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3 May 2018

"Research Processes in Art and Design. MURAD 2018," Artistic Research and Design seminars

Various interventions will take place from 4 to 18 May as part of the "Research processes in art and design. MURAD 2018" Conference on Research in Art and Design, which is part of the research process for the Final Master’s Degree Project of the University Master's in Research in Art and Design, (MURAD).

Taking part are: Xavier Alamany, Marcela Barreiro, Pau Minguet, Alejandra Morales, Alba Morí, Maria Pinell, Claudia Poblete, Loreto Sepúlveda, Sofia Silva

Huitlacoche and other passions

Alejandra Morales 4, 5, 7 and 8 May

Part exhibition, part research, this event seeks to establish relationships between what we know about Mexico and what is created about it every day. Similarly, it examines how traditional cuisine associated with Mexico may condition conversations and social relationships.

Bodies in transition

Olga Beltrán
9, 10, 11 and 12 May

This is the first retrospective of the work by the artist and focuses on 1977 – two years after the death of Franco – when she came to live in Barcelona from her native Ecuador. Recognised for her political commitment and her feminist perspective, her work takes a critical look at the mechanisms of power in a state transitioning from a dictatorship.

(Dis)informing a Space

Maria Pinell, Pau Minguet, Alba Morí, Claudia Poblete, Xavier Alamany
14, 15 and 16 May

(Dis) informing a Space is a project that was designed to question the methodologies used by institutions when they impose symbolic narratives on different public spaces. At this open research conference, we will reveal and contextualise the intervention carried out at the Sant Pau del Camp Gardens, in the Raval district, and we will look for one new space in which to develop ways to counteract the homogenising and excluding discourses of the agencies of power that make the multiple realities and voices that constitute ANY space invisible.

Bodies in the Gerund

Claudia Poblete, Loreto Sepúlveda, Sofia Silva
17 and 18 May

To display body movements during the practice of sewing, drawing and graphic design, the bodies working on this are made invisible in order to neutralise the person doing it.

"Research Processes in Art and Design. MURAD 2018," Artistic Research and Design seminars
25 April 2018

Presentation of the chronology of EINA online

Last 24 April saw the presentation at the EINA Barra de Ferro Arts Centre of the chronology of EINA online, a resource that provides a list of relevant events and processes to anyone interested that enables them to follow the story of our school, which has been teaching design and art in Barcelona since 1976.

However, it is important to understand the unique nature of EINA, which, much more than simply an institution that trains creators and designers, has been a platform for the confluence of ideas, a springboard for creative proposals and a hub of cultural agitation.

18 April 2018

EINA is taking part in the First Political Choreography Conference: “Mapping the New Forms of Creating Choreographies”

The First Political Choreography Conference features a series of free lectures and workshops to create tools to explore the new forms of creating choreographies, seen as an intrinsically social art form and a medium of political repercussions.

Organised as part of the research of the Doctorate in Philosophy of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and EINA, the event features the participation of:

  • Aina Alegre, choreographer, dancer and actress
  • Gastón Core, artistic director with Sala Hiroshima
  • Tània Costa, art researcher and coordinator of the EINA-UAB University Master's in Research in Art and Design (MURAD)
  • Roberto Fratini, playwright, researcher and teacher
  • Sara Gómez, visual artist, choreographer and former MURAD student
  • Jèssica Jaques, doctor of philosophy
  • Vera Livia García, dancer, performer and actress
  • Aimar Pérez Galí, dancer, performer and educationalist
  • Victoria Pérez Royo, stage arts researcher
  • Paula Velasco, doctor of philosophy
  • Gerard Vilar, doctor of philosophy and coordinator of the EINA-UAB University Master's in Research in Art and Design (MURAD)
  • Laura Vilar, performer, choreographer and educationalist

The organisation of the conference has been possible thanks to the sponsorship of MINECO, research project, FFI2012-32614 FFI2012-32614 “Aesthetic experience and artistic research: cognitive aspects of contemporary art”; the collaboration of the La Caldera Les Corts Dance and Stage Arts Creation Centre, which is hosting the project; and the support of EINA, University School of Design and Art of Barcelona, and the publication Quiasmo.

13 April 2018

Research Workshop

Rethinking Visual and Plastic Education in Schools

  • Date: 19 April at 7 pm
  • Place: EINA Barra de Ferro Arts Centre (Barra de Ferro, 2)

Enric Font, artist and teacher at EINA and Barcelona University, and Artur Muñoz, teacher at EINA and manager of the Education Service of the Arranz Bravo Foundation, will be presenting the work “Rethinking Visual and Plastic Education in Schools” on Thursday 19 April at 7 pm at the EINA Barra de Ferro Arts Centre.

