dimension of the world of commercial design and collaborates in the quantitative definition of Barcelona's urban identity, and its future. It also brings the value of design brack from the oblivion, It can be a model for other shops.

The development of the research has involved the organization of three working sessions at EINA and a roundtable held at Col·legi de Periodistes de Catalunya with the participation of several specialists. The considerations, observations, recommendations and allegation were collected and sent to the Ajuntament de Barcelona (City Council of the City of Barcelona), and have been taken into consideration in the Urban Plan for the Protection of the Urban Quality: Architectural, Historical and Landscape protection catalogue of the Establishments of Barcelona, approved in February 2016.

The GRHED has edited this book, that places value on the commercial interior design in Barcelona, from an academic point of view.

Book "Commercial Interior design as heritage. An approximation from the world of design" by GRHED