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13 February 2020

ATOPIC fiction design workshops as part of the MURAD

On 11 February, the second edition of the ATOPIC fiction design workshops, on the EINA Master's Degree in Research in Art and Design (MURAD), started.

In this edition, participants develop the usage imaginaries of the prototype of the Apparent Personality Diagnosis (APD), provided by the Computer Vision Centre of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. The aim of the collaboration is to bring about the transfer of knowledge between the university and society for informational purposes.

Over two months, students on the Research in Design II module, together with researchers Elena Bartomeu and Dolors Soriano, and the director of the Computer Vision Centre, Fernando Vilariño, will develop the prototype’s outreach using fiction as a design technique and projecting its uses, forms, dystopia, etc.

What will a job interview be like when the selection process includes a biometric personality analysis? Why meet someone if their biometric personality profile doesn’t match your interests in a relationship? What type of make-up can distort facial recognition analysis? With these and other questions, the debate opens and the design of the project begins, which will enable us to anticipate the future imaginaries that question our present today.

The public presentation of the results will be on 1 April at 6 pm at the Library Living Lab, Miquel Batllori Library, in Sant Cugat del Vallès.