Open to the general public, the event focuses on the work in development of the tandem project between the Arranz Bravo Foundation and the Carpa School in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.

The collaboration centres its programme on helping teachers overcome difficulties when undertaking and applying Visual and Plastic Education content in Primary Education. It proposes a structure on three vertical axes – non-verbal communication, creativity and knowledge of the social and cultural heritage – and three horizontal axes – figuration, abstraction and concept – that serves to develop and implement a curricular proposal.

5 April 2018

MURAD students feature in the “Busy Doing Nothing” show

  • Date: 12 April, from 4 pm to 9 pm
  • Place: Piramidón Contemporary Art Centre in Barcelona (Concili de Trento 313, planta 16).

“Busy Doing Nothing” is the exhibition of the artistic research that students on the EINA-UAB University Master's in Research in Art and Design will be staging at the Piramidón Contemporary Art Centre in Barcelona on Thursday 12 April, from 4 pm to 9 pm.

The creative proposals that will be exhibited have been made by students Marcela Barreiro, Marisol Carvajal, Alejandra Morales, Alba Mori, Pipla Pinell, Andrea Puyol, Sofía Silva and Marta Risco, in the Artistic Research subject.

Teacher Pol Capdevila and artist Cristina Schultz have led this collaborative project, which they have titled “Jugadas del no-hacer” [Busy Doing Nothing], in reference to the ways of understanding non-action as a creative process. As Cristina Schultz explains: “Busy Doing Nothing is a response to the reflections on a society in permanent acceleration that, on the one hand, tries to fill the gaps in the time it has against the apparent inability to not do nothing, while on the other, it acts on the saturation of stimuli from advertising strategies and power discourses.”

28 February 2018

Open seminar and debate on pedagogy and research in art and design education, with David MacWilliam

  • Tuesday 6 March, 3.30 pm
  • Auditorium EINA
  • Open to the Public

This upcoming 6 March an open seminar will be held on pedagogy and research in art and design education, with a focus on Canadian models, featuring the presence of David MacWilliam. The session will be moderated by Paola lo Cascio, head of research at EINA, and Jeffrey Swartz, professor at EINA.

David MacWilliam, whose artwork can be seen in the exhibition “VICINITIES of painting", led the transition from school to university at Emily Carr University of Art and Design.


  • 3.30-4.30 From professional school to university studies: the experience of Emily Carr.
  • 4.30-5.30 Research in the field of design: tools, strategies, outputs, evaluation.
22 February 2018

Participation in the FHD Second Design and Francoism Symposium

Several members of EINA will be taking part in Design and Francoism II at the Design History Foundation, a symposium aimed at exploring the conditions under which material and visual culture in Spain evolved under Franco and how design forged ahead in a setting filled with contradictions.

Friday 23 February

3 pm

  • Design and modernity in humorous illustration under Franco - Àlex Mitrani, teacher at EINA
  • Tuset Street - Tuset Triste? - Guillem Celada, former student on the MURAD and member of the History and Design Studies Research Group (GRHED) at EINA

5 pm

  • Digital humanities as allies of the history of design: the case of the chronology of the history of EINA (1967-2017) - Rubén Alcaraz, Manager of the EINA Archive
  • Spain in the 1951, 1954 and 1957 Triennials: cultural diplomacy and image of modernity - Oriol Pibernat, teacher at EINA

Book of abstracts

Pérez de Rozas (1954). Bendición de un biscúter el día de San Cristobal. Arxiu Fotogràfic de Barcelona.
Pérez de Rozas (1954). Bendición de un biscúter el día de San Cristobal. Arxiu Fotogràfic de Barcelona.
12 February 2018

Teach design? Necessary learning versus possible teachings – Josep Quetglas and Oriol Pibernat (in discussion with Pere Riera) in the “Creation, Design and Teaching under Debate” cycle

What can be taught of what needs to be learned is the question that everyone who teaches at a school devoted to the creative practices, such as art and design, attempts to clarify. Between all and nothing is a space for thought that we can reach through our teaching experience or through our experience as learners. This is the starting point of this debate.

The debate is part of the CREATION, DESIGN AND TEACHING UNDER DEBATE: Future Scenarios and New Challenges cycle, organised to mark the 50th anniversary of EINA’s founding.

PERE RIERA (1945-2017)
Architect and educationalist, he worked with EINA between 1971 and 1974 as an interior design teacher and director of studies. He later taught at the ETSAV and held various posts of academic responsibility. His work as an architect was with the RGA Arquitectes practice. In 2017 he was a patron of the EINA Foundation. In discussions with Oriol Pibernat, he revealed some of his principal ideas on teaching art and design and on the teaching of projects.

