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29 June 2018

"Tipografías semi serifas", Final Degree Project on the Master's in Advanced Typography, by Piero Beninato

14 June 2018

"Dingbats; historical origins and current uses", Final Degree Project on the Master's in Advanced Typography, by Helena Santacana

Helena Santacana explains "Dingbats; historical origins and current uses", her final degree project on the Master's in Advanced Typography, where she speaks of the typographic elements called Dingbats and their trace through history.

11 June 2018

Exhibition: "Centcelles en ús" by EINA students and alumni

Centcelles in Use is a collaborative project that presents the work of a number of designers, illustrators and creators, all based on the excuse of trying out and playing with a new typeface in a completely free project. All of the projects have been grouped together in an exhibition and a publication that will show the public not just the projects undertaken for this occasion, but also a presentation of each participant and their work and a presentation of the typeface in its present state.

The participants in the project are Esther Aguilà, Oriol Cabarrocas, Queralt Guinart, Paula Velasco and Albert Villegas (EINA students and alumni) and it features the collaboration of Adrià Batet, Aleix Font, Cristina Lavilla, Eva Jolis, Joan Manel Pérez, Lluís Chavarria and Oriol Vlat.

Centcelles, is a typeface created by Gerard Sierra in the fourth-year Typographic Creation subject taught by Andreu Balius and Ferran Milan in the 2017-2018 academic year.

  • Live music selection at the opening DJ Privilegio, new project by CrisCris.
  • With the collaboration of Winihard Gràfics
Exhibition: "Centcelles en ús" by EINA students and alumni
17 May 2018

"Incunabula, from the codex manuscript to the modern typographic book", exhibition curated by Albert Corbeto

Exhibition From 16 May to 16 June 2018

  • Espai Zero of the Biblioteca de Catalunya, Barcelona
  • Times Monday to Friday, 9 am to 8 pm. Saturday, 9 am to 2 pm

Until 16 June, you can visit the exhibition "Incunabula, from the codex manuscript to the modern typographic book](http://www.bnc.cat/Visita-ns/Exposicions/Els-incunables-del-codex-manuscrit-al-llibre-tipografic-modern)", curated by Albert Corbeto, art historian and teacher on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design, the Master's in Advanced Typography and the Master's in Graphic Design.

Related to the exhibition, on Thursday 31 May, at 6.30 pm, in the Sala de la Caritat, at the Biblioteca de Catalunya, Albert Corbeto will give a talk entitled “Incunabula, from the codex manuscript to the modern typographic book", which will end with a guided tour of the exhibition.

7 May 2018

Presentation of the “TYPOEINA 01” publication

“TYPOEINA01” is the first issue of a publication on typography linked to the EINA Master's in Advanced Typography, coordinated by Enric Jardí, and to the school’s lengthy tradition in professional and academic training in this design discipline.

TYPOEINA01: From typographic detail to the organisation of space and theoretical contribution focuses on the two basic areas of training: letter design and its use in the composition of the possible graphic supports. The publication includes a selection of alphabet research and design work by students on the master’s course as well as a look back at the major figure and the role played by Josep Maria Pujol (1947-2012) at EINA and on the study and teaching of typography.

The following are the research work and typographic designs that feature:

  • Julia Sturm - On Typographic Superfamilies: Investigating the History, Nature and Rationale of Extended Typeface Families
  • Elio Salichs - The Importance of Adrian Frutiger in the Consolidation of a New Typographic Category
  • Laia Soler i Canaleta - Review of the Origin of the Humanistic Cursive to its Formalisation: from Niccolò to Bartolomeo Sanvito
  • Guillermo Bragoni - “Stampa” typeface
  • Natalia Weber Antón - “Stimme” typeface

The presentation will feature Pilar Vélez, director of Barcelona Design Museum, and Enric Jardí, coordinator of the publication, along with various collaborators on the master’s programme.

A copy of the book will be given to all those attending.

Download the publication in digital format

26 October 2017

Andreu Balius at the 8th Multicultural Typography Meeting in Faro

  • 3 and 4 November
  • Faro (Portugal)

Andreu Balius, teacher on the EINA Master's Degree in Advanced Typography, is taking part as principal speaker at the 8th Multicultural Typography Meeting, organised by the University of the Algarve on 3 and 4 November in Faro (Portugal).

This event is an annual scientific conference on typography that brings together researchers, industry professionals, educationalists and students. The 8th edition of the conference aims to foster thought about multiculturalism, a relevant element in the present context, with a view to creating spaces and discourses of convergence, in a counterpoint to cultural separation schemata.

18 October 2017

Participation in the poster exhibition "Això és una paret pública" (That’s a public wall)

  • 20 October to 12 November
  • Disseny Hub, Barcelona

Andreu Balius, teacher on the Master's Degree in Advanced Typography, and Mario Eskenazi, former teacher and current member of the board of trustees of the EINA Foundation, will be taking part in the exhibition "That’s a public wall", curated by David Torrents and Marc Martí.

Visitors can also see works by TwoPoints.Net, Raúl Goñi, Ladyssenyadora, David Ricart, David Torrent and Jacqueline Molnár

The exhibition is a reflection on the traditional advertising columns in Barcelona at the end of the nineteenth century and which in recent years have disappeared from Barcelona’s streets.

Staged in collaboration with BCD, the exhibition highlights the importance of these spaces, explaining their historical function.

"Això és una paret pública" exhibition
20 September 2017

Public presentations of the end of year projects for the Masters in Advanced Typography 2016/2017

Public presentations of the end of year projects for the 2016/2017 Master’s in Advanced Typography will be held on the 22nd, 26th, 27th and 28th of September.


