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21 December 2018

Tom Edicions, with Laia Clos, wins the Design Market Campari Award

Laia Clos, teacher on the Bachelor’s Degree in Design, won at the third edition of the Design Market Campari Award for the most innovative design, organised by the FAD, with her project "The Four Seasons, SisTeMu", with Tom Edicions.

Through Mot Studio, they created SisTeMu, a graphic notation system that interprets musical texture, which translates music notation into simple geometric shapes and basic colours, exploring the rhythmic and melodic harmonies that are found in music compositions.

The award-winning project is an interpretation of the four concerts for violin of Vivaldi’s ‘The Four Seasons’. Each of the posters is the complete translation of a concert – a season – played by the principal violin.

The jury awarded it the prize for “the ability to transform music into a highly attractive visual piece and the sensitivity when doing so, with a very precise process and a visually beautiful result”.

Side B of the Mot studio, Tom Edicions, carries out design projects that aren’t subject to a prior commission and that are born out of the desire to explore different sphere and languages of graphic design, at all times on the basis of a conceptualisation of a subject or the interest in a specific area.

"Les quatre estacions, SisTeMu", by Tom Edicions