Architect and professor of composition at the Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona (UPC). He has been awarded the FAD Medal (2002), the Government of Catalonia National Prize for Architecture and Public Space (2009) and the Ramon Llull Prize of the Autonomous Community of the Balearic Islands (2011). In 2002 he founded and managed the Massilia. Annuaire d’études corbuséennes yearbook, which has been published since 2012 by the Fondation Le Corbusier in Paris.

Graduate in History of Art and Master’s in Advanced Research Methods and Techniques in History, Art and Geography (UNED). He studied Design at EINA and Humanities at the UOC. He was Director of EINA between 1999 and 2016, Director of Studies between 1997 and 1999, teacher since 1986 and student at EINA from 1979 to 1983. Professionally, he has worked in design, identity and communication consultancy, undertaking projects in both the private sector and for the public administration.

15 November 2017

Collaboration project with La Escocesa, Creation Centre

The EINA University Master's Degree in Research in Art and Design (MURAD) has started a collaboration project with La Escocesa, Creation Centre, to link research of the Final Master's Degree Projects with the creative processes of the resident artists at La Escocesa.

Contact was started on 24 October with a session explaining the artistic research conducted by residents at La Escocesa Lluc Baños (EINA alumni), Joan-Marc Batlle, Idoia Monton, Marla Jacarilla, Julia Calvo, Juan David Galindo, Juan Francisco Segura, Daniel de la Barra, Tamara Zaitseva, Robert Cervera and Guillermo Moreno.

The director of La Escocesa, Enric Puig, and the coordinators of the Master’s Degree, Gerard Vilar and Tània Costa, are leading this collaboration with the aim of establishing a productive dialogue between the research conducted from the academic sphere and the research generates in the practice of art and design.

Collaboration project with La Escocesa, Creation Centre
13 November 2017

Creation and Research – Mariona Moncunill and Gerard Vilar in the “Creation, Design and Teaching under Debate” cycle

Mariona Moncunill and Gerard Vilar will be reflecting on “Creation and Research” into cultural creations in general and, more specifically, into the so-called visual arts (photography, cinema , plastic, design, architecture, etc.) in relation to the concept of research; and also into how these products fit into the academic framework.

This conference has been preceded by “Art as practice and art as discourse”, with Daniel Steegmann and Pedro Azara, and “New design scenarios: new and old techno-economies” by José Luís de Vicente and Javier Nieto.

Mariona Moncunill
A graduate in Fine Arts from the Universitat de Barcelona (UB), since her first solo show in 2007 she has enjoyed an excellent career, which has led to her being one of the highest profile artists of her generation in the country. Since her earliest creations, Mariona Moncunill involves the public in the creative process. Her work also shows a sense of critique and social and political commitment to art.

Gerard Vilar
Doctor of Philosophy from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), he held the first teaching position in the department of theory and composition of the Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura in Barcelona. He is presently Professor of Aesthetics and Theory of Arts in the Philosophy Department at the UAB, of which he has been director, and he is the coordinator of the University Master's Degree in Research in Art and Design at EINA.

13 November 2017

Participation in the 8th International Conference on Research in Art Education – Researching and Educating in Design

On 3 November, EASD Valencia staged the 8th International Conference on Research in Art Education, under the motto Researching and Educating in Design, where, through the Education of Design subject, with Anna Majó, and the Design Culture Final Bachelor’s Degree Project subject, with Octavi Rofes, the following papers were given:

  • Narratives in design
  • The collective design process
  • Beyond skills: teaching innovation and transition to expertise in design
  • Project-based learning

The students taking part were Elisa Alcaide, Carme Alcoverro, Elvira Bullich, Maria Cejudo, Javier Fernandez, Ferran Gesa, Queralt Guinart, Oriol Martinez, Joan Mateu, Cristina Morales, Meritxell Palau, Marina Piqué, Clara Ripollés, Mariona Rius, Gerard Sierra, Maria Tagle and Paula Velasco.

18 October 2017

Design scenarios: new and old techno-economies – José Luis de Vicente and Javier Nieto Santa in the “Creation, design and teaching under debate” cycle

José Luis de Vicente and Javier Nieto Santa will be considering the means of creation and digital contexts in the debate on “Design scenarios: new and old techno-economies”.

The lecture is a space for thought that is open and participative for all audiences as part of the Creation, design and teaching under debate. Future scenarios and new challenges cycle organised by EINA to mark the 50th anniversary of the university school with the aim of contributing future elements and updates in these spheres.

José Luis de Vicente
Curator, writer and researcher specialising in the analysis of the cultural spaces existing between technology, social innovation, art and design. He is currently conducting a number of research programmes, including “Visualizar” (Medialab Prado, Madrid). He is the organiser of Sónar+D, an innovation area of the Sónar festival (Barcelona) and is a member of the team of curators of FutureEverything Festival (Manchester). He is a founder member of Zzzinc, a consultancy specialising in innovation for cultural agencies.