Tribunal: Joancarles Casasín, Pere Farrando, Enric Jardí

  • 16.00h - Daniela Arguedas - “El futuro de las letras digitales”
  • 16.30h - Nicolle Laporte - “OpenType.SVG. Respuesta digital a la tipografía multi-layer.”
  • 17.00h - Marcela Aguilera - “Comportamientos de consumo en el mercado de fuentes digitales”
  • 17.30h - Camila Montejo - “Las didonas como código de comunicación en la industria de la moda”


Tribunal: Joancarles Casasín, Jordi Embodas, Enric Jardí

  • 16.00h - Carmen Reyes - “Las itálicas tipográficas. Evolución histórica desde el siglo xvi hasta los revivals de la primera mitad de siglo XX.”
  • 16.30h - Bianca Dumitrascu - “The Revival of the Neoclassic Typefaces”
  • 17.00h - Ferran Riera - “Evolució dels sistemes per espaiar tipografies”
  • 17.30h - Isabel Sahuquillo - “La tipografía modernista”
  • 18.00h - Piero Beninato - “Tipografías semiserifas”
  • 18.30h - Clara Jessen - “Tipografía cuqui”
  • 19.00h - Francisco Ribeiro - “The use of Python Programming Language in the Typeface Design and Font Engineering”


Tribunal: Albert Corbeto, Jordi Embodas, Enric Jardí

  • 16.00h - Miguel Murillo - “Webfonts”
  • 16.30h - Elena Gutiérrez - “Hinting for dummies”
  • 17.00h - Walter Bishop - “Evolución de los pesos tipográficos”


Tribunal: Laura Bellver, Pere Farrando, Rocío Hidalgo

  • 16.00h - Miguel Balandrano - “Estilo tipográfico futurista”
  • 16.30h - Isabel Martinez - “Joan Brossa, un análisis tipográfico.”
  • 17.00h - Luis Ortega - “‘Graffiti Autoctono’ de Madrid”
  • 17.30h - Belén Soria - “Modelos tipográficos contemporáneos”
  • 18.00h - Ángel Cánovas - “Tipografía por defecto y estándares en sistemas y aplicaciones de escritorio”
  • 18.30h - Janire Fontanal - “Propuesta de clasificación de la morfología gráfica de las portadas de revistas dirigidas al sector femenino.”
18 September 2017

Andreu Balius and Pablo Martín at "Designers with Character”

Andreu Balius and Pablo Martín, both teachers on the Master's Degree in Advanced Typography are taking part in the Designers with Character exhibition.

"Typography’s value has risen in all artistic fields thanks to the works of graphic designers. This exhibition aims to show, via some of the best studios, that this conversation is especially alive in contemporary Spanish graphic design."

Designers with Character Exhibition
15 September 2017

Participation in the Creatus Dominus graphic design festival

On 29 and 30 September, Sant Cugat hosts Creatus Dominus, a free, cross-disciplinary design and creativity festival, where teachers and former students at EINA will be taking part:

Xavier Alamany and Lluc Massaguer, teachers on the Bachelor’s Degree and the Master’s Degree in Graphic Design, will be taking part in the discussion Errors, #tengoalgoqueconfesar, moderated by Alba Serra, former student at EINA.

Keith Adams will be running the Calligraphy Workshop and Oriol Miró, teacher on the Master’s Degree in Advanced Typography, will be part of Calligraphy v Lettering v Typography, championing Calligraphy, where Arcàngela Regis, former student and teacher on the summer course in Experimental Typography, will be championing Typography.

Besides this, Nikita Bashmakov, former student and teacher on the Design Degree, will be taking part in Case Studio.

You can consult the programme and speakers.

Creatus Dominus Festival 2017
25 July 2017

Projects by Laia Aviñoa and Elena Peralta in Experimenta

The Projects: Tipografía multiescritura (Multi-Writing Typography), Final Degree Project by Elena Peralta, as part of the Master’s Degree in Advanced Typography, and BACOA, Product Design Final Degree Final Project on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design by Laia Aviñoa, can be seen in the magazine Experimenta no. 74.

13 July 2017

Some fifty graphic proposals for EINA50years

2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of EINA, in 1967. One of the ways to celebrate this is by showing the creative wealth of EINA and the diversity of people linked to it. This circumstance arises especially in the field of graphics, so we decided not to limit the anniversary to just one graphic identifier but, to remain faithful to the idea, ensure that different generations and years of teachers and former students at EINA are represented, inviting some fifty graphic designers with links to the school to take part in this initiative.

Between 12 June and mid-September, we will be publishing one of the proposals every day, both in this EINA blog and on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

EINA50anys Mario Eskenazi
12 July 2017

Laura Meseguer in Print Magazine

Laura Meseguer, typographer and teacher on the EINA Master's Degree in Advanced Typography has a page in the Print, 71.2 (Summer 2017) graphic design magazine.

6 June 2017

28 April 2017

Book "Anuario Lletraferits 2017: Reflexiones en torno a la letra”

Andreu Balius, typographer and professor in the Degree in Design and the Master's Degree in Advanced Typography wished to publish "Anuario Lletraferits 2017: Reflexiones en torno a la letra", which collects articles on design and typography by professionals such as Balios or Albert Corbeto, among others.

You can help this publication come true by participating in his financing campaing.

"The texts have a general interest because they address topics ranging from design to new types of fonts, multiculturalism in typography's design, teaching, research, etc.

It is a remarkably eclectic publication from the editorial aspect, since each author has contributed, with their articles, in what they are interested in. Therefore, it's a collective element that reflects the diverse character of the whole collective".

"Anuario Lletraferits 2017: Reflexiones en torno a la letra" by Andreu Balius