Javier Nieto Santa
President and founder member of Santa & Cole. Graduate in Business Administration (ESADE and UPC) and MBA (ESADE). Ph. D. In Management, URL, with a thesis on the history of thought in management. Associate teacher at ESADE, attached to the Department of Strategy and General Management. He has taught at EINA, the University School of Industrial Engineering of Barcelona (ETSEIB) at the UPC and the Faculty of Economics of the UAB. He frequently speaks at a great many international forums relating to management or design. Translator, editor and entrepreneur.

With the collaboration of Sumarroca.

17 October 2017

Participation in the 2nd Design for Life Conference. Design as a conveyor of knowledge

  • Thursday 26 October (4 pm - 9 pm) and Friday 27 October (10 am - 6.30 pm)
  • Barcelona Design Museum
  • Free admission, limited room

On 26 and 27 October, a number of teachers from EINA are taking part in the 2nd II Design for Life Conference, organised by Barcelona Design Museum.

Over the two days, various local and international projects, concepts, strategies and devices that improve educational experiences will be profiled and debated, including the contributions of the following EINA teachers:

  • Project presentation: New reference framework: the collaborative practice of design as an epistemological event, by Anna Majó, teacher on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design.

  • Project presentation: A discussion on education and design from the perspective of social innovation, by Tània Costa, from EDIVI, teacher on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design and on the MURAD.

  • Round table What role can spaces and objects have in education?, with the participation of Anna Bach, teacher on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design and on the Master’s Degree in Design of Spaces, and Adrià Garcia i Mateu, from EDIVI, former student and teacher on the MURAD.

  • Lecture Interface and materiality in learning processes. A critical review with the participation of David Casacuberta, teacher on the MURAD.

This second edition focuses on education and the role of design in the service of knowledge. Both for children and for adults, the format, space, support or strategy with which knowledge is expressed is highly relevant, as important as the information and the knowledge to be conveyed.

At a time of radical change in the education paradigm that rewards methodologies focused on providing students with tools so that they can obtain data, design as mediator, architecture, graphic communication, the audiovisual and the interactive will be defining in finding successful formulas.

17 October 2017

Participation in the 7th bid teaching and design meeting

A number of teachers from EINA are taking part in the 7th bid teaching and design meeting, to be held in Madrid from 23 to 26 October. They will be presenting the following papers:

  • Andreu Balius - Typography: tool for multiculturality
  • Anna Majó - Investigations and visual narrations of the life of the school, through a collaborative design process
  • Lluc Massaguer - Fit between academic and professionals skills for the graphic designer
  • Raúl Oliva - Physics applied to design. Empirical knowledge as generator of knowledge. Experimental works as managers of complexity.
  • Oriol Ventura - Relationships between offices and centres of learning, transition spaces, architectural dependence and the capacity to reconfigure the classroom

  • Vivian Fernàndez, Anna Majó, Raúl Oliva, Oriol Ventura - Transformation of a subject into a community of practice, experimentation and learning. Case study of “Introduction to the design project”

The bid meeting proposes work meetings and debates that present, question and analyse management models and experiences of training processes in design schools and universities and postgraduate and doctoral research projects.

7º encuentro bid enseñanza y diseño Logo
6 October 2017

Art as practice and art as discourse – Daniel Steegmann and Pedro Azara open the “Creation, design and teaching under debate” cycle

Artist Daniel Steegmann and architect Pedro Azara start off the Creation, design and teaching under debate. Future scenarios and new challenges cycle organised by EINA to mark the 50th anniversary of the university school.

Art as practice and art as discourse”, which will be held on 11 October at 7 pm in the Espai Cultural EINA Barra de Ferro, is the first of the four conferences planned as a space for thought on a number of questions of interest such as the role of creators and critique, the new technological and economic environments in which culture is made, and training and research in design and art.

Open and free, the cycle will enable open and rigorous debate about the present and future of creation, art and design on the basis of the thoughts of the speakers and the audience attending the event.

Daniel Steegmann Mangrané
Work by this artist from Barcelona has been exhibited in such centres as CRAC Alsace (2015), A Certain Lack of Coherence (Oporto, 2013) and Halfhouse (Barcelona, 2011), and he has taken part in group shows such as the The Generational Triennial, New Museum (New York, 2015), the 12th Biennal de Conca (Ecuador, 2014), the 9th Biennal de Mercosul (Porto Alegre, 2013) and the 30th Biennal de São Paulo (2012).

Pedro Azara Nicolás
A Doctor in Architecture, he has curated a number of exhibitions in such institutions as the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) and the Obra Social “la Caixa”. He is a lecturer in Aesthetics at the Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura in Barcelona (ETSAB) and a member of the ETSAB Board.